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  2. Large mammal tooth?

    You're welcome! Hopefully some other members can chime in.
  3. Mazon Creek Fern ID Help?

    Sorry I don't know much about plants, but this is a gorgeous fossil!
  4. Mazon Creek Fern ID Help?

    Hi again! I feel very fortunate to have such great minds helping to ID fossils here. I have one other Mazon Creek fossil that I would like some help with it. It’s a fairly large (5 inch) fossil fern nodule from Mazon Creek. My first question is, is this the common fern species variety Pecopteris? I think it might be but I see some variation within the leaves (that is the fern degree terminations). Also, is it unusual or rare to find ferns with them still attached to the plant stock/shaft? I can’t find a comparable example online. Thank you!!!
  5. Flat elongated Kem Kem bone ID

    I made a quick edit to compare the bone with a Spinosaurus neotype chevron and it seems like you are right
  6. Fossil Shack Air Scribe

    Should work fine. Mine is essentially the same as that one and it works great on Hell Creek material.
  7. Today
  8. Fossils from somewhere else

    Thanks Monica! Not as snazzy as our local orthocones, but exotic.
  9. Flat elongated Kem Kem bone ID

    It does indeed look like that! Thank you! Any idea as to what animal this belonged to? It does seem to resemble chevrons from your link and even more so the Spinosaurus neotype. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/chv7-spinosaurus-aegyptiacus-neotype-ca70592e5d07408980220d639bc1456f So it could be spinosaurid, unless there is other Kem Kem fauna that has similar chevrons.
  10. Fish teeth?

    Nice finds! You'll want to have a copy of Dr Weems' Fisher Sullivan site close to hand for these fishy bits. It is a great visual reference for Virginia/Maryland. It is specific to a somewhat younger formation, but close enough to get you to a reasonable ID quickly. It is available for free at: https://www.dmme.virginia.gov/commercedocs/PUB_152.pdf The above teeth are listed on pages 84 and 85. -aaron PS As I understand it, some TFF members contributed to this volume. @FossilsAnonymous
  11. I would also would happily settle for any Dimetrodon full skeleton. I have a tooth and a claw so I have made a start on the dream. Dimetrodon at the Field Museum, Chicago.
  12. Flat elongated Kem Kem bone ID

    It's a half chevron https://cults3d.com/fr/modèle-3d/divers/spinosaurus-tail-section
  13. Crab dinner???

    Your crabbie turned out very cool. I really it being mounted on a big piece of sea floor matrix by that copper wire. I think your being guided in the right direction with the painting of the wire. I've thought about doing that on a couple of my crabs, but the majority are in concretion. I cut a oblong concretion that had two crabs in it and thought of doing the "wire" idea so I could rotate the crabs, but it became unworkable. Oh well. Again a sweet specimen there.
  14. Not the AMNH... it was there on temporary display for a while, but this is in the museum in Ulan Bataar. In Mongolia.
  15. Miam ! 100 pages on Flexys ! Thanks @FossilNerd !
  16. Interesting post, I have heard of people finding teeth in the Cachuma Valley. I wonder if this is the same formation?
  17. Moroccan theropod teeth

    Wow, thank you. I would have guessed they were identical except for the preservation. Best Regards J
  18. And a bib and bucket to catch all the drool...
  19. I follow the Moskva...

    I think the first one is nicer (although they're both really cute!)
  20. Another strange large molar

    I think i t is ankle/wrist bone. I don't see tooth in this one. No enamel.
  21. I follow the Moskva...

    Thank you @Monica, I was very surprised to find them, we aren't used to piles of Jurassic echinoid tests here in the region. Nobody has even posted them on local resources for years. Do you like more the 1st or the 2nd? Wanna present them for IPFOTM
  22. Found at the beach in South sweden

    Possibly a trepostome bryozoan. Does it have any small features like this photo from Wooster Geologists:
  23. Large mammal tooth?

    That’s honestly the best I can think of at this moment. Thanks for the response man.
  24. Another strange large molar

    I almost didn’t realize this was a tooth until I polished it with a magic eraser because the algae was so think. I found it in Florida. Any thoughts?
  25. Moroccan theropod teeth

    Thanks I would say this is an indeterminate Abelisaurid tooth. Eventually this morphology will most likely be described as Rugops sp. but nothing is published yet. The far right one white tooth is not one and without better images an indeterminate theropod. The middle tooth might be an Abelisaurid but you should try to scrape off the matrix.
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