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  2. Got you down on the list. Thank you for joining.
  3. Ichthyosaur Jaw

    Looks like a nightmare.
  4. Question: was this all there was to the breakage or did you have a handful of crumbs in the box that you've cleaned up for the picture? Otherwise, it looks like some clean breaks and it cal likely be glued back without having to fill in missing areas.
  5. Sounds like a great time! I’m in for US, I just won’t be home early enough to send out an international package unfortunately I’ll pm my address!
  6. Best Blast Cabinet

    Cheap is actually best since your cabinet is likely the one piece where you can get away with cheap. I built mine out of scrap wood and a few $$s for a piece of glass and a couple hinges. Total cost was $10. My dimensions are 36"W x 30"D x 12"H. I have a 4" removable platform which allows me to bring thin slabs into focus in my microscope which has an 8" focus height. I use a cheap dual goose-neck LED microscope lamp to illuminate the work area (its microscope only so you don't need a large illuminated area). It sits in the cabinet so abrasive gets on the lens, but I just knock it off every now and again. Eventually, I plan to install some strip LEDs to the top of my viewing window in order to solve the dirty light issue but that's not a huge priority right now.
  7. Ok, thanks! But now its really, really: !!! I can feel the pain!! If it had been a composited specimen - so what! But such a nice genuine specimen, that´s more than a nightmare... Franz Bernhard
  8. Posible Deltadromeus huge tooth

    I see.. And what about this? This is mine
  9. Posible Deltadromeus huge tooth

    I have to chat with George to see what he meant but nothing has been published on Deltadromeus since we do not have skull material with teeth. I suspect that a tooth this wide would not work for a smaller skull size. All the characteristics of this tooth say Carcharodontosaurid
  10. This looks like the typical preservation of ammonite ammonites from Alberta Canada with cracked ammonite, this looks 100% natural to me
  11. Looking for Florida-specific Fossil and Rock Books

    I am surprised that nobody has written a Peace River fossil book - given the plentiful fossils found there. I know the Peace is mentioned in many books, such as Renz' megalodon book, but I would expect something more comprehensive that focuses specifically on the Peace. Something that covers the relevant geology and paleontology points of interest along the entire Peace from Bartow to Punta Gorda. The background info on the geology, archaeology, and paleontology can be found (usually free) online, but Peace-specific material is lacking. Maybe us Florida hunters should collaborate and put something together that covers the Peace, and also places like the Withlacoochee, Alafia, and Myakka. All of us have some veteran experience with certain places and certain types of fossils, so if we combined our knowledge, it might make for a useful reference.
  12. Posible Deltadromeus huge tooth

    So carcha, I read that some carcha teeth with wide base like these are probably from Deltadromeus. I read some articles from George Corneille about that...
  13. Oh well, what a nightmare! I don´t know how to fix it, though! But: What was the description of the seller? I see pieces of iridescent stuff glued to a possibly heavily sculpted ammonite? Most of the iridescent stuff seems to be not native to this particular ammonite. I suppose it is from Madagasy. I would send it back and claim a refund! Franz Bernhard
  14. Fall Break Fossil Trips

    Very intriguing, that does look like a close match indeed! Good research on that one- if correct, that seems like a rather rare genus. Regarding the spine, it is hard to tell at that level of magnification, but I do think I see the branching @JohnJ was referring to- under magnification are these seeming projections more apparent?
  15. Ouch!!!!! 1st, see if you can get your money back. 2nd, if you can't then a repair can be done. Honestly, I have had really good results with the clear, non-expanding, Gorilla Glue. It will take you a while but you will want to glue one joint at a time. Put all the pieces together to see where you should logically start. Then, put a thin layer of glue on one side of the break, Use a clamp to put pressure on the joint and let it sit for a couple days. you can use a folded towel on both clamp faces to keep from marring the fossil, or use a rubber surfaced clamp. Make sure you don't put too much glue in the joint or it will run out onto the surface of the ammonite, causing more headaches. Repeat this process until you have all the joints glued up. Or, you can ship it to me and I'll handle the repair and ship it back (well protected).
  16. Looking for Florida-specific Fossil and Rock Books

    It is very tame, and the leads that you might gather from it would more often than not, lead to inverts rather than verts. It is, however, a very solid Florida specific book that I think Floridians should have in their collection. Hulbert's book is a must have.
  17. Hell Creek dinosaur toe bone?

    I've always had a soft spot for turtles so it's definitely a neat piece to me.
  18. I'd be up for a group forum hunt if the timing is right. As the planet continues to get warmer on average and weather patterns shift accordingly, I think we are going to see changes in our traditional fossil season. The general start and ending times may change and the amount of rain events during the "dry" season might change as well. I hope I am wrong because wetter winters mean less fossil hunting. I am glad I managed to get out there before Nestor hit and it appears we Florida folks need to take our shot when the chance presents itself. Call in sick to work, skip school, ditch out on the wife, whatever it takes! LOL. You miss a chance, you might not get another one for months.
  19. Looking for Florida-specific Fossil and Rock Books

    Hi Sacha, Yes, I am mainly concerned with vertebrate fossils. I need to break down and buy Hurlbert's book. I was wondering if the Roadside Geology book was worth buying. The other states in the series are more interesting, but Florida's geology is rather tame, so I expected the book to be the same.
  20. Hell Creek dinosaur toe bone?

    I have to say, some of my favourite fossil in my Hell Creek collection are turtle phalanx. Nice pick up.
  21. Great work, Thanks for info. Love the trilobites!
  22. Today
  23. Looking for Florida-specific Fossil and Rock Books

    Mike, I assume you're specifically looking for vertebrate info. I've gotten allot of invertebrate publications from the FPS website, specifically echinoid stuff. I think Hulbert's book is about the best I've found so far for vertebrates. The "Roadside Geology of Florida" has some interesting sections, but generally not very exciting overall.
  24. 2019 Minnesota Mineral Club

    Very cool! Mineral club shows are always fun. Was your fossil presentation topic "Things you can find in your neighborhood"?
  25. Big Brook NJ Trip

    Thanks. You always seem to come to the rescue with my pictures!
  26. Got it! Thank you for playing.
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