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  2. Tiny theropod tooth ID

    Midline carina density per mm.
  3. Tiny theropod tooth ID

    Mesial edge is serrated, here are some pictures. Correct, distal carina density at midline is 6/mm. Thanks again and ask for more pics if needed.
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  5. Real or Fake?

    Definitely real teeth in a fake/fabricated skull ... a badly fabricated skull. Whooo wee ... that's a stinker, the type of amateur art project that we see quite often on the forum unfortunately. Cheers, Brett
  6. Ichthyosaur skull question

    Wow! These are fantastic! And I'm glad to hear everything is alright with your daughter!
  7. Real or Fake?

    Real Mosasaur teeth from the phosphate mines around Khouribga in a skull where nothing is real. Compared to a (mostly) original mosasaur skull (picture found online).
  8. The Cartersville fossils are awesome! Were there any for sale? Are there places to collect? I think there are a few reclaimed mines like Pit 11 in the south. Wouldn't mind visiting one. Cheers, Rich
  9. Real or Fake?

    Is that supposed to be a mosasaur ... ?
  10. Donated Fossils

    Hi Jack, here in Savannah after looking through my images I get the makings of a 'double-cusp' at times. At other times they are more like vestigial nubs. Here are a few examples. Ignore the ID's on the images. Cheers, Brett This one on top is the most prominant, still shows some wear so they may have been more prominent at one point in time.
  11. Big Brook Finds!

    Thanks! Still not sure what that first bone is but I totally agree it is pleistocene or more recent. I thought a piece of an antler initially but it has totally baffled me.
  12. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    I picked up this piece of Burmese amber because of the green coloured ichneumon wasp inclusion, the pseudoscorpion was a nice little bonus I didn’t even know was there until it arrived!
  13. Need help to identify please

    In Florida, there are only a few possibilities for a tooth this size. Meg, Great White, Mako. Odds are that it is a water worn Meg.
  14. Donated Fossils

    I hunt with good friends. This was last Saturday. One friend knows I like mammal ear bones. So he donated this one to me. I have identified a number of Florida fossil ear bones, but not this one... yet. It seems to be broken and not horse, camel or bison, about that size. The other friend found this tooth, thought it might be deer. But I ventured that it was a camel premolar and I would be able to identify once back home. But after I compared it to this photo from the Florida Museum of Natural History, I was far less sure> Can it be either p4? Heniaucheniamacrocephala (below) PaleolamaMirifica Finally , a Sand Tiger which I found . If there are a lot of Peace River hunters who find sand tigers with double cusps on each side, raise your hand. We 3 agreed that this was very unusual. Is this really a Carcharias taurus tooth? Are there any other possibilities? Thanks for all responses. Jack
  15. Need help to identify please

    I've had people tell me its a very waterworn Meg
  16. Need help to identify please

    Very worn shark tooth. Could be a meg, could be something else.
  17. Need help to identify please

    Found this on the beach at Cape Canaveral National Seashore
  18. north sulphur river ID please

    Funny, that was my first thought as well
  19. please help identify - colorful bone with chop marks

    Looks like a mosasaur vertebra. But alas, I don't see "chop marks". Any such marks could be feeding damage.
  20. ID help

    You are very welcome sir! I found a bunch over the years at LC. Didn't know what they were at first either but the late, great Becky Hyne identified them for me. Then I saw I also saw photos of them in the Smithsonian Lee Creek Vol. III book (which I highly recommend if you don't already possess it).
  21. hello and i thank you for your opinions and i welcome your admiration of this beautiful find. can you identify it? do you see the "chop" marks in the green crust? they appear all the way around the bone. the first picture, it is wet on a sunny day - the others are dry on a cloudy day. it weighs 8 pounds. it is 8 inches wide and about 6 inches tall and 6 inches deep. i found it digging in denton - i landscape - most likely fence posts or plants - i dont remember - what i do remember is i had it for years before i recognized that it was a bone...when i grabbed it i thought i grabbed a green rock, which was fine with me. years later i found it again in a pile of stuff, so i washed it off and low and behold....its a bone. some time later i picked it up again and noticed it had chop marks or looks like chop marks and i also noticed that the chop marks are all the way around. am i wrong ? oh yeah, i dont know what animal this bone comes from - any ideas ?
  22. Florida Miocene Inverts

  23. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    For the Dinosaur Chip and Dip Lover.
  24. Real or Fake?

    Real teeth in a fake skull
  25. The Prodigal Trilobite

  26. One Year Anniversary on the Fossil Forum

    Has it been a year already? I'm sure they're making them shorter. Very glad to know you, old chap.
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