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Younger Dryas platinum anomaly reported from South Carolina - Open Access paper

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New evidence that an extraterrestrial collision 

12,800 years ago triggered an abrupt climate 

change for Earth, the Conversation, October 22, 2019



the paper is:


Moore, C.R., M.J. Brooks, A.C. Goodyear, T.A. 

Ferguson, A.G. Perrotti, S. Mitra, A. Listecki, 

B. King, D.J. Mallinson, C.S. Lane, B. Shapiro, 

J. Knapp, A. West, D.L. Carlson, W. Wolbach, 

T.R. Them, S.M. Harris, and S. Pyne-O’Donnell. 

2019. Sediment Cores from White Pond, South 

Carolina, contain a platinum anomaly, 

pyrogenic carbon peak, and coprophilous 

spore decline at 12.8 ka. Scientific Reports 

volume 9, Article number: 15121 (2019)



Regardless of how the platinum anomaly is 

interpreted, White Pond, a Carolina Bay predates 

it and the Younger Dryas. Thus, the above paper

further supports the idea that the Carolina Bays are

not connected to Younger Dryas event as

concluded by:


Schaetzl, R.J., Sauck, W., Heinrich, P.V., Colgan, P.M.

and Holliday, V.T., 2019. Commentary on Klokočník,

J., Kostelecký, and Bezděk, A. 2019. The putative

Saginaw impact structure, Michigan, Lake Huron,

in the light of gravity aspects derived from recent

EIGEN 6C4 gravity field model. Journal of Great

Lakes Research 45: 12–20. 


A related paper is:


Krause, T.R., Russell, J.M., Zhang, R., Williams, J.W.

and Jackson, S.T., 2019. Late Quaternary vegetation,

climate, and fire history of the Southeast Atlantic

Coastal Plain based on a 30,000-yr multi-proxy record

from White Pond, South Carolina, USA. Quaternary

Research, 91(2), pp.861-880.




Paul H.

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