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Rex or nano tooth?

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Picked this up off the auction sight.  Hell creek tooth out of Powder river county Montana.


Not expecting a perfect ID.  It's small and I know that makes em hard to ID.


This guy is just shy of an inch and heavy for his size.  I have meg teeth of comparable size that weigh nothing compared to this specimen.


It does have some remaining serrations but not much.


Anyway, regardless of nano or rex status I thought it was an interesting tooth.









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There is a tooth that has had some history, definitely interesting.  I like these type of teeth.  ID, well I would call it Tyrannosaurid indet.   The pinch on the base says Nanotyrannus but I think it could also be Trex, depending on the shape of the worn tip and estimating the CBR with appears to fit that of a maxillary tooth.

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