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  2. ID if you dare

    The first bone looks like part of a mammal hip.
  3. Hi! Here is Just something which i drew few weeks ago,the Cave Lion. Enjoy. Darko
  4. Ricky’s Mazon Creek thread

    Oh yes - I didn't mean to say it's either one or the other! Stupendous fossils.
  5. Large crinoid part?

    like everyone else it looks like a crinoid holdfast
  6. ID if you dare

    age of the bones/site please.
  7. Today
  8. My trilobite of the week.

    The facets of the holochroal eyes are just barely visible (under magnification). This is the only proetid I have where they can be seen at all.
  9. It's real, but ruined in my opinion. I'd return it for a refund unless you got it cheap.
  10. Bizarre Bone

    I agree with my predessor. No bone structure to be seen here. Strange grooves, though, but hard to interpret. Almost looks like a tool has made them.
  11. ESCONI Braceville Shaft Mine Trip 5-18-19

    What a great way to get rid of excess weight. Good on you!
  12. My trilobite of the week.

    This week's theme is Carboniferous proetids, so the trilobite of the week, #44, is Paladin transilis from Zhirnovsk, Volgograd region, Russia. It is Pennsylvanian (late Carboniferous) in age. At 38 mm it would be a respectable sized proetid for any period. This is my nominee for "most beautiful post-Devonian trilobite". This used to be called Griffithides productus but for some time now has been called Paladin transilis. This same species is called Ditomopyge producta in the Trilobite Gallery of the American Museum of Natural History.
  13. Beautiful Pathological Cuban Megalodon Tooth

    Yep that's a beaut. You can't even tell it's pathological from the top-down photos, i saw those first and was trying to figure out what you were referring to but then the side on shots answered it.
  14. Beaumaris ID

    I will guess some sort of ironstone structures that have become cemented in with the rock, possibly ferruginised invertebrate burrow casts?
  15. Beaumaris ID

    G'day everyone! I just returned from a trip to Beaumaris today and found something wierd. At first I thought It was a crab as crab fossils were found from this locality: https://beaumarisfossils.org/crabs-burrows/ but I am not too sure. The fossil comes from the Beaumaris Sandstone Formation, late Miocene to early Pliocene. Thanks, Dan Crab fossils found at Beaumaris
  16. Coprolite Questions

    I came across this posting from 2015 that seems to share some similarities with this current topic.
  17. Coprolite Questions

    My sincere thanks and respect Tony! I'm attaching pictures of two of my pieces - one whole the other a fragment. I performed the sanding test on the fragment. As you can see in pic 2d the end sanded took on a metallic appearance. Question about the formation process. What gives many of these pieces that distinctive squeezed 'S' curve "intestinal" appearance? Did that particular shape occur in an aqueous environment, underground, or in the open air? Thanks again!
  18. Ziggycardon's exploration of the microfossil realm

    Oops, wrong link (although that one has good images, too!). Here's the one I was thinking of: LINK. Enjoy!
  19. Ziggycardon's exploration of the microfossil realm

    Heh. My images are OK, but I'm strictly an amateur with a low-budget setup. If you want to see amber photos that are really amazing, check out these! LINK. Now, there's what can be done with a professional setup, lots of skill, and lots of time! Your collection looks like a nice bunch. Love those scales!
  20. Has anyone tried Shell Creek?

    Hi, What a pity ! Send me them ! Coco
  21. ESCONI Braceville Shaft Mine Trip 5-18-19

    Glad you guys had fun and try to stay dry. I look forward to seeing your pictures and have fun tomorrow.
  22. Carboniferous Plant Fossils

    Ludwigia, I shot closeup of the fossil you requested. You are probably right identifying the image as Asterophyllites. The camera flash is reflecting off the coal film. Sorry, the image is a lil' washed out.
  23. Carboniferous Plant Fossils

    Hey Chris, this is the best I could do with a camera phone. The Flash washes out part of the image. I shot the left side of the fossil. The impression seems to be the stem of Asterophyllites? Didn't even notice it until you pointed it out. I also shot a pic of another Calamite fossil found near the same rock slide...I didn't know it was a Calamite until I saw the large nodes...one is pictured in the upper left. Not familiar with this type of Calamite.
  24. Bizarre Bone

    Hi Lauren, Not sure what the holes are, but i am pretty sure this isn't bone. There would be some recognisable texture to it if it were bone. Maybe someone else can chime in with what the markings are though. That's a fascinating area, i assume you've visited the dinosaur track sites? I'd love to see them!
  25. Ralph, Thank you for the great material. It's was greatly appreciated and I know it helped make the day for many of the people involved! We dumped your buckets along with another 6 or 7 buckets. Everyone brought home fossils! We are doing this again tomorrow. It is supposed to rain, but hopefully it will hold off until the end. It started raining today around 2 and a few of us got a little wet... I'll post a few pictures tomorrow. I need to get some sleep tonight! Cheers, Rich
  26. We have 2 day trips in the Spring and the Fall. Come on out! Everyone had a great time. I will put an announcement here in the Fall, which is usually the second weekend in September. Cheers, Rich
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