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  2. Hell Creek dinosaur toe bone?

    I have to say some of my favourite fossil in my Hell Creek collection are turtle phalanx. Nice pick up.
  3. Great work, Thanks for info. Love the trilobites!
  4. Looking for Florida-specific Fossil and Rock Books

    Mike, I assume you're specifically looking for vertebrate info. I've gotten allot of invertebrate publications from the FPS website, specifically echinoid stuff. I think Hulbert's book is about the best I've found so far for vertebrates. The "Roadside Geology of Florida" has some interesting sections, but generally not very exciting overall.
  5. 2019 Minnesota Mineral Club

    Very cool! Mineral club shows are always fun. Was your fossil presentation topic "Things you can find in your neighborhood"?
  6. Big Brook NJ Trip

    Thanks. You always seem to come to the rescue with my pictures!
  7. Lake Erie (Paleozoic) Tabulate Coral Fossil?

    Neat find, and nice pictures.
  8. Hi Folks, I am looking for some good books on Florida geology and Florida fossils. I don't need any beginner level books - I have them all. I've done a lot of searching on the web, but Florida appears to be a geological wasteland in terms of rock books - not much to be had. This is not surprising, because all of Florida is nothing but sand and limestone. However, I am thinking that surely I must be missing something, so any recommendations are welcome. I am also looking for books on Florida-specific fossils for identification and distribution purposes. Google Scholar search has netted some nice finds in this regard, but I still feel like I am missing something. Thanks in advance! MikeG
  9. Big Brook NJ Trip

    I think I've squared it away for you.
  10. Hello everyone, I recently received this large 14inch ammonite and the shipper had no care in the world to put even an ounce of protection thus this is the result I'm not experienced with much prep and not confident superglue would cut it so what would you all recommend to help repair this specimen as well as clean off some of the dirt/dust layer coating alot of it?
  11. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Burmite is awesome, Ive got well over a hundred pieces <3 For the usb micro If you go that route get a good one, Amber photography with those things is exceptionally difficult with low to mid range ones. If there is a piece in particular you want to photograph make sure to submerge in a liquid with the same refractive index, this will make for significantly better pictures
  12. I was asked to present on fossil hunting at the 2019 Minnesota Mineral Club Show in Cottage Grove, MN on Oct. 19th after one of their Board Members saw me on the TV show Minnesota Bound episode #903. I thought you all might like some pics of the show! Overflow of vendors in the outside parking lot. As you come into the building... Displays... Some educational... One whole room was for educational displays and interactive stuff. GeschWhat is up front and doing shark tooth necklaces for kids! Very cool Florescent rock display! Some of the outside vendors...
  13. Bull Shark

    Wow really love the colors on this one! Beautiful fossil.
  14. Fall Break Fossil Trips

    It hard to see detail in the photos, but in general, Archaeocidaris spines are more 'saw-like' than branching. This looks more like a possible fragmented bryozoan or brachiopod spine to me.
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  16. Lake Erie (Paleozoic) Tabulate Coral Fossil?

    Agreed. It's preserved as an internal mould (i.e. the corallite walls have since dissolved away), probably in silica with small quartz crystals hence the sparkle. There are some nice rods showing between the corallites, where the pores that linked them (a characteristic of favositids) have been filled.
  17. Count me in, please. International or domestic. Address in PM.
  18. Is This Genuine

    I also agree Kane. Sometimes sellers also have no clue of what they are selling and look at other listings for information (copy paste). I seen fakes at high prices. How about this last year I purchased edmontosaurus replica toe bone for £12 . When I saw the listing I thought it looked real. It arrived and I looked at it and it was perfect specimen and quite beautiful. Surprisingly not a replica but genuine . I email the lady and asked her why she sold it as a replica and she said because she did not know if it was real and did not want any problem or comeback . I ended up helping her sale the rest of her collection for want is was worth. In my opinion the best defence against making mistakes and losing money on fakes is knowledge .
  19. I agree with Bobby that price point is not a guarantee. There are enough "petrified t-rex embryos" listed in the five figures that can attest to where this falls down. That being said, given the amount of careful, meticulous, professional preparation required for genuine Moroccan trilobites, be prepared to pay a premium. A quality bug (itself taking a good deal of time for diggers to find) can easily take 100 or more hours of preparation given the difficulties of the matrix, spines, etc. If you multiply labour hours in digging + prep by a fair wage, you'll find even premium specimens underpriced (if not still fairly pricey).
  20. Lake Erie (Paleozoic) Tabulate Coral Fossil?

    No doubt. Probably a favositid.
  21. Fall Break Fossil Trips

    I believe I found an ID on this guy – Cymatodus oblongus. It was described from a single tooth in the Geological Survey of Illinois Vol. 4. (Figure 7a) Here is a related tooth Paracymatodus from the Pennsylvanian of Russia (Handbook of Paleoichthyology Vol. 3D). The stippling pattern is very similar to mine.
  22. Is This Genuine

    It is good to know the the market value but I would not use this as an indication of a specimens been fake. Best way forward is to do some home work on the specimen and post here with your questions . Also take with a pinch of salt the sellers description. it is an fake.
  23. Fall Break Fossil Trips

    The leftmost spine on the bottom certainly looks like an Acrchaeocidaris spine to me. That said, I'm not longer sure if there's any more to it. None of the other spines display any sort of protrusions, and what I first through was the test may just be conspicuously placed debris. I'm going to try and prep it out a bit more.
  24. Posible Deltadromeus huge tooth

    The new photos and movie do not change my opinion. Why do you believe its not one.
  25. Is This Genuine

    Generally speaking if the price is too good to be true it probably is. Are these specimens you’ve been posting fairly cheap, like in the sub $100 price point? A real specimen like this would be more like $1000(depending on quality)
  26. Posible Deltadromeus huge tooth

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