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  2. Last Minute Fossil Hunt! Found Delphinodon!

    I'll bet Chris isn't so thrilled you obtained such killer fossils on your impromptu exploit and he got to go clothes shopping. I imagine jealously abounds! As always, loving the vids.
  3. Last Minute Fossil Hunt! Found Delphinodon!

    Absolutely enjoyed it!I really love the contents you and Chris are producing. Lot of fun to watch and it is a pleasure for the eye to see such beauty emerging from the gravel. I hope we would have this kind of creek here in Japan too unfortunately it is just incredibly hard rocks hidden in the forest. already waiting for the next episode, David
  4. Southern Lake Michigan Hunting

    Thank you! I will share, hoping to put names on my entire collection. Found this guy out collecting septarian stones in Holland.
  5. Trilobite Hunt in NSW

    I love the first one! Those little spines!
  6. researching obscure dinosaurs

    I think the coolest dinosaur group are the Therizinosaurus. They evolved in rhe early cretaceous from a small theropod looking dinosaur to a huge plant eating dinosaur with +20 in claws. Book available on amazon cheap.
  7. researching obscure dinosaurs

    There are the therizinosauridae from Uzbekistan. Would be very different from everything else in your collection.
  8. Monster fish find - Lepidotes

    I think so, Troodon. It would be good to do a size comparison. I made a slight mistake in measurement. The last one measures 4.5mm long.
  9. New Florida beach find, shark tooth??

    It is 100% a worn down shark tooth. In the first pic you can see a carina facing you; the lingual side is toward the top and the labial toward the bottom. The root is at left.
  10. Possible Lance fm. Ankylosaur Material

    I posted a few here so you can get an idea of shape and thickness.
  11. researching obscure dinosaurs

    I am currently spending a bit of time every day looking into dinosaurs that are off the beaten path. One of my goals with our education programs is to introduce kids to more obscure dinosaurs that they will not have heard of. We have a few fossils that accomplish that goal already in our program such as Thescelosaurus and Struthiomimus. Scientists and collectors know these dinosaurs but kids do not. They are that next level of knowledge beyond T-Rex, Trikes, Sauropods, etc. We are adding a Leptoceratops tooth for this reason. it is a weird little dino that the kids will not know but will be really interested in. Ceratosaurs are another that get that reaction too. They are overshadowed by the more well known large Theropods. We do this within the Dromoaeosaur family by busting out our Atrociraptor tooth. It is just different enough to really get their attention. I have been reading up on Alvarezsauridae lately and they are a really interesting group of dinosaurs. I doubt we will obtain any fossils but they may be worth mentioning without fossils which is not a common practice for us. I think the Troodontids fit this bill as I have yet to hear any kids mention them and I will be working on getting a Troodontid tooth here in the next few months. It is on the list for sure. I had a lot of fun getting ideas for non-dinosaurs to include in our programs so I thought it would be really fun and informative to get the opinions of the very sharp minded dinosaur collectors here. Keep in mind that our goal is to give fossil examples with the dinosaurs we discuss so do not get to crazy with species from China or South America lol Keep suggestions to North America, Africa, and Europe. I am not adverse to tracks and eggs either. What are some obscure or strange dinosaurs that we can look into to expand our programs?
  12. ID help

    And a couple more.
  13. Florida Miocene Inverts

    Agree, first one is a internal cast of a bivalve, probably Nodipectin sp. Second is a Pectinidae and last Balanus or acorn barnacles.
  14. ID help

    Here are a few more pictures. Thanks for the reply’s.
  15. Today
  16. Canyon Lake odd balls - Texas Cretaceous

    Has anyone else found Porocystus bigger than golf ball sized?
  17. Kamp Ranch Texas Ptychodus Teeth

    I will work on those measurements at work this week so yes I can get this for you.
  18. Marble Mountain trilobite id

    Hi there, not sure you have enough to go on for an ID beyond Trilo-bits. That being said you may find this site helpful and informative. I've used it ever since I visited the site for the first time many many moons ago. http://inyo.coffeecup.com/site/latham/latham.html I will also say the majority of material I pulled out of that area was of the Genus Olenellus (which has since changed to Mesonacis (?)) .. acording to the aforementioned website. Cheers, Brett
  19. Florida Miocene Inverts

    Here are a couple of inverts that I found at a dry land site last year, put them in a cigar box and then forgot about them. I ran across them again while digging through my boxes. I managed to ID a couple of them (not shown), but a few eluded my ID attempts - I am not very good with inverts (many are similar). Does anyone know what these are? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The big one is 5 inches across and appears to be a cast. Another is some kind of scallop (I think) and the last photo is barnacles of some kind. These were all found in a spot that was rich in Miocene inverts.
  20. First air scribe

    Hmm. My hunting lease has 2 huge corn fields...
  21. The Prodigal Trilobite

  22. RB's Fossil Crab Prep Thread !!!

    When the crab stops showing up, you stop looking for it. After enough time prepping, you start to get a feel for what's going on. Ron is a master when it comes to crabs. I think he can see under the rock sometimes.
  23. Updated Dinosaur tooth collection

    Thank you. We are pretty happy but have a ways to go yet. That is awesome. It is a good thing you realized that. It is a really cool dinosaur fossil to have.
  24. RB's Ammonite Prep Thread

    The females wear skirts. The males wear kilts.
  25. The Prodigal Trilobite

    @Kane's song On top of the blast box my tools did rest I lost my poor trilo when it fell into the mess It rolled off the table and onto the floor and then my poor trilo rolled right out the door I thought it was gone and I was so sad and then Deb made me so happy and glad She had my lost trilo that I couldn't find So I'll owe her forever but really don't mind
  26. Sometimes You Have To Whack It !!

    Thanks Monica and he did, especially when he found a couple more sets of Lego Jurassic Park and a Lego Stars Wars book. Hope you guys had a good Easter.
  27. First air scribe

    Yeah, but the copper tubing can be used for other things when you're not prepping fossils.
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