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  2. Unique Mazon Creek

    I also do that sometimes.
  3. Unknown Oyster or Bivalve ?

    I'm in the pecten camp.
  4. Fossil Id Help Surface Find Texas

    Try to burn a little surface of the bone, if it smells, this is not fossil.
  5. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Wow that’s incredible, congratulations when are you opening your museum to the public
  6. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Wow, that is very nice. Can't wait to see what it looks like after you finish it up.
  7. Bryozoa

    I agree this is a branched coral, and that we would be more sure of its Identity with a scale. What is PA ?
  8. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    My latest acquisition, an Ichthyosaur communis. Needs a little work.
  9. Upper Miocene coprolite-like fossil ?

    There exist a permanent post from @GeschWhat for this, you'll find it on the top of the fossil identification forum and you can clic on the window below to go directly to it :
  10. Small Canine

    The canine in question is opossum, Didelphis virginiana.
  11. Upper Miocene coprolite-like fossil ?

    As an indicator the presence of the coating seems to have the potential to be a double edged sword for and against them being coprolites ?
  12. Fossil Id Help Surface Find Texas

    A good start would be to lightly tap the jaw with something like a spoon. A mineralized fossil will have a high pitched sound. A modern bone will have more of a low tunk sound. The test is just one thing to consider though.
  13. ID this tooth from Alabama

    @Troodon, @Al Dente, @Harry Pristis ?
  14. ID this tooth from Alabama

    Possibly Pachyrhizodus
  15. Today
  16. Devonian trip on a beautiful autumn day.

    Haha, the lack of sound is just the point so peacefull there and quiet, just the wind and the birds
  17. Fossil Id Help Surface Find Texas

    Both were found in Robertson County. I am second guessing myself about the Bison/Cow Jaw is even being a fossil. The Blue tint in the teeth lead me to believe it was but now i am not sure anymore. Thoughts?
  18. Devonian trip on a beautiful autumn day.

    Super! but where is the music? may i suggest
  19. ID this tooth from Alabama

    My youngest son found this tooth at Trussell's creek in Alabama a few years ago. It is about 17 mm long at the max. It is from Cretaceous deposits. What is it?
  20. Unknown Oyster or Bivalve ?

    These shells are contorted and attached in clumps in oyster-like fashion. I can see the ribbing looking like Nodipectin though. You know better than I Mike!
  21. Upper Miocene coprolite-like fossil ?

    I guess some of the non-conical ones could be coprolites but I'd need to see more detail to be more confident. The high-spired gastropods that are encrusted could be covered in fresh-water algae and so it's possible, too, that the non conical ones are other things similarly coated.
  22. Unknown Oyster or Bivalve ?

    Is Upper Goose Creek Limestone exposed at your site as well? Looks like Nodipecten and N. peedeensis (Tuomey & Holmes, 1855) is found within the GCL.
  23. Unknown Oyster or Bivalve ?

    I have pieces of both sides of a valve and there doesn't look like there was ever thorns on spines, but I guess that could be a preservation thing also.
  24. Unknown Oyster or Bivalve ?

    Here's a Peedee Spondylus. I don't know the species, it fell apart when I picked it up.
  25. Bryozoa

    Mike, It's hard to tell from the pic without a scale what the size of the specimen is. I'm not prepared to say it is a Bryozoan as it looks more like a coral to me. Thamnopytchia sp. is more likely. Compare what you found to this image: Edit: and that is a fantastic internal cast of a Spirifirid Brachiopod. Possibly Mucrospirifer or Mediospirifer. It will depend on the size of the interarea between the valves along the hinge line.
  26. Split Shift

    This one is my preferred. It;s superb !
  27. The map offers maps and guide of the Moscow Landing K-Pg boundary site, Tombigbee River, Western Alabama Foster III, C., 2019. Geology of the Moscow Landing Section, Tombigbee River, Western Alabama, with Focus on Ichnologic Aspects of the Lower Paleocene Clayton Formation. Master’s thesis, Department of Geology, Auburn University. https://etd.auburn.edu/handle/10415/6748 https://etd.auburn.edu/bitstream/handle/10415/6748/Carleton.Barrett.Foster.III_Thesis_3.June.2019.pdf?sequence=2&isAllowed=y Yours, Paul H.
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