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  2. Help ID Please

    I don't but I have heard the suggestion that the big ones are likely made by crustaceans. i suppose you would have to find the remains of an owner that died inside to say for sure. I saw where that recently happened with the terrestrial corkscrew burrows but I haven't heard anything about marine identifications.
  3. Whale vertebrae?

    That 'ol boy has certainly seen some better days. Hopefully someone will be able to narrow down what it might go to given its size, but there is not much to go on.
  4. Whale vertebrae?

    @ynot I will post more photos I’m quickly learning about proper posting thank you for your help
  5. Mystery fossil with two members

    Keep looking and You will.
  6. Fossil of alien tooling?

    Is it worth anything?
  7. Whale vertebrae?

    It looks like a process off of a vert, but getting any further than that is guess work on such a fragment.
  8. Fossil of alien tooling?

    Another with tape measure
  9. Fossil of alien tooling?

    Still think it is the print left by a crinoid columnal.
  10. Mystery tooth

    Sure .. no worries ... it's such a fascinating area. So many great fossil hunting opportunities. If you are around Facebook ... The Palmetto Paleontological Society is a great place to meet locals. (Unless you have found it already) Though, I have yet to make it to a meeting. haha Bobby frequents the page and Ashby Gale is there to help with the vertebrate fossils too. The moderators are great. We haven't yet (?) been infiltrated by the crazies on the outside. And I'm assuming you've hit up the Mace Brown Museum of Natural History at the College of Charleston. Anyway .. welcome. Cheers, Brett
  11. Fossil of alien tooling?

    Opposite end
  12. Shark Tooth Identification

    That’s a good plan- I’ve never been good about that. Thanks for the tip!
  13. Fossil of alien tooling?

    Next to tape measure
  14. Mystery tooth

    Thank you for all the information I appreciate it so much @Brett Breakin' Rocks
  15. Today
  16. Fossil of alien tooling?

    Back side
  17. Is this a opalized vertebra?

    Looks like opal wood to Me. Is it light or heavy compared to similar sized rock? Many silicate rocks will develop a chalky skin or crust when they weather.
  18. Prehistoric crocodile

    Thank you @ynot
  19. Mystery tooth

    More than likely this is from one of the toothed whales (Odontoceti) from the Oligocene. Probably not a squalodon tooth. He shoots those down on a regular basis. Here is an example of a Tusked Dolphin - Waipatiidae from the same time period. But yeah as @ynot said .. Dr. Bobby Boesseneker would be the one to ID it properly. Oh, and just for kicks ... my favorite posts ? Bobby has a pretty sweet blog .. yes. http://coastalpaleo.blogspot.com/2016/12/no-you-dont-have-prosqualodon-tooth-and.html The visual resources in the blog post are great ... " Waipatia hectori, Waipatiidae, Oligocene, New Zealand; very similar teeth are found in the Charleston area. From Tanaka and Fordyce (2015) "
  20. Mystery tooth

    Thank you @ynot I think you are right
  21. Fossil of alien tooling?

    What is the size of this? My first thought is a crinoid columnal print.
  22. Fossil of alien tooling?

    It is not cement, it is a rock fragment. The hole and groove's were filled with dirt. On one end the rings are small with no etching on the grooves, the opposite side the rings are thicker and have etching squiggles. I have a video but it is too large.
  23. Is this a opalized vertebra?

    Is this opalized wood or possibly bone? Anyone seen this before?
  24. Compressor for prep?!

    Consolidate after you uncover the smallest bits of fish. That will make a huge difference. @sseth has a scribe he designed for SFL material that is comparatively inexpensive. I plan to buy one eventually to run it through its paces to give it a full review. I just haven’t gotten forgiveness for the Super Jack and the Microblast purchase.
  25. Prehistoric crocodile

    For ID it is best to take individual pictures of each item with a scale. Please show both sides and the sides.And as close as possible while still in focus. Nice meg.
  26. Burned petrified wood opalized with minerals

    I do not know for sure if it was burned, it just looks like petrified charcoal. It may have been burned by ash from a volcano many years ago...
  27. Mystery tooth

    My first thought is a squalodon. Bet @Boesse will know.
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