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  2. Is This Genuine Mammoth Hair?

    Theres someone I know on facebook who can identify through examining with a microscope, if you want thier contact let me know.
  3. What type of fossil is this, if it is one

    Not a fossil, unfortunately. Looks like a metamorphic rock, to me. Wait for some other opinions, though. Also, please do not post the same fossil in a different topic. Once in Fossil ID should be enough to get an answer.
  4. What type of fossil is this, if it is one

    Found in a creek near goodlettsville Tennessee, about 2 inches long.
  5. What type of fossil is this, if it is one

  6. What type of fossil is this, if it is one

  7. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Very nice! From all your recent posts, it sounds like you have a wonderful program. I wish I wasn’t on the other side of the country. I’d love to see you stop by some of my local schools and could help get you in. Maybe one day you will take it nationwide!
  8. Penn Dixie, Mid-August

    On that particular day there was a good breeze going and I try to stand so the dust goes downwind.. But you are right on what the best practices are.
  9. Local trip

    @ynot @RJB Thanks! An additional find from this spot (which I think is now "tapped out"unfortunately..) A rare Ceratocephala goniata cephalon with thoracic segments. It is interesting to note in my old paleontological books, the cephalon is oriented backwards because (I'm assuming) nobody had yet found a complete specimen!
  10. Cretaceous New Jersery hunt 9-14-19

    Hi Don, I know Squalicorax “kaupi” very rarely has a symphyseal tooth position. Don’t know about pristodontus, but this tooth might be an anteriormost tooth. Joseph
  11. Penn Dixie, Mid-August

    I will have to meet up with y'all there one day. Probably sooner rather than later, at 1,500 square feet/visit you'll have that trilobite layer quarried away in a just few years. One obnoxious question (and yes I know I'm not your mother): do you guys not use dust masks when you are using that saw? That rock dust is not your friend. Don
  12. More Shark Week!

    Amazing feeding damage!
  13. When slowly the dvds and book are getting packed up and put into storage, in favor for space to display fossils.
  14. Is this a fossil

    Moved to Fossil ID. Cropped, brightened, and enlarged. Looks like a concretion, to me. Sharper images may change that opinion.
  15. Differences in fossil preparation

    @snolly50 - thanks for your reply - completely see what you're saying and agree with you on all counts. Let me be a bit more specific then in my question. Take the two starfish pieces as an example. They are both similar species from the same rock formation (Bundenbach... i.e. Hunsruck slate). So they have the exact same matrix. Agree with you that they both have the halo and that this is pretty much impossible to avoid if the fossil is going to be prepared, but why is the first halo black and smooth (and in my opinion, fairly unobtrusive and dare I even say beautifully done :-) ), vs. the second halo which seems like a hazy/cloudy white that is in my opinion much less attractive than the first? Is this because one used a certain matrix removal method and the other used a different one?
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  17. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    We have a really nice 2.5” GW and even cooler for comparison are some tiny Basking Shark teeth from STH. We have a 5”, a 4” and some smaller Megs for the kids to check out but this is much more robust and way thicker than our 5”. It’s our show stopper as far as big teeth lol Our primary goal is to show the diversity of sharks that have existed and still exist today but a few flashier big teeth get their attention. Yeah the adults disbelieve the size more than the kids lol
  18. Fossil ID help needed!

    Very cool piece. It almost looks like a work of art and its a great find for that location. Definitely a keeper
  19. Kane's Bug Preps

    Thanks for the abrasive insight. I will get my hands on some dolomite and try several blends, And yes, all this is an excercise in patience. As Yoda said, “ be one with the (airbrush) flow.”
  20. If I had a hammer.......

    Its a take a hammer, leave a hammer type thing I guess
  21. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    I think the kids will love it! I have a Meg tooth that is just over 5 inches and even my adult friends can’t believe how big it is! Get ready to say “Yes it’s real.” a lot. And lines like, “They really got that big. Even bigger!”. Lol It really puts it into perspective if you can show them a tooth form a larger shark that is still in existence today. A great white for example.
  22. Is this a fossil

    Found it in a creek in goodlettsville Tennessee. About an inch long.
  23. Fossil Sites in Oklahoma

    Welcome to TFF! I would recommend familiarizing yourself first with the formations in the area which tend to produce the nicer fossils (Haragan, etc). You can find many exposures for these formations on your own by studying the geological maps published by the OGS or USGS. Spend some time in Google Earth or QGIS. One of my favorite sites which is easily accessible is Rock Crossing, just south of Ardmore, near Criner Hills. Edit: https://mrdata.usgs.gov/geology/state/state.php?state=OK
  24. Mystery bone

    After looking at pictures of some Ankylosaur scapula yesterday, I agree, that looks much closer. This might be a stretch, but maybe the seller got her hands on a bone identified as Edmontonia that was misread as Edmontosaurus?
  25. Ricky’s Field Museum prep

    That's a great looking fish, and a summer to remember, I'm sure. I'm sure the kids enjoyed peering through the window, learning how fossil preparation is done, and adding "paleontologist" to the prospective career list. Well done.
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