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  2. Frontal Jaw Fragment

    I'd like to thank everyone for taking time to look over and identify these pieces, your assistance is greatly appreciated.
  3. Peace River Sharks Teeth (is it a MEG?!)

    Thanks!! If you’re up for it, here are a couple more!! It was a great trip!!
  4. For Shark and LEGO Lovers

    Very impressive! And what a lot of bricks. Are you sure that's a tiger face? Looks more like an atrypid to me.
  5. Oreodont

    I thought while this piece was drying I’d show you her brothers and sisters. As you can tell none of them are barn burners but I like them. 4 of them are still works in progress....
  6. Bed Bugs Around For 100 Million Years

    I guess this answers the age old question; "which came first, the bed or the bed bug"
  7. Fenestella? Bryozoa of some type?

    Yes. That is a fenestrate bryozoan. Not sure if it's Fenestella though. Species aren't really my thing.
  8. Hello all!! Was in Bell County and found this little bit - Fredericksburg Group Cretaceous. It seems to have an interesting structure. Apparently some "fishy bits' have been found in the area...is that what I have? Thanks!
  9. Today
  10. What is this?

    Kind of the point. No it doesn't, but that would mean they might be filled in with more mobile/soluble material that wouldn't necessarily be distinguishable in a mold fossil.
  11. Bed Bugs Around For 100 Million Years

    I guess there were fossil beds
  12. If you love sharks and/or Legos, you’ll like this post. Today I want with my son and grandson to Brookfield zoo to see exhibit called “Brick Safari”. They have this temporary exhibit that consists of 40 full-size Lego animals. Here is my grandson standing next to a Mako shark. The last photo will tell how long it took to build this as well as how much it weighs and how many Legos were used to build it. They had animals there that were the size of baby penguins all the way up to a giraffe and an elephant. The whole exhibit was very impressive. And yes, my grandson’s face is painted up like a tiger. Lol
  13. Black Cat Mountain Trilobites

    This one is Kainops raymondi. Paciphacops campbelli has 3 or occasionally 4 lenses per lens file. Hansen, G.P. 2009 Trilobites of Black Cat Mountain. iUniverse, Inc. Publishing, 385 pp.
  14. Peace River Sharks Teeth (is it a MEG?!)

    Hi There, These are both common examples .. warts and all of Carcharhinus sp. (Requiem sharks). Welcome to the forum .. sounds like you guys had a blast ! Image Credit: http://www.elasmo.com/
  15. Yes and a lot of his research and papers were on the Permian trackways in New Mexico.
  16. What is this?

    I'm still not sure of anything, just stating possibilities. I agree that better photos may be more diagnostic.
  17. "Bored Husband" fossil hunt strategy

    @Wrangellian, not likely Maclurites, as that gastropod spirals the opposite way. If that was local to me, I would lean towards Liospira.
  18. My Trilobite Drawings

    “I see you...” Materials: pencil (H, HB, 6B) Time: 8 hours
  19. Fenestella? Bryozoa of some type?

    One more view and bonus microscope view of a horn coral on the same piece.
  20. Fenestella? Bryozoa of some type?

    Tonight I found a new limestone ledge sitting 6 inches from a stream water level. My father and I started hammering away at the shallow edges and removed a ton of interesting specimens. While there were some nice cephalopods, lots of brachiopods and clams, this piece caught my eye. I’ve read about Bryozoa and I’ve seen similar things on fossil plates. I believe I remember seeing pieces of them in limestone while digging, but never anything big. So, is it a Fenestella? Or something else? I’ve never found one worth showing. I saw a species list for it and it is very long.
  21. Helderberg Marine Fossil ID

    From what I can see there may be a couple or more things going on, but this is not my area of expertise, so I'll let the others ID it.
  22. Going to post this multiple times due to multiple images. There are just a couple here that I am most curious about but would love any and all feedback. I will post in the order of priority for lack of better words. For some context, took the family to the peace river up in Zolfo Springs, near Arcadia. We found approx 50 teeth, mostly small but some cool ones. Lots of Ray plates and some bones. Most of these are placed up against a US penny simply for a size reference. Any help in identifying would be much appreciated. Thanks all!!!
  23. Fossils From Bois Blanc Formation

    Just a head's-up that this thread is quite old, and Peter (pleecan) has not been on the Forum in years. It's fine to comment on the photos (Peter was/is quite into photography) but don't expect a response from him; it's not impossible that he will check in again one day but it isn't likely he'll see and respond to this thread. Don
  24. "Bored Husband" fossil hunt strategy

    If anyone is so brave, here are the details: Less than 3 cm in diameter, and near Oakville, Ontario. However, the colours and textures and a nearby snail bed look exactly like the "Orillia Armour stone" at Tannery Point, so I presume that this is not the usual Georgian Bay Ordovician material we see just west of Toronto. Three more images attached for context.
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