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  2. Mammoth Tooth?

    I was thinking that it looks like a horn also.
  3. Mammoth Tooth?

    I wonder if this could be a broken horn...
  4. Mammoth Tooth?

    Root. Still packed with hard clay.
  5. Possible mosasaur tooth??

    Yeah I know it’s hard to ID from photographs at times, I find so many teeth like this one all sorts of shapes and sizes I’m having a hard time identifying them all. I did narrow down a few of them to enchodus teeth, sawfish rostral & xiphactinus fish
  6. Predation Marks on Hebertella?

    I do not see predation here. Looks like natural breakage showing geodized interior.
  7. creek finds

    +1 for worm tubes. I can only say Hamulus though, I’m not familiar enough to get more specific than that. Not sure on the other ones though.
  8. Mammoth Tooth?

    Can We see a picture straight on to the broken "root"?
  9. Don't Fossil Hunt Adjacent to Gun Ranges

    Used in the Civil War at ground level for maximum destruction.
  10. Mammoth Tooth?

    One more...
  11. Mammoth Tooth?

    One more pic. Had to use lower resolution.
  12. Don't Fossil Hunt Adjacent to Gun Ranges

    The best fossil day I ever had was right next to a gun range. Ranges that are operated properly have high berms and strict rules that ALL ROUNDS MUST IMPACT THE BERM the range master will kick you off the property and bar you for life, on most ranges. You should file a report with the county Sheriff. I am often tempted to take my pistol when fossil hunting, but very rarely do. I settle for my David sling, a 3 ounce rock at 100 mph, is comparable to a medium bore, pistol round in impact energy.
  13. Predation Marks on Hebertella?

    Hi guys so I have this Hebertella occidentalis specimen I collected yesterday from the Credit River at Streetsville, Mississauga, Ontario, which belongs to the Upper Member of the Georgian Bay Formation. Do these look like predation marks? There are also what appears to some crystallized grains inside these marks and I think they could be some sort of calcite. Sorry for the noisy grain of the image, but I hope this will help.
  14. Mammoth Tooth?

    Top view
  15. Internal mold of something - micro

    Crab claw.
  16. Mammoth Tooth?

    OK. File size too large to post more than one pic at a time.
  17. Mammoth Tooth?

    More pics on angles would help, certainly looks to be a tooth of some kind.
  18. Mammoth Tooth?

    Welcome to TFF! Will need pictures from all sides to make an ID (please include a scale). It is not a mammoth tooth though.
  19. Any ideas

    @Harry Pristis What say you?
  20. Today
  21. Mammoth Tooth?

    I found this fossil on a gravel covered sand bar in a stream in central Iowa. I think it is a mammoth tooth but the shape seems quite unusual. The circular root is small compared to the rest of the tooth. Can someone confirm? This is my first post but I have found lots of interesting stuff in just three trips including an awesome mastodon tooth! Lots of questions too. Thank you.
  22. creek finds

    The first picture shows very nice worm tubes. Hamulus squamosus, I think.
  23. Shark Tooth Identification

    I get these stands from there. Great for the Riker mounts.
  24. My Trilobite Drawings

    Thanks, Tim. It looks a bit better under a white rather than yellow light. I definitely need a new lamp.
  25. creek finds

    Me and my husband found some really cool items in an creek in central al but we are puzzled as to what these things are. We found lots of sharks teeth and echinoids.
  26. My Trilobite Drawings

    Incredible work, my friend.
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