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  2. Latest Scottish Carboniferous finds

    Sorry to hear you've been ill. Congratulations on some awesome finds! Thanks for showing Us.
  3. Cervid or Bovid bone?

    Could it possibly be moose?
  4. Early Season Preview Coming?

    I've been watching planning on going this week!
  5. NSR: Red Bed Unknown

  6. NSR: Red Bed Unknown

  7. NSR: Red Bed Unknown

  8. NSR: Red Bed Unknown

  9. NSR: Red Bed Unknown

    I dug this directly from the so-called “red bed” (making it Permian) in the north sulphur river. I thought it might be petrified wood, but I am confused as to what the piece is embedded in it. Any ideas?
  10. My Collection

    It is difficult sometimes I feel that it's just down to pure luck! You just never know what could happen in the future. Good luck and possibly try to contact someone who is from the states who regularly used to get some in the past and they may have some in their private collections or know of someone who could potentially sell one. Find out who has talked qnd researched about the tooth that you are trying to find that's often a good place to start. I doubt I'll ever see another dinosaur tooth from Canada again that is available for sale and I'm just glad to have found the ones that I currently have.
  11. Latest Scottish Carboniferous finds

    AMAZING TEETH! +1 for fossil of the month
  12. September 2019 - Finds of the Month Entries

    Date of Discovery: 09/22/2019 Name: Rudist Hippurites colliciatus Woodward, 1855 Age and Formation: Campanian; St. Bartholomä-formation Locality: St. Bartholomä, Styria, Austria This is the best naturally weathered transverse section of a pseudocolony of H. colliciatus I have found so far. It was just lying at the surface near the western end of the stone heaps west of Kalchberg: Point 32 - 09/15/2019. I am wondering, why I have not found this specimen the week before . It consists of 6 "complete" individuals, 5 of them are exposed in the natural transverse section. One of them is very small, can you spot it? In side view, a partial H. c. is exposed in vertical section, showing nicely the P2-pillar. This individual is visible at the lower left of the transverse section. At the lower left, the very crude 6th "complete" individual can bee seen. Attached to the rudist pseudocolony are many small clasts of fossiliferous limestone and possibly a fragment of a Hippurites nabresinensis (right edge of transverse section). Franz Bernhard
  13. Fossils and biking in Moscow

    Great report and photos!!!!!
  14. Hoping for a second opinion

  15. Today
  16. My Mazon Creek Finds

    Very nice finds! I really like the Mazopherusa, I don't think I've found one that nice yet. And maybe the Essexella is actually a new species - a "lightning jelly"! Good way to market it online haha. I have horrible luck with the bivalves, they all seem to crumble to pieces. I can't ever get one that just splits cleanly. I suppose it's probably because the fossil plane is not flat. I have several piles that I might try to superglue back together sometime.
  17. Hoping for a second opinion

    Thank you very much for your help. I’ve taken a look at troodon’s post before, which is actually why I thought this was a rex tooth. Hopefully I’m right, but I wanted to make sure
  18. Skull fossil ID

    I´d say female Racoon, we had a similar discussion some weeks ago. many of the racoon pics you find have stronger ridges along the braincase, those are males. Best Regards, J
  19. Garage Sale Fossils (9-21-19)

    Awesome finds, guys! I would have loved to make the trip down to this but too many things going on over the weekend.
  20. Hoping for a second opinion

    Ive seen this one. It does have some serrations and I think the enamel damage is from roots. I have a JRF Tyrannosaur tooth with root etching that looks similar though not nearly as severe as this. I am pretty sure @Troodon has done a Rex/Nano ID post. I would recommend checking that out. Check out the shape of the base. That may help you. Posting some additional pictures would help as well.
  21. Hoping for a second opinion

    More pictures could indeed be helpful. Cheers, J
  22. Tiny crinoid stem molds? Or something else?

    You can try to saw it open. It may be stunning inside. Or maybe not.
  23. Mammal teeth

    Thanks Bobby, that´s convincing, a very close fit as far as I can tell. I hoped for a hyaena, otherwise it would have been a massive cat. That leaves the two mystery Probsocideans? Cheers, J
  24. Hoping for a second opinion

    If more pictures would be helpful I have them
  25. Hoping for a second opinion

    I think it’s just really worn I have a different picture of the back side of the tooth which has serrations. And for the enamel I think it’s been worn off a lot. I don’t really care about the condition I just want a rex tooth lol
  26. Hoping for a second opinion

    What makes you think it's a rex tooth? Does it have any enamel on it? It doesn't seem like it from the photos but I could be wrong. Rex teeth also have serrations which I don't see present.
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