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  2. Help Identifying bivalve/Brachiopod

    So NOT Devonian?
  3. Stomach contents or not?

    Ok thank you just didnt want to buy it and start taking it apart if it was possibly stomach contents!
  4. Stomach contents or not?

    Neat looking fossil, in any case! I love matrix like that.
  5. Bookcliff Baculite

    Good luck!! Please post your findings. Hopefully one day I can return. Mike
  6. My Fossil Room is a Mess

    Crinoid on wood?!? I've never seen anything like that before! Triassic bone bed?!? Love that matrix! You have some really fun fossils!
  7. New Annularia Species From Portugal With a Gall

    seismometers worldwide will pick up the vibrations of gnashing/grinding teeth. Adam,know that I'm digitally tarring and feathering you avatar. You should be drawn and quartered,but I'm a very bad draughtsman and quartering is against social distancing "regulations" besides ,you probably already have a domicile
  8. Stomach contents or not?

    I have a hard time seeing that larger bone would getting through its esophagus and into stomach. Looks like a typical matrix block. Bones look normal.
  9. Stomach contents or not?

    so I found this item for sale, and it looks to a bunch of fragmented bones in close proximity, would this possibly be stomach contents? the seller said it was a partial dino rib, mammal toe and some other fragments pieces. What would I be looking for in a piece like this to determine one way or another?
  10. Three Ammonites

    Thank you very much!
  11. Maybe fossil

    I just saw the posts from ynot and supertramp. I'd say it's actually slightly heavy for it's size and it's too hard to be marble. Marble would react to acid too. Wouldn't it? Thanks for the suggestions.
  12. Authentic or composite egg nest

    I will try to get the best photos I can troodon thanks again for your expert opinion
  13. Barton Beds Hampshire UK Fish-Reptile-Mammal

    Wonderful collection! Thanks for posting, I can use your photos for reference.
  14. Electric Hand Chisel

    I agree with FossilNerd. I've been using one of these for years with great success. Well, let me rephrase that; I used this tool for over 10 years and had to replace it only three times. But for the price and the job it does, it's well worth the small investment.
  15. Today
  16. I need help identifying

    Welcome to TFF from Georgia USA. Nice finds and nice collection!
  17. My Fossil Room is a Mess

    Love the crinoid and the school should be happy. (when they reopen)
  18. Authentic or composite egg nest

    Think the eggs are real but need higher resolution photos to confirm that and see any repair/resto on them.
  19. Authentic or composite egg nest

    Here are some more photos seller sent me
  20. Maybe fossil

    Thanks for all the input! It is pretty clearly quartz. No reaction to acid and it won't scratch with a knife or leave a streak on porcelain. Could it be metamorphic something? It seems too finely grained to be quartzite and a conglomerate would have more than one kind of stone in it. What could have morphed into this strange configuration of pieces/cells/globs, some with porous centers, all seemingly fitted or pressed together like this? I've been puzzling over this rock, and others like it, for a long time now and I would do a happy dance if someone identified it for me. But alas! My search continues. I guess it wouldn't be fun if it was easy.
  21. 2020 Ontario Trilobite Hunting

    Nice stuff, Kane! The big gastropod and brachiopod are beauties, as are the itty bitty gastropod and rostroconch pals Congrats on a successful hunt yesterday!
  22. New Annularia Species From Portugal With a Gall

    It must be very galling not to find more new species of these horsetails. It would be nice if they found one a year, you could say Annularially.
  23. Authentic or composite egg nest

    You think the eggs are authentic with maybe an added matrix And some restoration on the eggs themselves?
  24. Authentic or composite egg nest

    Look composited and some resto
  25. What do all these layers mean?

    Thanks, the 4th pic and the last 3 are of the same spot just at different angles and distance. The water level at the bottom is roughly 7 feet lower than it is at the top where it starts eating into the marl. When you climb up that little fall to the top there is about a 30' section of this same type material exposed It is much flatter and seems to be a little harder material. There the water has only carved our less than maybe a foot or less but I guess that could be because it is so flat there. The second and third pic are shots of a spot a little lower down stream from the ones talked about above. It's a place where the water has cut out from under a giant tree. You can almost stand up under there on your way up the creek. Those pieces of rock sticking out of the marl are harder material and some contain bone material while others are just clusters of shell massed together. I have a pic of one of these pieces that had completely washed out and was laying in the stream bed. When I got it to my shop and dried it out I was wondering what might be inside so I decided to peck away at it to see what I could find and after a couple beers I finally discovered it had a round hollow spot in the middle. There was some much harder material inside this hollow area but when I started to poke around I found that it was fractured and came out in pieces, at least for the first couple inches. I still don't know what that might be. Oh, and that 5th shot is a spot just a bit lower downstream than the others where the creek first started it's steep rise upward. This is a shot of a section of the bank where the creek is real narrow and is probably 4 feet from the water lever. It shows that these layers seem to run on an upward path rather than being flat like the others.
  26. Authentic or composite egg nest

    Absolutely thank you
  27. Authentic or composite egg nest

    Tough call based on these photos. "Looks" like one or two may have been transplanted, coloring is a little different and the "seams" right at the matrix line look suspicious. But I would wait for the pros to weigh in.
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