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  2. North Sulfur River bone?

    Hi, @GeschWhat Coco
  3. Wyoming baculite

    Would be nice if you share the information you get there! Btw., if you put an uv-band-pass-filter directly before the uv-light/LED (which cover often a broad bandwidth of wavelength, including visible blue and violet light), you taking out the visible light and get the real fluorescense colours of the minerals, even if fluorescense is not so strong...
  4. Today
  5. Skull Found on Atlantic Shoreline

    looks like from Catfish
  6. Shark tooth

    upper part of Megalodon tooth.
  7. Shark tooth for ID

    looks like Otodus to me.
  8. Fossil or rock

    chert nodule
  9. Unidentified fossil

    Spatangoid sea urchin (known as Heart Urchin)
  10. Holmesina Osteoderm

    Looks like turtle to me.
  11. Help identifying shark tooth

    Looks to be an Otodus shark. Can you give us a pic with it next to a ruler for size/ scale. Was this a purchased item? It resembles Moroccan teeth we see a lot of.
  12. Indiana Ordovician Bivalve ID

    Looks similar to pteriomorph or ambonychiid, I find similar shells in Silurian.
  13. Teeth (Ukraine) ?

    Looks like they could be teeth, but they are too worn to identify, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they were suggestively shaped chert nodules.
  14. OK, I have you both on the list. Thank you!
  15. Rock or fossil?

    Looks like a concretion to me. One thing for sure is that it is not a dinosaur egg.
  16. Weird shape on a rock

    To be short: it’s a rock :-) keep looking
  17. Rock or fossil?

    I have no idea, it kinda looks like plaster to me. Curious what others think.
  18. Indiana Ordovician Bivalve ID

    What resource did you use to id this? I can’t find mention of this in my resources....
  19. Indiana Ordovician Bivalve ID

  20. Rock or fossil?

  21. Rock or fossil?

    Hello, one of my brothers brought this to me after digging it up in our garden. He believes that it's a dinosaur egg but I'm not sure. We live in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia if that helps.
  22. Heading out to Florissant

    I already broke it in in Wyoming! I have some massive ammos that I’m prepping. They are gonna take me ages. I tore my calf getting one out of the ravine, so that is my swan song! I am a little disappointed with Colorado, though...I’m finding it hard to make fossil friends, and find locations. You were right, I miss the peace and @Bone Daddy.
  23. Help identifying shark tooth

    Can anyone identify the type of shark this is by this fossil?
  24. Indiana Ordovician Bivalve ID

  25. Back for another year! I would like to participate for US only. My shipping address should be the same as last year.
  26. That one unfortunately turned out to be a jelly. Wasn't that Mark's guess? I'll post a picture of it soon. I did have a few others from Pit 11 open up this summer. Here they are. Shrimp Molt Worm Shrimp Partial Tully! I'll post a few more soon. Cheers, Rich
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