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  2. Happy National Fossil Day

    Happy Fossils day to all I'll share my precious 4.5 inch Carcharodontosaurid tooth from KemKem
  3. Happy National Fossil Day

    That’s a very interesting photo and specimen. Sometimes completely different. Cheers Bobby
  4. Today
  5. Missouri fossil of some kind

    It's one of a number of crinoid columnals with a fragment of fenestrate bryozoan thrown in for good measure.
  6. Skull Found on Atlantic Shoreline

    Yes a Dragon Head! I thought that the moment I found this, and still do! Thought I was watching too much of Game of Thrones lol. Thank you for bringing up the dragon resemblance Hemipristis. Also, I'm a artist - a painter. I work with watercolors and ABSOLUTELY love the natural colors that are still evident on this skull flushing out the rich spectacular detail of the designs that would otherwise be lost when skull is completely dry or fossilized. Spotted Little Dog Art is the name of my art studio. Look me up! You'll see, I love DETAIL and truly would love to capture the natural coloring and details of this modern skull portion of the beautiful Sea Robin.
  7. Crocodile scute? And more

    Hello again. After I discovered a big fossilized bone on a hill close the Shipwerck beach in Ruwais, I decided to go searching in the same area for more fossils. I found all of these on relatively the same layer of the hill. I assume they are from the miocene. The first one looks like a crocodile scute. The second one looks like a shell from a tortoise. The third one I am not sure of. I would appreciate confirmation and a possible id. I know UAE fossils can be a bit tricky.
  8. Bones found in Oregon near Idaho

    Sure that it is fossilized ? What location and what formation it is from ?
  9. Where is Sara now? It is all so quiet .
  10. Skull id

    Looks like a doggo to me. Looks a tad short for wolf.
  11. Happy National Fossil Day

    good to see someone figuring a charophyte ,and I DO mean that. Are they important in paleolimnological research? MWAH
  12. Fossil Tooth for ID

    Brachycarcharias lerichei or Carcharias cuspidata?
  13. Skull Found on Atlantic Shoreline

    Am I the only odd one that finds the color combined with the ornamentation producing a beautiful piece of natural art? PS also looks like a mini dragon head
  14. Happy National Fossil Day

    Chara oogonium. Pliocene. Indiana, USA
  15. My collection

  16. Sara: The World Traveling Ceratopsian

    Thank you.
  17. Fall Break Fossil Trips

    Turned out to be a spectacularly gorgeous shark tooth. Only a partial, but I'm still ecstatic. Not sure on the ID, maybe Peripristis?
  18. There’s a link to a list on the first page of this thread that you can put your name on if you want to participate. There’s about 17 people ahead of you at the minute. Once max moves her along that is.
  19. Fall Break Fossil Trips

    Next was a little black fragment, assumed just an indeterminate fish bit. But I was wrong again (fortunately!).
  20. Fall Break Fossil Trips

    I should be studying for exams but have been too excited to get started on prep... oops. Here are two exciting things. First was a little smooth surface I saw while prepping a larger brachiopod piece, I thought it was a little Composita peeking out. Nope! Looks to be a Ditomopyge glabella. Not sure if there's much else there but we'll see. Very excited to have found both genera of trilobites found at this site in one trip.
  21. Hello, I have summarized my hunting trips to St. Bartholomä from July 2019 to September 2019. Its in German and located at an external site: Rudists St. Bartholomä - July-Sept 2019 (external site) (pdf, ca. 4.2 MB) Fell free to delete this post if you find it inappropriate. Thanks! Franz Bernhard
  22. Missouri fossil of some kind

    Found this interesting rock at the creek today and was wondering what y'all can tell me about it? I can find cool stuff all day but I can't really tell y'all much about it. The little round thing in it is what I was most curious about, and I just figured it would be cool for you all to look at as well.
  23. Sara: The World Traveling Ceratopsian

    Hi guys! If Sara wants to go to Japan, she is welcome. David
  24. Skull id

    It is shaped very much like a Pitbull.
  25. Cup shaped sponge?

    Lovely gesture!!
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