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Whose bone is this? Bovine, Equine, Bison?

Outpost Dan

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Found 8" below the sod in a bank that was cut down for stagecoach crossing by the surveyors of the Butterfield Trail in 1865. Just the end was exposed. This is in an area known to be an annual Cheyenne summer hunting camp in Southern Gove County, Kansas. Piece is very heavy, not like a dry or even a fresh bovine metacarpal. Thank you for your help.






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Hello and WELCOME to TFF from Austin, Tx. 


I can't help with the specific bone ID, but someone(s) more familiar with that area of paleo will be along soon to help with the ID. 

One thing I might be able to offer is a test for fossilized vs modern that I've learned on the forum.  Hold a flame to an end of the bone and see if it produces a smell.  If you smell burning organic material, it's modern; if you smell nothing, its fossilized.



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Harry Pristis


It's a bison radius, I believe.



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From the wore pattern, that bone looks old.   Don't look like anything recent though.  Could be ancient. 

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