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Hello together,

here I have 4 fragmentary teeth and only a slight idea what they could be.


Nr. 1 is the only one I found myself, in the gravel at teh rhine river. its relatively heavy and colourfull what makes me think it could be (sub-)fossil.

Looks like a bovid or cervid to me. Any further ideas?


Nr. 2 I bought on online, together with nr. 4, they where supposedly found in lignite.

Nr. 4 looks like a tiny proboscidean to me (only a layer out of a tooth), with nr. 2 I have got no idea.(small piece of similar layer?


Nr. 3 seems to be a carnassial, I think its from china. The texture may tell something to some of you?


Thanks in advance for any information you can give me.






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Number 3 looks like an hyena to me . So as hyena are feliform it also could be a cat too 



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Thanks Bobby, that´s convincing, a very close fit as far as I can tell.

I hoped for a hyaena, otherwise it would have been a massive cat.


That leaves the two mystery Probsocideans?





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Any idea anybody?  supoposedly found in lignite, looks like layers from an elephantlike molar to me, but they are small, the lines are 5mm appart on the paper.



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