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  2. My first bone prep...

    Very nice! I'm as impressed with the stand as I am with the prep work. Cheers. -Ken
  3. Will do. I got a very nice email from the owner asking me about my order. Very nice man and on top of his business. I got a discount on it now also was price was really great.
  4. Gomphotherium on the Peace River

    Thanks! If the weather holds I'll get back out there tomorrow!
  5. Vert and bone from Potomac in Virginia help

    First is part of a cetacean epiphysis or ‘cookie’, second has characteristics of a worn vertebra I think.
  6. @Tidgy's Dad, @FossilDAWG, @Kasia, @Monica, @Shamalama, Thank your very much for all your kind words! Franz Bernhard
  7. As others have said this looks to be a composite jaw with the tooth caps added. It looks to be real bone. However, I think they may have added the teeth backwards. The replacement teeth should be coming in from behind the other teeth.
  8. Gomphotherium on the Peace River

    Nice findsGlad you could get out there
  9. Evan as a composite, it has curb appeal! Much nicer than the typical productions shown on here.
  10. My first bone prep...

    Hey, Others viewing this section regularly will see my current project is a mosasaur skull, I have however been splitting my time between this and finishing my last (first real) prep project which has been dragging a little; this fibula. I bought this off a top chap (Ryan at Hell Creek Dinosaurs) who discovered it on one of his trips last summer, but decided it wasn't one for his collection. It was covered in a horrible chalk/clay coating which (as Ryan predicted) was the stuff of nightmares to get off. That said, with dark nights and miserable weather in the UK, time was something I have had on my side recently, so three months later, here's the finished item. In reality, it's been finished for a while, but I only got round to making the display stand yesterday and wanted to show the finished project. It's about 50cm long and comes from the Hell Creek formation. Ryan suggested it could be a Triceratops or a Hardosaur (Edmontosaurus one assumes) and although I'm erring on the latter, will admit I'm not 100% sure, so please let me know if you have a clearer opinion! Given this is my first 'real' prep job, would love to know thoughts and/or improvements I could make - It came in six sections, they were cleaned using a variety of tools (engraver, Dremel, dentist pics and various other hand tools/abrasives). End of each section stabilised and strengthened with CA, glued together with epoxy and finally coated in PVB to protect. Showing pics from find (Ryan very kindly agreed I could use. Sir, if you're a member of this forum and happen to see this, thanks again!) all the way through to now (as at yesterday in fact) Cheers Dave
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  12. A few fossils in need of IDs from Penn Dixie

    @Fossildude19 @Shamalama Thank you for the input, I have learned so much from you!
  13. A few fossils in need of IDs from Penn Dixie

    The shell is about a centimeter in diameter, and it is not easy to tell but from what I can see it is conispiral.
  14. A few fossils in need of IDs from Penn Dixie

    I agree with Dave. I would go with Naticonema on this. Cropped, brightened:
  15. My weirdest find of the week - wood? fossil bamboo? bone?

    Certainly looks like Petrified wood to me but I don't know the area well enough to say for sure. The joints you see are not because it was bamboo but rather they are joints where a mineral filled in that is harder than the rest of the rock.
  16. Buying from another Country

    It would be Australia & China, it would be around $500
  17. A few fossils in need of IDs from Penn Dixie

    Looks like a small Platyceras or Nanticonema type gastropod. What is the scale? Is it planispiral (coil is overlaps but stays flat as shell increases in size) or conispiral (coil overlaps on an angle and forms a cone shape)?
  18. Which would you chose?

    Please post well lit/focused photos when you receive it.
  19. Hiodon Falcatus?

    Please note where the image is from.
  20. Amphiplaga brachyptera?

    Nice example of an Amphiplaga.
  21. Ordovician Brachiopod hashplate id?

    I'd be interested to know about how you came to that conclusion. I'm always trying to learn more about the fossils from the Cincinnattian.
  22. Georgia Extravaganza

  23. Looking to identify this beach find! A tooth perhaps?

    I agree, not a tooth. To me, this looks like a water worn quartzite or chert rock.
  24. Video Series on Morrison Formation

    Moved to FOSSILS ON THE WEB. Thanks for the link, Frank. Very informative.
  25. NJ Cretaceous Coral

    I am in the belemnite camp. It could be my imagination but it looks like there's radial symmetry in cross section. I've seen rotten belemnites like this in the orange sand layer at or near the top of some sections at Big Brook. Sometimes they are just holes in the rock and other times a bit of the structure is represented. At a spot in Gloucester County the missing belemnite is replaced with vivianite. If it's sand through and through none of the above applies.
  26. Partial Vert?

    Thank you for your response Rockwood. I agree with the overall more linear look. I just don't have any other ideas what it might be. Still hoping someone may recognize a possibility.
  27. Tucson 2020 Fossil Show Photos

    Uncredibly good compared to what we usually find
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