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  2. Unidentified crocodile bones from Holzmaden

    In toarcian level, crocs are rarer than plesiosaurs
  3. Looking for a gw shark tooth

    @hemipristis these are great! Thanks! I especially like the one on the left (with the most complete root). Exactly the type of tooth I'm looking for. I'm sending you a PM as we speak
  4. Trilobite Hunt in NSW

    @Max-fossils @piranha @Scylla @Al Tahan @Bronzviking @PaulK Thanks everyone!
  5. Quick walk down the beach in Wilmington

    Agreed, or maybe even Otodus auriculatus (an earlier ancestor). Depends on the age of the tooth. @SerratedTeeth do you know how old your fossils are?
  6. Trilobite Hunt in NSW

    Awesome finds Daniel! Wow!
  7. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    And still I have no amber insects in my collection... Nice multi-bug piece! Here is my latest acquisition... a soft-bodied thing from Bear Gulch Montana. I'd like to know what it is. The closest thing I can think of is a sea anemone. I would need to see some papers on the Bear Gulch fauna (Heath Fm, Bear Gulch Limestone). I'd also like to know whether Bear Gulch is latest Mississippian or earliest Pennsylvanian. I have seen both stated in various pages in a Google search. I wonder if I should post this in the ID section instead...
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  9. I love that Annularia bouquet - it's exquisite!
  10. Agreed. The chop marks have an angular pattern of fracture which indicates that they were not made when the bone was fresh.
  11. April 2019 - Finds of the Month Entries

    Invertebrate Entry 2 - Undescribed Calymenid Size: 2.5cm from head to end Location: Gunningbland, NSW, Australia Formation: Gunningbland Formation, 450 million years old Date Collected: April 20, 2019
  12. ID help

    I don’t think she’s the late Becky Hyne.
  13. Real or Fake?

    @Saturated-Sam you did the best thing posting here first. I agree with the others and I think the market and the fossil shows are full of fabricated stone crocodiles skulls with real mosasaur teeth. My advice is keep looking and post here. If you look at some museum examples in detail online, you will start to see bone structure and textures where tendons have been attached and so on . All theses features are not present as this sand stone carved skull. Good luck at the show . Bobby
  14. Real or Fake?

    Real teeth glued to a carved bone or rock. What is this even supposed to be? A Mosasaur? A croc? Well, I had to make this meme
  15. April 2019 - Finds of the Month Entries

    Couldn't pick between the two so I decided to upload both! Invertebrate Entry 1 - Sinespinaspis markhami Size: 1.5cm from head to tail Location: Cotton Hill Quarry, NSW, Australia Formation: Cotton Formation, 435 million years old Date Collected: April 19, 2019
  16. Let’s see your collecting vehicles!

    Hey! I recognize this man
  17. The Prodigal Trilobite

    It was worth losing and finding that little guy if only for a great little poem.
  18. Paraloid Glue

    @Ptychodus04 @TqB Thanks for the advice! My first batch turned out quite nicely and had the consistency of honey. I tried gluing a fossil that had split in half and it stuck together quite nicely. I only put a very thin layer of glue across both sides but still had some glue seep through the cracks which hardened quickly into little bubbles and was hard to remove. Any advice on what I should do next time?
  19. When bones slowly erode away they often have traces on them in the form of what you are interpreting as "chop marks". They are however just the result of weathering.
  20. Real or Fake?

    It's a fake crocodile skull with real mosasaur teeth. They often make such composite fossils in Morocco.
  21. Real or Fake?

    Very badly carved fake with glued in teeth from different individuals. No bone. Just stone.
  22. Rich there was nothing for sale from Cartersville and those fossils belonged to one individual who was not there at the time. I do not know if there is anywhere to collect. I also would like to collect there, but doubt if any concretions like those are still around.
  23. paleobiology of arthropoda:phyllocarida

    thx Ben, this comes in handy
  24. researching obscure dinosaurs

    The ones I know the best: Variraptor, Pyroraptor Ampelosaurus, Atsinganosaurus Struthiosaurus Rhabdodon, Matheronodon Arcovenator, Tarascosaurus
  25. Tiny theropod tooth ID

    Midline carina density per mm.
  26. Tiny theropod tooth ID

    Mesial edge is serrated, here are some pictures. Correct, distal carina density at midline is 6/mm. Thanks again and ask for more pics if needed.
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