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  2. Show Us Your Best Dinosaur Tooth!

    thanks @Troodon the shape to me looks unusual tho
  3. Show Us Your Best Dinosaur Tooth!

    could be a juvie tooth simple as that
  4. Quick guide to help identify a few Sauropod teeth from the Morrison Formation. Corrections and additional info always appreciated Please Note: Variations in the morphology of these teeth and vary significantly do to jaw position and ontogenetic changes Camarasaurus: - Crown is wider than the root - Anterior Teeth are spoon-like and symmetrical, mid and posterior teeth are asymmetrical - The crown enamel ends sharply where the root begins - Wear facet, if present, can be on both sides of the tip From my collection 14.5 cm long and 7 cm long Jaw mechanics showing wear facets Brachiosaurus - Crown are only slightly wider or equal to their root - Teeth are intermediate between spoon-like and peg-like teeth depending on jaw position - The crowns typically have an axial twist relative to the root - Crowns are Conical and Chisel-Shaped - Wear facet, if present, is sharp and at the tip but almost always pointed - The crown enamel blends into the root area. Not has sharp of a cutoff as Camarasaurus From my collection 9.5 cm long From the collection of @hxmendoza Jaw mechanics showing wear faceting Jaw Mechanics of Diplodocus showing wear faceting From a Supplier Paleo Gallery References 1) Tooth Replacement of Euhelopus zdanskyi (Dinosauria: Sauropoda) and the Evolution of Titanosaurian Tooth Morphology, Sept 2014 Salakka, Seela 2) Jaw mechanics in sauropod dinosaurs, Jan 1994 Jorge Calvo @Masp hope this helps
  5. Show Us Your Best Dinosaur Tooth!

    @Troodon 1.1 cm
  6. How to tell a stromatolite?

    Mooz.... I know who’s selling that item, I like it too. as you can see, if it’s a nice size with nice pattern or color of MEJ I’ll buy it. I still have another 7 hours to work, & I’ll give you time to buy it before I do tic toc As for the Bolivia piece he’s selling is legit & good price.
  7. Middle Jurassic Ammonites from Southern Germany

    I've been living and collecting in this part of the world for a good many years now. Middle Jurassic layers are exposed at many sites here and these are the ones I've been concentrating on mostly.
  8. Is this a marine fossil?

    I have seen some sources that say that Ophiomorpha are lined with fecal pellets: link (http://ichnology.ku.edu/invertebrate_traces/tfimages/ophiomorpha.html; link (http://www.sjvgeology.org/geology/trace_fossils_ophiomorpha.html) and link (https://www.geol.umd.edu/~jmerck/geol342/lectures/03.html). Even Wikipedia says that they of fecal origin. I have heard that the burrow lining is from mudballs of non fecal origin. Other sources only describe the shape and do not mention say they are feces: link (fossiilid.info); link (DESCRIPTION OF THE TRACE FOSSIL AND TAXONOMIC EVALUATION OF GYROLITRES, THALASSINOIDES, OPHIOMORPHA AND SPONGELIOMORPHA by Brinkley.) I find it interesting that the Treatice of Invertebrate Paleontology defines Ophiomorpha only by its shape and does not mention a fecal origin, while the Kansas University (they produce the Treatise) site says that Ophiomorpha are fecal pellets. Carl, do you think that the OP’s rock is Ophiomorpha? Maybe we should say that the pellets in Ophiomorpha are possibly fecal to accommodate differing opinions. A description of the physical characteristics of a trace fossil without mentioning how they were specifically formed is a valid method of defining Ophiomorpha. The non fecal origin of current Ghost Shrimp burrows does not imply that all Ophiomorpha burrows of the past were all non fecal in origin.
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  10. Large bone ID

    Cow tibia, I think. At least bovine.
  11. Just seen this yes its a real composite, in terms of fakes from morocco they are rarely completely fake, they will always be using some parts of real fossils. So a better question might be to ask how much is fabricated or is it a composite, the answer in this case is yes you can get a lot better out there avoid.
  12. Hello everybody i am thinking about building drawers to house my fossils in. could I use pine plywood coated with polyurethane for the drawers or should i do something else.I do not want to have any problems with off gassing or anything else that will damage the fossils.If i do use pine plywood should i coat it in polyurethane.any help will be greatly appreciated.
  13. Show Us Your Best Dinosaur Tooth!

    Sorry cannot do anything with that out of focus picture. What size is it?
  14. How to tell a stromatolite?

    That’s a Mary Ellen Jasper, MN stromatolite. As these are also MEJ from MN I’ve picked up another piece that’s close to looking like the one you posted but I don’t have a picture of that right now, could post it after work. Picture didn’t come through correctly, it’s tilted side ways, if someone could fix it thank you.
  15. Show Us Your Best Dinosaur Tooth!

    @Troodon here it is best photo i can get
  16. Large bone ID

    Found on McFaddin Beach on the upper Texas coast. Large bone.
  17. Pssh. I have no control over anyone else so why should I have any over myself?
  18. rock pick

    The pick is 13 1/4 inch maybe 5 lbs tops so easy to keep in the trunk. Probably paid around $10 at a antique mall while traveling. The only so far is use the side to put down tent stakes while camping if no hammer. The shovel is light weight and folds to around 6 inch. I always check antique shops, tractor shows and garage sales for used tools.
  19. Secret Location Alpha - Peace River Florida

    Good Luck Bone Daddy! I was on the river Wed. The flow has slowed and depth has dropped to a good level. Found a nice Hemipristis, quarter size Meg, possible Peccary canine (pictures to follow on ID section soon), Unk claw/core, horse teeth and mammoth frags.
  20. Oh, I do realize that. I guess i should have said "shell interior" vs. fleshy parts, as it's just the interior shapes that are visible. The word "preserved" was probably not the best choice either, I just didn't know what other term to use.
  21. +1 for composited tooth
  22. Since your title says “fleshy parts” I just wanted to clarify that a steinkern is not the preservation of the actual fleshy interior parts of the brachiopod. The fleshy parts have all decomposed and gone away. The interior of the shell then filled with sediment that eventually hardened. Similar to filling an empty bucket up with cement and letting it dry. The resulting chunk of cement would be a steinkern of the bucket.
  23. Is this a marine fossil?

    Not fecal pellets that line Ophiomorpha. They are blobs of sediment fashioned by the ghost shrimp for construction. The fecal pellets of these shrimp are smaller, phosphatic, cylindrical, usually darker, and have a symmetrical arrangement of longitudinal canals running through them.
  24. Let’s See Your BIG Fossils!

    What's that which appears to be wrapped around the middle?
  25. Show Us Your Best Dinosaur Tooth!

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