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  2. First croc find

    Thought you might all like to see this. I was super pleased to finally find some croc because it’s rare on the Yorkshire Coast. I noticed this worn vertebrae wearing out of a boulder. As found Extracted Chuffed
  3. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    And no ammonites in this level. There are Goniatites
  4. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    You make a mistake. Pristichampsus is a croc. This tooth is Onchopristis
  5. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    That place looks like the surface of Mars! It's worth picking up natural/weathered ammonite/orthocone pieces when you're there, as they are usually only available in markets as polished 'artworks'. Thanks for the tour.
  6. Dendritic graptolite

    There is one very similar toward the bottom of this page: https://wikivividly.com/wiki/Graptolithina
  7. Bobby’s garden fossil bone find ID help please

    Thank you . I hope I get some information about it.
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  9. Dendritic graptolite

    Yes It is Late Orodvician (450 million years old)
  10. Tiger Shark Teeth ID

    Nice teeth! I believe the upper row to all be G. mayumbensis except for the far left (#1), and the lower row to all be G. cuvier, based upon one or more these traits: The U-shaped rather than V-shaped base of the root. The laterally compressed nature of the G. mayumbensis teeth reflective of the v-shaped root which also makes them more erect. Coarser serrations As for tooth number 1, I'm not positive. If forced, I'd say G. cuvier, or maybe transitional?? I have several of these type of teeth that display characteristics of both, and I have tentatively identified them as G. mayumbensis/cuvier. Side note: I lost out on online on an auction for a grouping of teeth like these in the last two weeks. I'm wondering if these are them, LOL
  11. Donated Fossils

    In response to your query: Carcharias taurus teeth have noticeable striations running the length of the blade (lingual side) very similar to the Paleogene Striatolamia sp. In contrast, C. cuspidata do not. The surface of the lingual side of their blade is smooth. Conjectural observation on my part: My C. taurus teeth tend to obtain larger size than my C. cuspidata teeth.
  12. Pre/Cambrian Collection

    One of the more exotic specimens I've acquired. This is Sinocylindra yunnanensis, a tubiform algae from the Lower Cambrian Hongjingshao formation. Most other algae in my collection are just preserved as monotonic iron oxide stains, so I am a big fan of the distinct morphology of this specimen.
  13. How to preserve soft fossil wood?

    Its very low-rank coal, moisture content around 30-40%. It tends to crumble upon drying. However: This indeed works sometimes with lignite / xylite! I have lignite pieces that got only some cracks upon trying, but did not disintegrate, see below. Maybe a somewhat higher rank than lignite, but it doesn´t really matters - it disintegrates... A little is enough... Yes, and keep it in the dark. It was stable for > 60 Ma in the ground, so "put it back into the ground": Saturate it with water, don´t let oxygen in, keep it in the dark. Not the best way to display a specimen, though... Here are two pieces of lignite, with about 30% weight loos upon trying. The above one is a pure xylite (= wood), with the wood grain still visible. The lower one is lignite s. str. (finely divided organic matter), with a piece of more or leas featureless xylite. Some cracks, no disintegration. Franz Bernhard
  14. Dinosaur-killing Asteroid Mark on North Dakota

    True. Fortunately, private property rights are still cherished and protected under U.S. law.
  15. I’ll tell you that I spoke to Pete Larson on this bone several months ago. He also recommended to pass on it. The distal end looks recognizable the other end is a hot mess. He also stated that if it were a Tyrannosaur metatarsal then it should be much longer considering the diameter. I know the seller said it came in fragments and he had to nearly totally rebuild it. So it could be a correct ID and just maybe wasn’t pieced back together perfectly.
  16. Kem Kem Theropod Tooth

    It looks like a small Carch tooth to me buddy
  17. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    That large ammonite-filled rock is spectacular. Never knew fossils were that dense there. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    Thanks caldigger, we had more than a great time. The scenery is breathtaking and every where we went, fossils are all over.
  19. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    Our first stop on the second day is Devonian with abundance orthoceras every where on the round. My son found a large bivalves there and we collect a few piece of orthoceras.
  20. Great info on the Judith River Tyrannosaur denticle counts Frank. Thank you!
  21. Lines on therapod tooth

    If asked to throw out a name, I would call them "enamel pleats".
  22. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    The ones I have from Kem Kem came labeled as Onchopristis numudus. It looks like you had a great time. I guess the "well excursion" is definately not for the claustrophobic!
  23. Learning About Antarctic Dinosaurs at New Exhibit

    Very cool exhibition- thank you for sharing pictures! I was just at the NHMLA for a SocalPaleo meeting but I didn't have time to see inside. The science is cool but it's crazy how interesting it would be to go the to top/bottom of the world to look for fossils. Suffering through the ice and freezing temperatures to collect essentially rocks. Quite amazing that we can do that. Reminds me of the Norwegian expeditions to Svalbard to study marine reptiles in tundra. It is nice to see dinos advertised front and center at the park.
  24. Need to Repair Plant Fossil in Shale

    Marielle, you might have something similar to these for your fern fronds. Lygenopteris hoeninghousi Jefferson County, Alabama
  25. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    Thanks jpc. I is good to know what it is.
  26. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    The third location of the day is also right off the highway. We didn't bring any tools so we couldn't dig but we manage to find a rock with 2 Phacops inside
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