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  2. Rock identity?

    Thanks. May be. It’s rough without being real porous.
  3. Rock identity?

    Thank you for that. I see them now that you mentioned them. The other on the left may be another from side-on. We are on the edge of the Ozark Highlands. I’m told the hills and valleys are due to erosion and not uplift.
  4. Burgess Shale Still Has Fossils

    I think this is a bait and switch article. It starts off by telling you about the Burgess shale then transitions into explaining why we are going extinct too. I didn't learn anything new from reading it though. Anyway there are pictures. Of trilobites. https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/12/06/ghosts-future/?arc404=true
  5. Is this bryozoan or just rock

    Hello again, I found these 2 rocks this morning on my property. Redwall limestone, Mooney falls member, Arizona, Mississippian. I think the tiny branch looking thing might be bryozoan and I don't know if the bumpy rock is anything at all. What do you guys think, are these just weathered rocks?
  6. The Ammonite Vacation Jackpot

    Glad you got one on your first try. Yes, Texoma is huge, and it is possible to miss the ammonites altogether if you aren't consulting a geomap and targeting specific formations.
  7. Thanks!! I will post some soon. Not as many winners there with all the heavy gravel and tide!
  8. How about a quick game of Pac-Man. To interesting to throw away .Missing area shows Septal architecture. Rare ammonite Tiltoniceras Transition Beds Nottingham, uk
  9. Show Us Your Rarest Or Most Incredible Partial Fossils!

    Here is a couple of the rarer specimens I have found. Undescribed ophiuroid and a partial enantiornithine humerus Mike
  10. Fossil, Mineral, or Something Else?

    Ok, thanks for the help!
  11. New Cretaceous Period Mammal Discovered

    Article Link: http://www.sci-news.com/paleontology/origolestes-lii-07880.html Enjoy!
  12. Devonian micromatrix

    That is a fish tooth, Nice find!
  13. Great White C. carcharias with cusps?

    Appreciate your comments. In my limited research, I did not see any "juvenile great white shark teeth with cusplets" . Could you suggest any sites where I could see one with cusplets? In my search, I saw one from Peru that was 1 7/8". May be I just don't understand the size of a juvenile's tooth. I expected it to be smaller. In any event I would like to see a tooth from the East Coast not Peru. I also saw a "juvenile" from an extant GW that was 1/2 inch slant height. Or do you or anyone out there have a Juvenile Great White with cusplets that they could post? I would really like to see one.
  14. Today
  15. Congratulations on the finds! How about pics from Purse?
  16. Oh, and I think I found my 1st "cookie" as well as my 1st whale or porpoise tooth. You can see them in the second picture I think.
  17. Great White C. carcharias with cusps?

    I'm not sure that is a lateral cusplet. It looks more like a "wrinkle" or fold in the cutting edge that is sometimes seen in great whites. It might be related to the fact that juvenile great whites have lateral cusplets and lose them as they get older. I wonder if sometimes there is still an attempt to form the cusplet but it gets expressed as an irregularity in the cutting edge instead. It wouldn't be common. It's hard to put a number on it. That's a beautiful tooth. It reminds me of a great white tooth I saw in the 90's. A collector found an off-white tooth similar in color to yours and about the same size. Like you, he found his on a beach but he found it near Santa Cruz, California where Pliocene teeth sometimes wash up on the beach. It stood out because all the other teeth he'd found before were dark gray to black.
  18. The Meg was 1.5" across the top of the root, and about 1.75" from the broken tip to the back of the root. The 7-gill Cow shark tooth was my first real one. I found an almost indistinguishable one my 1st trip but it didn't count it. I can't upload anymore pics but those are the good ones.
  19. I had been wanting to get back to the Calvert Cliffs since my 1st trip there in early 2018. I had the Thanksgiving weekend off and the weather forecast looked good for 3 days so I went. It was beautiful weather down there for hunting. Honking winds blew the water out of the bay the first 2 days but you couldn't feel it behind the cliffs. It did make for some hard hunting. But I had 3 days and nothing else to do so I got down on the ground so I could see what I was looking at and mostly just sifted through the dry shell material. I didn't have high hopes but it was beautiful to be outside. And I must say, I found something special every day I was there. I hunted all day Thursday before checking into my hotel and getting a Bob Evens dinner. Then I re-raked the gravel a little while Friday morning before getting some breakfast and spending the rest of the day exploring Purse State Park for the first time. I woke up a little later Saturday so I could have some free breakfast at the Rod 'n Reel Resort before hunting. I was lucky because the weather shifted and the tide was back in. It made for some enjoyable kitty-litter-scooper scooping all day. The tide never dropped more than a couple inches maybe so I just stood near the water line and scooped up anything I could see. Here's some pics.
  20. 5 gallon buckets

    Many types of plastic do not hold up under extended exposure to direct sunlight. Problem is not the heat but is the UV light. Breaks down the bonds in the polymers, or something like that. Store them in the shade not the back of the pick up.
  21. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Rico’s.
  22. Tooth ?

    I don’t see a tooth here. This appears to me IMHO to be an ofd chunk of iron ore. Not uncommon in the brooks and all to often very suggestively shaped. I also would have picked it up.
  23. Rock identity?

    Well Roy, I'm seeing a couple of oysters on the right hand side of the matrix. As for the other 3 items, I don't know your area enough to proffer a speculation based on the partial preservation of these items.
  24. Rock identity?

    Tufa ?
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