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  2. North Canterbury river hunt (New Zealand)

    Here is a close-up of the whale bone with my digital microscope. @Boesse do you perhaps have any idea on what kind of bone it could be?
  3. I braved the 30 degree Celsius heat to check out one of my local rivers, the Waipara, last weekend. I've had good luck there before with finding whale vertebrae and was lucky enough to find another one this time which makes 3 from a 1km stretch of river. I also managed to find the usual oyster shells and even a nice bit of petrified wood. Here is a video of the hunt:
  4. How big do fossil crabs get? Some large Tumidos

    No Tumido but big crab for sure Necronectes from miocene of Malta
  5. Potential bone cluster - Glenafric concretion

    @Ludwigia It really is! I've met a few really great people on here that have become friends outside of the forum I'm taking the bone cluster in to the Canterbury museum next week to see if they can tell me more about it. Such a great hobby!
  6. Potential bone cluster - Glenafric concretion

    @Doctor Mud @mamlambo It's nice to see that you've gotten to know each other personally now. Isn't this forum great for such encounters?
  7. Paleocene and upper cretaceous are the main levels close my home
  8. Claws from Bissekta. The identity card is required!

    In my opinion, there is a similarity, for example on a photo No. 15?
  9. Today
  10. Hi, Congrats Caterpillar for this nice crab and for the prep. Coco
  11. I always need to click on a Mazon post, and it's usually worthwhile. What do both of you plan to do with your specimens? Donate them to an institution, I assume...
  12. Upper Miocene coprolite-like fossil ?

  13. Great specimen, remarkable prep job. How often do we see something from the Paleocene win this?
  14. 2019 Minnesota Mineral Club

    Ha! Never heard that one, I guess I'm too young. But I do know what shoe polish is!
  15. Hello shark teeth

    Thank you so much @sixgill pete This Auorora matrix bag turned out some really nice teeth and shells.
  16. How to decipher scientific notation?

    Mea culpa. Please do not use as an example of correct form for italicizing and ignore the formatting glitch in the collections. It will automatically italicize cf. and sp. when entered in the species field. Everything is also italicized in the genus field too including punctuation such as a question mark. Only the specific and generic names should be italicized. A partial solution would be to turn off the auto italicize feature and then manually italicizing the proper parts.
  17. Indeed! But both of you are presenting us (the rest of the world) the marvelous world of Mazon Creek fossils. Thank you so much for that, @Nimravis, @RCFossils! Franz Bernhard
  18. Upper Miocene coprolite-like fossil ?

    any other sugestion except coprolite ? plant material fossil , non biological formations ?
  19. Upper Miocene coprolite-like fossil ?

    Thanks for the id , of the snail . Didn't know that species , and was wondering if it was a freshwater species
  20. My trilobite of the week.

    Midweek bonus trilobite #84 is my smallest Cyphaspis trilobite, Cyphaspis carrolli from the Haragan Formation of Black Cat Mountain, Clarita, Oklahoma. This is Early Devonian in age.
  21. How to decipher scientific notation?

    A minor note: cf. or sp. are not italicized.
  22. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    A close up of the second cystoid:
  23. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Hello everyone, As promised here are my new friend from St.Petersburg: 1. A pair of incomplete Illaenus trilos, but one has a pretty pygidium and the other a very nice thorax. 2. An Asaphus trilo just as complete as the two before it. 3. Another Illaenus but this one is deceptive, the image makes it look similar to the others in size when it is truly a monster, it's about the size of the first three put together, would have been my largest trilo if it was complete. 4. The last Illaenus, this little roller is the best preserved of all the trilobites the only damage I see is a part of the "cheek" is detached on the left and most of the eye is missing in that same place. The last two are pretty little cystoids
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