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  2. ID Help

    Not so loud! Hollywood is so desperate for something new, your idea might be on next season's line up.
  3. that is some interesting information - while reading about the different minerals that can take the place of bone material during fossilization i came across some information out of australia mate - opalization sure would be fun to find. id like to bury my dentures and see if they would go to diamonds....then i would have a grill.
  4. Sinohydrosaurus?

    Definitely a fake.
  5. Any ideas?

    I originally was thinking turtle also, but this piece is so triangular shaped and only seems to have the open / fractured face on the one end. I am perplexed as to where on the shell that would be. Viewing hundreds of photos of turtles from southern Mississippi, I am not finding a fit.
  6. Sinohydrosaurus?

    It's carved in the stone, not a real fossil:
  7. How hard is it to acquire an opalised fossil?

    EXPENSIVE! But I saw some amazing ones in Tucson this year
  8. Not mine, not treasured, but of scientific interest. Marco Sr.
  9. Carnivorous mammal skull ID

    A compostodon from China. Ouch, that is terrible, although it does have a few nice teeth, probably from an ichtitherium.
  10. Don Near shore marine exposure. There was also lots of lignitized wood in this exposure. If you are searching matrix and finding lignitized wood, keep an eye out for lignitized seeds/nuts. Marco Sr.
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  12. Donated Fossils

    The earbone looks like it is from a Cetacean. Marco Sr.
  13. ID Help

    Easy to imagine an epic tale of how that came to be. Think paleozoic reality show.
  14. Tiny theropod tooth ID

    Thanks a lot. Cheers
  15. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    Thanks guys
  16. Syracuse New York area?

    Have to come to Syracuse for family emergency. Hoping to get a little free time once things settle and would love to see what fossils might be found in area. Thanks for help Steve Friend (visiting from Alaska)
  17. ID Help

    Thanks. That was what I was thinking it had to be but the way some ran in a different direction from the others it was different from most that I find. Thanks again.
  18. researching obscure dinosaurs

    What about baryonyx from my locale - the south of England! First fish-eating theropod & a giant claw to get their attention!
  19. ID help

    Well that's awkward. Deleted the word. Hmm, clearly I got my news wrong
  20. Donated Fossils

    I'm pretty sure it is a Brachycarcharias lerechei, Eocene. Please check out the photos below, coutesry of Jim Bourdon via elasmo.com
  21. Ichthyosaur tooth

    Thanks I also like this one...
  22. Fossilized Eggs? Found in Missouri.

    Fossilized Cadbury Eggs?
  23. ID Help

    I believe so. Nifty pattern
  24. Carnivorous mammal skull ID

    that was my first thought on seeing the tooth preservation and matrix. Theres a guy on online selling individual teeth from China that look similar with a similar terra cotta matrix. Check out: Miocene Formation: Guanhe Beds Location: Near Linxia, Gansu Province, China. A certain online fossil dealer has some fine photos of skulls from here. MODS: Can I mention or link, just for informational purposes?
  25. ID Help

    Natural casts of colonial rugose coral ?
  26. Ray teeth?

    they seem to be Myliobatis teeth i have one like that but i can't find the age or place where it was found. if you know this tell me please and i found the information on the link @sharkdoctor sent you.
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