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Looking around various discussions, Riker Boxes, Floating Frames, and Gem Jars seem to be the most common forms of display for smaller fossils like teeth, although there doesn't seem to be extensive detail on what is better or worse.

I wanted to know if the membrane boxes/suspension boxes that utilize a similar design to the floating frames more commonly seen/used are functionally the same aside from the hard outer acrylic shell. There seems to be 2 common one's I've seen online, the ones with the yellow hinges (with no latches for the smaller boxes) and the ones from China with transparent hinges. The former appears to be designed for specimens, jewelry, and technology while the latter appears to be for human teeth in dentistry? For the most part, sellers state that the boxes are made on polyurethane (PU), so they should be inert.

These boxes appear to have been around for as long as floating frames were, but do they hold up to the test of time? I have found limited information or discussions on these boxes in general and whether they are still being used in 2019. Aside from cost and perhaps the unappealing yellow hinges, they don't seem different than the floating frames. However, if they do pose risks or issues from prolonged use, I'd probably continue to use hard acrylic cases like gem jars and such.




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These "boxes" seem like they would be a bit harder to display considering the hinge/latch not giving you a flat steady side to set it on, nor providing a stand that fits the box to set it upright on.

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I really like Floating Membrane cases with stands, I use harder type boxes for storage.

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