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  2. I wouldn't touch that thing with a ten-foot pole.
  3. I never cease to be amazed at the size and extent of those scree piles. Nice finds and heart, Gery.
  4. Bones Central Texas

    Thanks Randyw! Will post some bones.
  5. Powered by Hemi

    Very nice collection!
  6. Scallop Fossil Shells

    I would have liked to have checked out that link, but I don't agree with being forced to share my cookies. Sorry.
  7. What kind of tooth (big brook)

    I'm leaning towards Plesiosaur as well, but when you take your photos in the sunlight, please try to get them better focussed. It's still difficult to make out the fine details. It's best not to hold your camera too close to the object. You can enlarge the photo afterwards if necessary.
  8. Marine toothCentral Queensland

    Looks croc or fish. I’d say definitely not shark. It’s a complete crown with a portion of root.
  9. Is it legal to fossil hunt in Malta?

    Ok, thanks
  10. Today
  11. Devonian Coral - B.C. Rockies

    This one (from photo 5) looks like Alveolites - "calices oblique, crescentic or irregularly angular" (Treatise).
  12. Devonian Coral - B.C. Rockies

    Eric, I didn´t know that you visited the Devonian north of me . I may have picked up totally similar specimens in the Plabutsch-Formation. These are very nice tabulate coral colonies, probably favositids, maybe genus Favosites? Can you see tabulae? But often, they are not preserved, though. Yes. Corallite size is an important distinguishing criterion. Considering species of the genus Favosites, I have read, that most of the 400 species and subspecies were described only once. Considering the small size of corallites, there is a species in the Plabutsch formation (F. alpinus), that has corallite diameters of only 0.5-0.7 mm. @TqB, @minnbuckeye Greetings! Franz Bernhard
  13. Dippy on Tour

    Have you seen it? I really don’t much about this museum at all. Cheers Bobby
  14. Marine toothCentral Queensland

  15. Marine toothCentral Queensland

    Nice tooth found in Richmond, Queensland of Creataceous age in marine sediments.It has been id as a sharks tooth but is missing the top section.Any more info on this tooth would be great. Cheers
  16. Dippy on Tour

    yup. The original is at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh.
  17. These two items were found in a gravel deposit in west central Alabama, US. The larger is a bit over 1 inch long and the smaller about 1/2 inch. Can anyone help me identify what they are?
  18. What kind of tooth (big brook)

    Ok. I will get pics tomorrow in sunlight. This is exciting!
  19. What kind of tooth (big brook)

    Those are better but I’m looking forward to the sun light pictures. But based off of these photos so far it looks like Plesiosaur.
  20. Devonian Coral - B.C. Rockies

    3 more coral pieces. It looks like 2 different corallite sizes here - not sure if that means 2 different taxa? Sorry, forgot the scale cube again. The middle piece is about 55mm long, and the corallites are at least 1mm, or a little bigger.
  21. Possible Insect wing from Carboniferous

    It’s about 1/2 inch long. I can post better pictures of it tomorrow with scale when I get back home. And the bottom of the wing is missing so that may be why it seems odd. And the main reason why it stood out to me as different is that the plants in this layer are carbonized and poorly preserved, while this (even though it is the impression) has relief.
  22. Devonian Coral - B.C. Rockies

    I believe we're looking at the bottom of the colony here, the top in the 2nd pic, edge in 3rd pic:
  23. Devonian Coral - B.C. Rockies

    I picked up a few pieces of this stuff at a Devonian site in the Bull River Valley this past August. The tour guides weren't much help, and it's hard to find info about corals if you don't know the terminology very well and maybe there isn't much literature on corals from this site? If I could get the possibilities narrowed down, that would be better than nothing. I just figured it looked distinctive enough that someone might recognize it. Very small corallites, 1mm scale or less. All I know about the site is that it is supposed to be Devonian. Forgot scale on this first piece but the following ones have it. There is at least one other type (maybe two) on this piece as well, toward the right.
  24. Upper Cretaceous seed?

    I found this one last month at my usual site, Upper Cretaceous Haslam Fm. (Nanaimo Group) Pretty sure it's plant as it's got that coaly carbonized look. A piece of it appears to be missing but the full outline is there. I'm seeing an oval shaped body (flattened but some thickness still left), surrounded by a flat membrane like an Elm samara. I don't really expect to come to any conclusions with this one, but thought it was interesting enough to post for ideas. I'd be happy if someone could tell what modern taxon has seeds resembling this one in any way. If nothing, it will end up in the museum for future paleobotanists to inspect. It's not the only seed- or nut-like thing I've found at this site. Forgot to include something for scale, but it's ~24mm long.
  25. What kind of tooth (big brook)

    I think these are better pictures. If not I will do it tomorrow in sun light. Let me know what your thoughts are
  26. What kind of tooth (big brook)

    @hokietech96 do you own a magnifying glass or jewelers loupe? You can use these with your phone camera to get a zoomed in pic.
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