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  2. Exporting fossils from portugal

    You don't get to have your cake and eat it too, as the expression goes. If I can't at least modestly collect in Portugal legally, than I will travel to a destination where I can. And that nation can have my money.
  3. Fossil sealant?

    I've been using Vinac for years. Dries quick, easy to remove. Great for the field and the lab. Makes a great barrier/sealant before molding an important specimen. I know there are some cyanoacrylate alternatives like Paleobond's Penetrant but they can sometimes be very difficult to remove. Everything seems to have it's place depending on what you are working on though.
  4. White River Oligocene Prep - Leptictis

    Today's work. I lightly sanded the previous putty work to get it into the precise shape and texture I wanted. I felt the fill in the lower jaw was the wrong shape afterwards and added a bit more putty this morning. There was also a missing flake of bone in front of the orbit which I filled. I'm choosing to forego the zygomatic reconstruction at the moment. I went through my collection and all 4 of my options only had right zygomatics. I'll put a request in to my collector friends to find me a left one to cast. Just don't think I can do it justice with hand sculpting. If all goes well with this drying, the plan is to put a little paint (lipstick?) on the putty tomorrow. Planning to use acryllic paint and blend my own colors. Closing in on the finish line!
  5. Exporting fossils from portugal

    They want your turism... Don't want you collect fossils
  6. Black flakes coming off buffalo skull?

    I don't prepare fish; but, when my Green River stingray started to "shed" fine debris, I sealed the fish surface with Butvar B-76. I first consulted the quarry owner/preparator to make sure the acetone solution would not conflict with whatever was originally used to prepare the fossil.
  7. Today

    Cheers mate! Might make it slightly easier for all!
  9. Some unknown commercial fossils

    I believe the gastropods and Brachiopods are from Morocco, or some part of north africa.
  10. Some unknown commercial fossils

    Perisphinctes from Madagascar for the first picture
  11. Some unknown commercial fossils

  12. Some unknown commercial fossils

  13. Some unknown commercial fossils

    I bought these when I was very young, infact, the small ammonite was the first fossil I ever had. They are all cheap commercial fossils that never came with labels, and the ones that do have labels are unsatisfactory to say the least. I'm hoping some of you chaps know what some of these are and the vague area they're from.

    Enlarged and brightened:
  15. New Post At Lebanon Fossil

    Hey! I didn't know if you the best places to collect or look for Onchopristis rostrum fossils and Sclerorhynchidae fossils. I work at a National Park that protects pretty much the last remaining population of smalltooth sawfish and was looking to try to get my hands on a fossil specimen of each or see if people wanted to potentially donate a specimen of each to the park to help tell the story of this incredible critically endangered animal. If you or anyone you know is willing to help in sending me in the right direction on excivating, searching, purchasing, or donating please give me any pointers! Thanks to everyone on here for the help!
  16. White River Oligocene Prep - Leptictis

    Thanks RB, it's been exciting to share. I've been away from prep for a while and was hoping blogging/posting my work would keep me going. I have so many 'cool' fossils to prepare, I'm looking forward to sharing the next project. On a side note, your crab thread is awesome! I have a pile of crabs that I can't recall where they are from or what they are. I'm quite tempted to prepare a few.
  17. Hello from ohio

    Moved to FOSSIL ID. I agree with coral. Something like Favosites. perhaps? Around where in North Ohio was it found? County would be fine. @erose

    Hi I am composing a table of comparisons between nautiloids and ammonites (mainly internal and external anatomy but a couple of extras too) and was wondering if anyone had anything they could add to what I have already? (Table attached) Cheers in advance Mark
  19. Exporting fossils from portugal

    Guess they don't need my tourism.
  20. Novice needing advice!

    Topics merged. Honestly, I don't see anything fossil related in most of the pictures. The second picture may have something, but I couldn't say what, as they are a tad blurry. Try taking photos outside in daylight. I'm just not seeing enough detail to be able to say anything.
  21. Hello from ohio

    Welcome to TFF from Austria! @Tidgy's Dad is spot on! Yeah, they can look indeed like that! But up to now, no fossilized honey comb from a bee have has been found in the fossil record, I think ! Franz Bernhard
  22. Hello from ohio

    A tabulate coral colony I think. Nice! And a very warm welcome to TFF from Morocco.
  23. Hello from ohio

    I had found this weird fossil working on my bosses cabin. Need help to identify what it is! I've had so many people tell me it's either a fossilized honey comb from a bee hive or a honey comb coral! I'm just confused and asking for help!
  24. ID on fossil tracks

    Hey Dave, That is a great plate! Looks like maybe Rhynchosauroides sp. ? I think you're correct with the swimming traces. Very cool.
  25. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Aww shucks .. thanks Doren. Currently nothing fancy .. they are in Riker boxes in an old flat (?) filing style wood cabinet that is mid-refinish. One day I suspect I will finish it in a flurry of activity as is usual. But for now it sits ... waiting. Eventually something fancier for the teeth would be nice. Give them a good lift with custom stands and displays. Multiple levels etc... for now they are being archived and manipulated digitally. I'm slowly making my way into the collection but eventually I hope to have high quality prints for most of them. -and maybe even a book?- (Speaks quietly) Cheers, B
  26. Novice needing advice!

    Welcome to TFF from Austria! I donĀ“t know, what you have, but there are many knowledgeable members from Australia on TFF: @DanKurek, @ElToro, @Foozil, @Jesuslover340, @Mike from North Queensland, @Paleoworld-101 Franz Bernhard
  27. Novice needing advice!

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