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Two more teeth from the Hell Creek formation, Montana


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Because it was the first time for me to see some teeth from the Hell Creek Form. in Montana here in Germany at our local fair (and I am quite at the beginning with my collection of dino teeth) I purchased the following teeth.

According to the seller both are from the "Hell Creek Form., Badlands, Carter County, Montana".

The first tooth is labeled as "Thescelosaurus garbanii".


Is this correct and how can the teeth of T. garbanii and T. neglectus be distinguished?

20191106_163432_001 (800x600).jpg

20191106_163516 (800x600).jpg

20191106_163517 (800x600).jpg

20191106_163535 (800x600).jpg

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The second tooth is labeled as "Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis".

I have to admit that it looks like similar labelled teeth of this species but I have too little experience to be 100% sure...

20191106_162933 (800x600).jpg

20191106_162955 (800x600).jpg

20191106_163025 (800x600).jpg

20191106_163100_001 (800x600).jpg

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Both look like Thescelosaurus teeth.  The second one would be a maxillary tooth and the first would be a worn pre-max tooth.


Thescelosaurus teeth often get confused for Pachycephalosaurus.  However, Pachycephalosaurus teeth should have a pinch in the middle which I am not really seeing in your tooth.

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Agree and the proper identification for this species and the only one in the Hell Creek FM is T. neglectus

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