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  2. researching obscure dinosaurs

    Well we do not touch on those specific dinosaurs but we do talk about Ceratosaurs (Abelisaurids) so we do cover a relative of Carnotaurus that has similar features. I do briefly discuss dinosaurs from South America and we discuss some really important fossils from China related to the evolution of flight but we focus on the ones we have fossils for. I understand the ban of fossils from certain places but it does limit us to a degree. We only have an hour in each program so we cover what we can. Next year a lot of our dinosaurs will be 2 hour long programs so we can cover more dinosaurs including those we will not have fossils. Great suggestions though !!
  3. Carnivorous mammal skull ID

    Yeah looks like it might be a composite. There seems to be some suspicious areas on the snout.
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  5. My Collection

    Thanks @Tidgy's Dad! I really love rooted Madasgascan sauropod teeth like this!
  6. How did this bargain bug turn out? Any more photos. Cheers Bobby
  7. My Collection

    Lovely new additions. Very interesting to see these unusual sauropods.
  8. researching obscure dinosaurs

    There are some really interesting and bizzare dinosaurs from Argentina that unfortunately fall beyond the scope of your program. Some of my favorite discoveries from Patagonia, Argentina are: Amargasaurus Bajadasaurus and Carnotaurus (I always found carnotaurus awkwardly cute and unique with a short snout and tiny arms) I doubt you will find fossils from these species for a long, long time.
  9. The SG Fossil Cache - Crustaceans

    Beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing these beauties.
  10. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    Looks fantastic and an expensive kit., Great work mate
  11. Just prepped some ammonites from Somerset, UK

    Very nicely prepped and super ammonites. I agree with Harpoceras falciferum. Got a couple myself somewhere. Thanks for posting.
  12. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    Looks great! Good job.
  13. How hard is it to acquire an opalised fossil?

    I think it was a few years ago, but all very rare and hard to get now.
  14. Can you guys help me figure out if this Sinosaurus is genuine? It is on the ...auction site... and the seller has 4 total, they all look different from each other. I don't know enough (or anything, really) about these to determine if they're genuine or not. The description calls it a Sinohodrosaurus from a local auction, and that it has some reconstruction. I messaged the seller asking where it was collected and what the reconstructions are. I'll update if they get back to me!
  15. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    And then name a new group of dino because the articular processes run in the reverse direction.
  16. Tiny theropod tooth ID

    fantastic addition. Beautiful little tooth
  17. Tiny theropod tooth ID

    Thank you!
  18. Fossil ID

    I wouldn't mind seeing it. Only problem is, I work nights so it can make social interactions with "day walkers" somewhat difficult.
  19. Ait Benhaddou - Sub-Sahara - Morocco

    I like all the same pieces you do... the big bivalve, the snails, the goniatite (I agree about the prep job - it's refreshing to see things done that way when they are usually polished), and esp. the starfish plate! We should arrange some way for some of us to forward you some money to buy these things so you can snap them up when you see them, instead of having to pass them by!
  20. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    Just to be true to the genius of our forefather paleontologists, you should have attached the skull to the end of the tail.
  21. please help identify - colorful bone with chop marks

    Color is usually the result of the geochemistry of preservation. It's usually more instructive about in what formation the bone was found (sometimes it can be quite characteristic, such as with megalodon teeth), than an aid in species identification. There are of course exceptions.
  22. please help identify - colorful bone with chop marks

    Alas, after seeing the other photographs, I tend to agree with you: Not a mosasaur vert. My bad. End of a longbone?
  23. Pennsylvanian Clam?

    After seeing examples of Wilkingia, I'm leaning towards that one. I removed some more matrix, and now it's three pieces. I'll post more photos soon. I have to refer to Ohio plates often.
  24. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    I filed off molding / casting "tabs", filled joints (i.e. not skeletal joints) between pieces with paleosculp, filed down the pegs so the pieces fit together snugly (which is one of the main gripes about this model), painted and dry brushed it (the plastic pieces did not match - it looked like they mixed two batches, so some bones were grayish, and others were brownish), covered the brown plastic base with ready-mix grout to match the Hell Creek Matrix, and painted the metal support rods. I was going to attach a metal wire to the inside of the rib cage to properly space and form the ribs (the material used for this model is elastic / not very rigid and thin pieces don't conform to position), but that ended up being more complicated than I wanted to mess with.
  25. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    What modifications did you do?
  26. Mississippain Shark Tooth ID

    I came across this nice little Mississippian shark or shark-like fish tooth. The information provided by the seller is Orodus sp. St. Louis limestone Formation. Cloverdale Quarry, Cloverdale, Indiana. my question to the Paleozoic shark experts on the forum would be is this an Orodus tooth? I am far from an expert but this looks a bit like a Caseodus to me. I know Orodus teeth have several forms but this did not look like one to me. Any information or help would be awesome !!
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