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  2. Dr. Richardson did some nice prep work on that piece.
  3. ID this tooth from Alabama

    I'm with mosasaur.
  4. From the best place in the world

    I have this post in the wrong category, I'm still trying to get the hang of this site.
  5. A truly fantastic specimen. BTW, here in W. Tx and in N. Mex we have this guy's relative called a vinegaroon. It releases a strong smelling acetic acid as its defense, hence the name. https://www.whatsthatbug.com/2008/07/23/giant-vinegaroon-2/
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  7. Dr Mud & The Crab Concretion Crusade

    How do you recognize the presence of a crab in a concretion or in another situation ?
  8. Ah yah, that seriously narrows it down!
  9. Dr Mud & The Crab Concretion Crusade

    Before I left NZ I took all the straps and clamp off the big concretion after 3 days for the glue to cure. I’m quite happy with how it has fit together with a snug fit and a little glue oozing out from the edges. Prepping will be the ultimate test though! Think I might start a new thread just for this crab to show the process from start to finish. There’s going to be a LOT of rock to remove, but hey, I’m not complaining!
  10. Help requested with 2 more.

    Sorry to create three separate posts here, I just thought trying to get it all on one would get jumbled and confusing. I feel confident these last two are bone but have not been able to come up with an idea as to what they could be. The first specimen has indents on both ends but is clearly not hollow. Second specimen appears almost ear shaped. Any input/suggestions would be helpful and appreciated.
  11. Studying 3D structure of fenestella bryzoan

    Hi Coco! Yes that is what Archimedes would look like in life. Amazing, isn't it.
  12. Amazing! And you're right, I've never heard of this one before.
  13. Dr Mud & The Crab Concretion Crusade

    Sorry to hear that nature didn’t play ball. Hope you could enjoy the wild weather from the comfort of home. Sounds like a nice day to be indoors.
  14. ID Help Please 2 items

    Two additional finds from the Peace River this week. The first I believe to be a Tilly Bone/Fish Ballast. But looking closer once I got it home, I thought it had the look of enamel. I also noticed striations that appeared to circle the specimen. That said I hope someone here can give me an ID. The second item is what I believe to be a small vertebrate. Any input on this would also be appreciated.
  15. Dr Mud & The Crab Concretion Crusade

    Thanks Monica, the time on the beach has really helped for this trip. Its been a weird mix of emotions. The sense of completion comes from finding some of my dream fossils from this site, but I think also because the body is saying, ok I think I actually need a break from collecting! Im thankful for the memories in the outdoors and that I’ve found some dream fossils. There are still many things yet to discover there and every visit brings up new questions about the site. guess that’s part of what keeps us all coming back for more!
  16. ID Help

    Attached photos are a bone I found Tuesday in the Peace River. I am leaning toward antler from research I have done thus far. Please forgive me if the photos are a little blurred. I think they may be sufficient for an ID. Any help with ID would be appreciated.
  17. Studying 3D structure of fenestella bryzoan

    Hi, Are they Archimedes ? Incredible ! I never imagine they were like this with fronds ! Thanks for these informations. Coco
  18. Dr Mud & The Crab Concretion Crusade

    I couldn't go today because of strong wind, strong rain and storm. I'll go on Monday as planned and one day on the following weeks instead when the low tide hour will permit it.
  19. This is a creature that many collectors are not even aware exists in the Mazon Creek Deposit. This unusual animal is commonly known as a whip scorpion. While it is an arachnid and resembles a scorpion , it belongs to a district order called Uropygids. Whip scorpion are incredibly rare in the fossil record. A handful have been described with the earliest known specimens dating back to the Devonian. Any arachnids in the Mazon Creek deposits are considered a rarity. In a faunal study that I referenced in an earlier post, out of 230,000 concretions collected at Pit 11, nine arachnids were found. Uropygids have been estimated to make up approximately 3% of the arachnids found in the Mazon Creek deposit deposit (do the math)! Modern whip scorpions are non venomous and feed on insects, scorpions and in some cases lizards. The long whip like tail helps to detect vibrations. Modern whip scorpion do have an interesting defense weapon. When disturbed, they can spray a solution primarily consisting of acetic acid to thwart off predators. This amazing specimen was found at Pit 11 on May 3rd 1981. The gentleman who collected it, brought it to the Field Museum and had Dr Eugene Richardson study and prep it. Richardson stated that it was the best example that he had ever seen. It was identified by Dr Richardson as Prothelyphonus giganteus. Geralinura and Prothelyphonus are the only 2 Uropygids described from the Mazon Creek Deposit. I am not certain which species it is and really need an arachnid expert to look at it.
  20. Dr Mud & The Crab Concretion Crusade

    Looking forward to hearing about your trip! Hope the time in the outdoors helps you to process everything. The hunting trips can be a strange mix of emotions right now, especially if you are out hunting alone.
  21. Multiple Hunts this week

    Great report and great finds! I was on the river Tuesday and can confirm how deep and fast moving it was! I'll be posting a few finds in the ID section asking for some help with what they may be. Seems the levels have been dropping the last couple of days and next week should have better conditions.
  22. Studying 3D structure of fenestella bryzoan

    Fascinating!! I guess even the experts keep learning, right? I will keep studying and try to not get overwhelmed, LOL! One. Rock. At. A. Time. Thanks!
  23. Studying 3D structure of fenestella bryzoan

    Yes!! I am glad to help you by asking more questions! ;-) I promise more to come! I am able to devote only a little amount of time each day to this study, so it helps to be able to concentrate in particular areas. Thanks so much!
  24. Studying 3D structure of fenestella bryzoan

    This is very helpful! The photo of the fossil is particularly helpful, as it shows the axis and fronds - I am starting to understand more and more! Thanks!!
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