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  2. Last Minute Fossil Hunt! Found Delphinodon!

    Cool jaw segment!
  3. Hey TFF Members! Last Tuesday after work I was experiencing fossil withdrawals and needed to get my fossil fix! I didn't have a ton of time, but I took my camera to the creek and set out to find some fossils! I ended up finding some pretty incredible stuff. I documented some of what happens before getting to the creek as well. Hope you all enjoy it!
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  5. I was wondering if anyone can recommend reports/websites/guides etc, that explain in more detail how the fossil trade works, from excavation through to a dealer? This is assuming new pieces (not a prior sold piece, returning to market), they have not excavated it themselves and that it is legal- but especially when covering foreign sourced material. And how that might vary from country to country, say Morocco vs Germany. Likewise, this is most applicable to somewhat valuable pieces, worth of enough steps in the value chain! For example, how many links are there often in the chain, from the site where it is found, to a dealer's website or exhibition stand? Likewise, any info on how very roughly how pricing evolves (and this clearly varies!) would be interesting! I am a starting off studying (with a view to beginning collecting later!) and keen to understand how the trade eco-system works so to speak and the different potential steps! E.g. is there an on site local who finds the fossils, from whom it gets acquired by a wholesale type dealer in that country, who lacks the end customers (often overseas), but is respected by foreign dealers, with the latter then purchasing it from them- before it ends up on a website/show for sale! And maybe one step is skipped out by those especially knowledgeable or experienced dealers. I appreciate everything will depend, and there are no hard or fast rules, but just want to general "educate" myself about the industry! Thanks for all your help! AZ
  6. Paraloid Glue

    So by your statement, you are saying 25-30% Paraloid to 70-75% acetone for glue and 10% Paraloid with 90% acetone for the consolidant. Is this correct?
  7. how to protect fossil fish?

    Check out the fossil preparation topic, you might find this subject has been dealt with before. Welcome to the Forum.
  8. First air scribe

    My water trap sits at a level with the bottom of my compressor tank and the hose runs up the wall and over the door to get to my bench. This has done well to keep the water out of my tools. I only use my desiccant filter on my abrasive line. The scribes aren't nearly as sensitive to a bit of water so the desiccant doesn't have to be replaced nearly as often. I like @RJB's suggestion of the added hose before the water trap. I may add a coiled line between the two on my system so it acts kind of like the cooling coil on an old Kentucky moonshine still!
  9. more teeth (#2) from the Sahara - Agadez, Niger

    Their preservation is identical to Elrhaz Formation
  10. Shark Tooth ID

    I agree: water-worn fragment of a mammal long bone.
  11. Paraloid Glue

    I agree. Let it dissolve completely. For a glue, I like a consistency of cold honey. It doesn't run all over everything as badly. Keep in mind, you need to clamp the pieces together when gluing with Paraloid as it will take several days for all the acetone to evaporate.
  12. Fish from Brazil

    It looks genuine but also quite doctored. Commercially, these are enhanced by carving the edge of the fish, especially the fins, sharper. This definitely looks like it was treated that way.
  13. more teeth (#2) from the Sahara - Agadez, Niger

    Thank you all so very much! While I have a few more "sets" of photos, I'll go back and compare them to what I've already posted (all of which seem to be croc teeth!), so I don't trouble you with the same analysis again and again! I'll look for teeth that are more oval at the base, rather than circular (croc). Are there any other give-aways that I should look for? Thank you all for your patience with my ignorance! Rob
  14. First air scribe

    I live in cold weather country here in Montana and found by adding 50 feet of hose from the compressor and then to a water trap, it greatly decreases the water making it all the way to my tools. Good luck
  15. ID please

    I agree with @PaleoNoel
  16. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    Looks like the "Mark of Rico" to me! Funny how they are only in the county you live in Bobby.
  17. ID help

    I definitely see the shark nose and the croc osteoderm. The last sure looks like a tooth but I can't ID from these photos.
  18. Sauropod bone possibly? from Agadez area, Niger

    Thank you! Any suggestions on the best way to do that without messing it up? Rob
  19. Sauropod bone possibly? from Agadez area, Niger

    I agree that removing some more of the matrix might reveal some much needed clarity. But from just these photos it does seem like there are some thin bone walls and some possible pneumatic cavities that might indicate Sauropod. Part of a vertebra perhaps?
  20. Possible Lance fm. Ankylosaur Material

    Ceratopsian frill fragments?
  21. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    Cool...My buddy would love one of these where can I get one?
  22. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    Excellent signage at least the locals are prepared. Always better to be forewarned than suffer the consequences. YOU NEVER KNOW
  23. Sauropod bone possibly? from Agadez area, Niger

    No idea on this one, if the matrix "mud" is removed might have more clues
  24. more teeth (#2) from the Sahara - Agadez, Niger

    Very worn probably croc except for the long one on the left in your first photo.
  25. teeth from the Sahara - Agadez, Niger

    Yep +1 for Crocodilian teeth. No idea on the bones
  26. Southern Lake Michigan Hunting

    Thank you!
  27. Southern Lake Michigan Hunting

    Rugosa coral
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