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  6. Gemworld 2019

    Yesrlterday we wrapped up the second and final day of the show. It was a great time and very, busy. Unfortunately we were short staffed and I barely had time to shop let alone take pics. I am truly sorry for that. Both days were spent working the sluice which is a big draw for the kids. It stayed packed most of both days. Sometimes we would get a lull for about 5 minutes and then the madness would start all over. My boys did a wonderful of helping out so I gave them money when they said there was something they saw that they wanted. Dylan had no problem deciding and apparently wasnt too concerned about how much of my money he spent because he asked me for cash a few times. Devin on the other hand bought one non-fossil trinket and couldn't decide on anything else. I told him if he couldn't decide, then I would make a decision for him and surprise him. So Dylan ended up buying a nice gator and raptor tooth and a couple non fossil purchases. I decided for Devin, it was about time for Dino stuff so I got him a spine and a raptor tooth. The look on his face when we got home was priceless. I told both of them how proud I was of their help and that I didnt mind buying them some goodies since they did a fantastic job! I could tell that it meant alot to them. Here is their score!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Very cool article!
  9. My trilobite of the week.

    For trilobite of the week #59 I have another Devonian scutellid. This is Septimopeltis clementina from Jorf, Morocco. Like some other bugs from this site it has a somewhat plastic appearance due to the rock being semi-metamorphosed. Despite this this is still some preservation of the lenses in the eyes.
  10. Shark tooth

    @caldigger Try this... I’m thinking rt bottom section missing/worn
  11. Tortoise?

  12. Shark tooth

    Never seen one shaped straight like that unless there's some pathology involved.
  13. +1 beautiful tooth
  14. Shark tooth

    It reminds me of a g. contortus tooth.
  15. Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth

    I think it's a beautiful colored tooth, no matter what the background is.
  16. Ordovician Hard Rock Quarry in Roscoe, IL

    Hello all, Excellent pictures! Is there any information on joining these clubs? Please post the links if you can. I used to live in the area. What geologic formations are you collecting from? I have the 1975 publication that describes the quarries and how they correlate to one another. Does anyone have the Ordovician fossil identification key? That would be helpful to post. Thank you in advance!
  17. Bone or limestone?

    If you want to take a quick trip down the wormhole, Troodon has an old post with some examples of diseased and injured Dino bones. Very interesting.
  18. Tiny shark tooth

    Here we go with the "bottom" pictures...I am leaning towards some sort of little mammal tooth after cropping these pictures.
  19. I'm glad your first posts were met with the non-judgemental replies that we strive for here. We try to be different from the noise and static of many other social platforms and it's nice to hear when that is appreciated. Lots of rock, mineral and gem fans here on the forum--there is a whole subforum section dedicated just to that since there is a significant crossover with fossil enthusiasts. You'll find that section scrolling down the home page. Some interesting fossils to be found in your general area--maybe we can get you hooked on those as well. Cheers. -Ken
  20. Mitten hunting

    Lake Michigan shoreline for Petoskey stones (Halysites, fossil coral) and puddingstones (notably collectible conglomerate stones), obviously around the city of Petoskey, but elsewhere as well at the lake. The rest of Michigan is pretty much just a few exposures of marine fossils here and there. Google "fossil hunting in Michigan" and also look in the fossil hunting sites topic on this forum for specific site info if any is available. Any exposures like the one you're standing next to are also worth checking. If you live close enough there are lots of awesome sites in Indiana and Ohio that you can make day or weekend trips to.
  21. Shark tooth

    Here is a pic of a tiger/unknown/cow. If I can’t figure it out, then I’ll call it a hybrid.
  22. Tortoise?

    Looks like you got it right.
  23. Possible fossils? Lakes Entrance, Victoria, south eastern Australia

    Thanks very much for your patient and helpful responses! It's always a bit of a concern that when you ask a potentially dumb question on a forum, people will get annoyed with you, so thanks for being so kind and encouraging. I'm first and foremost a rock fan, so I'm happy to have some interesting rocks, the only downside is that they are still unidentified. Since joining I've read a whole lot of other posts and it's so interesting, I might just start actually looking for a fossil or two! Thanks again very much for your help.
  24. Mitten hunting

    Hey everyone, so I've done quite a few trips to the Rockport quarry in Alpena and a few road cuts around presque isle, but I was wondering if there aren't any "hidden gems" I'm missing out on in the LP.
  25. Shark tooth

    I had it with my tiger shark teeth, but it sticks out like it doesn’t belong.
  26. Agatized Stromatolite?

    Looking for ID help. This potential fossil was found on a dry lake bed in Southwest WI. In the same area this was found, I found other "classic" limestone Ordovician stromatolites exhibiting typical lateral columnar stratification in side view with convex tops and concave bottoms. This fossil has much the of the same structures but is partially "agatized". Could it be a stromatolite? All ID feedback will be appreciated.
  27. Shark tooth

    The "denticles" look regular, I don’t feel it’s broken, but I may not see well. Coco
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