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  2. Sometimes You Have To Whack It !!

    Nice Neuropteris with the basal pinnules. The Annularia looks more like Sphenophyllum. The Sedgwickia is very nice. Keep 'em comin'. Looking forward to some of the freeze/thaw to open.
  3. Possible whale skull

    Good to see that you got it home but why the back seat. I would have propped it up in the front seat and put the seat belt around it Dumb question as part of the prep will it need to be soaked in fresh water to remove the salt ?. It would look good in a glass table in the lounge but you will need to line the sides with angled mirrors to better see the sides. Mike
  4. Please Help - Building a Drawers for Fossils

    Thank you guys for helping me.
  5. Oak was the hardwood considered problematic. Gives off acidic fumes over time. Minerals and artifacts are more prone to the effects. As a craftsman I would seal the wood, whatever it is, just to keep it from warping from normal humidity.
  6. Fossil, Mineral, or Something Else?

    No just fragmentary and poorly exposed.
  7. Is this a marine fossil?

    This would seem to be pivotal in the distinction between balls of sediment and dung balls.
  8. Fossil, Mineral, or Something Else?

    I’ll try mindat.org as well.
  9. Fossil, Mineral, or Something Else?

    Is this unusual?
  10. Let’s See Your BIG Fossils!

    Of course the "ringed" part is the outer portion of the creature. Just to the left of the "rings" is a collection of other small fossil bits. I'll post a picture.
  11. Is this a marine fossil?

    Thanks for all of these refs. I definitely agree that the OP's specimen is Ophiomorpha. And I'm sad that so many sources, and generally good ones, state that the burrow walls are studded with fecal pellets... If we had no idea what the tunnel-makers feces looked like I think we would have to say "the pellets in Ophiomorpha are possibly fecal" but since these animals are also extant, and very well-known, we can state with remarkable certainty that the tunnel pellets are very different from the fecal pellets. And since everything else that is easily comparable between the, say, Cretaceous callianassids and the modern ones is virtually identical, we would have to expect the tunnels and feces to be pretty damned similar as well. Where I dig in NJ the Ophiomorpha and callianassid fecal pellet masses are both found, plus plenty of the claws of the shrimp, adding weight to them all being associated. And I'm pretty sure that modern callianassid shrimp have been observed fashioning burrow pellets from sediment. At least this is what I recall from when I was studying this stuff for a couple of years.
  12. Sunshine and friends on the Peace River

    Good Catch, and pretty obvious when you think about it. We were finding fragments of Capybara molars at the site. Now I am confused... it is difficult to believe it to be Equus, but right now I do not have other candidates in mind.
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  14. How to tell a stromatolite?

    ...aaaaand he JUST posted a gorgeous stromatolite from very early Cambrian border Morocco! (but I still went with that red one!) I recently completed a course on Behavioral Addictions as required by my job. The lecture included Gambling Addiction, Eating Addiction, Hoarding etc. but they OBVIOUSLY omitted FOSSIL Addiction!!!!
  15. How to tell a stromatolite?

    Thanks for the warning- I think I'll go ahead and get it! Yes, that Bolivian piece is GORGEOUS but just a bit pricey for me. I've already gone beyond my stated budget, but gosh dang it, I'd kick myself if I didn't get it.
  16. Sunshine and friends on the Peace River

    @Shellseeker I agree the jaw fragments appear to be glyptodon (capybara is another candidate). However, the tooth contains enamel and thus is obviously not glyptodon.
  17. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    From what I understand do not too common
  18. NSR Jackpot(ish)

    Congrats. I also found first mosasaur vertebra when I first went to the NSR two months ago, including 20 exogyra oysters. That was very exciting feeling.
  19. Please Help - Building a Drawers for Fossils

  20. Show Us Your Best Dinosaur Tooth!

    ill try send it to you when i get one thanks again!!
  21. Show Us Your Best Dinosaur Tooth!

    Well it might be so if you can get an in focus photo will take a look.
  22. Please Help - Building a Drawers for Fossils

    It may also depend on the type of fossils you intend to store. My drawer unit is all raw pine ( no coating, less a bit of old paint on the exterior ) and have not had a bit of problem with the contents. Just to add...I store every variety of items in it too.
  23. iPhone Cameras - A Warning

    I don't even own a cell phone. 3 digital cameras, a microscope camera, I build my own computers & have dabbled in computer game programming, but I still get called "old fashioned".
  24. rock pick

    If you ( or anyone else for that matter ) wants to get a large two handed pick-axe, make sure you get one with a substantially heavy head on it. I bought one several years ago and it only has a 2.5 lb. head. It's not nearly heavy enough to penetrate even the mildest of matrix soils. Usually it just bounces off the ground and quickly tires you out trying to dig. Get at least a 5 lb. head or more!
  25. Quick ID Guide on Morrison Sauropod Teeth

    very helpful post. We just started looking into Morrison sauropod teeth.
  26. 400 Million years in 4 hours

    Thanks for your kind words! Yeah, I am eagerly waiting for your next trip report. So different to my hunting and I am always learning something new from your trips. Ah, another gastropod lover . Thanks also for your kind words! Franz Bernhard
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