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  2. rapp beach hunting

    Nice trip! You are really getting nice collection of teeth I must say
  3. A few mysteries from my creek haul- one big one!

    So cool! Thank you, you’re the best! You’ve been so helpful
  4. more teeth (#2) from the Sahara - Agadez, Niger

    Honestly, I have no idea. I've gotten all my fossils from the same guy on the street. He has a friend and a brother-in-law who live in Agadez. Until recently, they were able to go out into the desert and recover fossils. Unfortunately, the terrorist situation and military response has put an end to such forays.
  5. more teeth (#2) from the Sahara - Agadez, Niger

    Those are pretty well worn, that'll make any ID more difficult.
  6. Giant Tortois Osteoderm?

    @Plantguy, @Sacha, @Harry Pristis, @ynot, @Shellseeker, @Carl For those of you that are a bit confused by sesamoid bones or just wanting to learn more, watch this VALUABLE video!!!!!!!!!! You will come away an expert on sesamoid anatomy in only 4 minutes. Ungulate Bone Tutorial Proximal & Distal Sesamoids Equine & Bovine ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IdY_VHQI2o Then once educated, and if one is interested in pisiform bones in particular, here is a comparative paper. (Different sesamoids than the tutorial) Check out page 50 thru 54. Carpals and tarsals of mule deer, black bear and ... - Western CEDAR https://cedar.wwu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1018&context=wwuet by TS Smart - ‎2009 - ‎Cited by 6 - ‎Related articles Mike
  7. more teeth (#2) from the Sahara - Agadez, Niger

    Not sure about the first one, but the others appear to be Croc teeth. What formation do these come from?
  8. Paraloid Glue

    G'day everyone! My dad and I have tried making some paraloid glue by mixing 25% paraloid with 75% acetone. The paraloid has been dissolving for a few hours and a thick solution with the consistency of wood glue has settled to the bottom. Do we use this thick solution at the bottom to glue and strengthen our fossils? Thanks, Dan
  9. Hi, All. Here's another "large" fossil I've acquired. Same origin as the others - Agadez area of the Sahara desert in Niger. Based on the feedback I got on an earlier submission, I'm wondering if this could be from a sauropod and, if so, what part of the skeleton? As you can see, there's a lot of mud on it that I haven't tried to remove yet, as I am a complete neophyte and don't know the proper way to do so. I welcome any and all guidance on that too. Thanks so much for all your replies! Rob @ Haravex @ LordTrilobite @ JPC @Troodon
  10. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    Our friend Frank @Troodon will like this. Evidence that T.rex is still with us . A road sign indicating that in Leicestershire there are so many free range T.rexes running amok it has become a road safety issue.
  11. Trilobite Hunt in NSW

    Awesome trip! Love those trilobites! Thank you for sharing
  12. Trilobite Hunt in NSW

    @Monica Thank you!
  13. Ichthyosaur skull question

    Here’s my first attempt with some modellers acrylics
  14. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Green River was my first though too, but there are other similar sites. Florrisant, etc. Do you think it might be from China (Liaoning or that area)? I don't know the fauna in detail but the preservation is very similar. Also Crato Fm in Brazil but I guess that's less likely.
  15. Trilobite Hunt in NSW

    WOW, Daniel!!! A huge congratulations on a super-successful hunt with your dad and fossil club!!! It looks like you found a lot of cool stuff - well done!
  16. Hi, Folks. Thank you so much for the feedback on my first posting of teeth! Apparently there were more than a few crocodiles in the Agadez area of Niger, back when it wasn't desert! I'll post the next set, and follow that up with a posting of another very large fossil from the same area. I truly appreciate the education I'm getting on here! Rob @Troodon @LordTrilobite @jpc @-Andy-
  17. Sometimes You Have To Whack It !!

    That Annularia is indeed gorgeous, Ralph! Congrats! I hope AJ enjoyed the hunt, too
  18. Today
  19. Trilobite Hunt in NSW

    DAY 3 - Parkes Again On the final day my dad and I were in Forbes, the fossil club went and checked out another exposure of the Gunningbalnd formation on a farmers property. This site was dominated by fossils of Parkesolithus gradyi, mainly heads but some whole trilobites were found on the day. My dad and I ended up with a couple nice heads and tails. After lunch the group split up, with some of us staying and some of us (Including my dad and I) heading back to the tip. We spent a couple hours at the tip were I ended up with a nice near complete specimen Eastonillaenus goonumblaensis. The specimen was missing a slither off the head and unfornately broke in half when it came out of the rock but not to worry, we will fix him up soon! The Site Parkesolithus gradyi Bryozoa, has never been recorded from the formation I believe Eastonillaenus goonumblaensis Mantid Lacewing (Mantispidae) We observed in Forbes Thanks for reading!
  20. Pre/Cambrian Collection

    More nice additions! I'm still looking for a Kimberella...
  21. Trilobite Hunt in NSW

    Day 2 - Parkes On the second day, the club checked out a tip near the town of Parkes. The rocks here are aged late Ordovician, around 450 million years old and the rocks were from the Gunningbland formation. The site had never really been explored before, with some of the species here still undescribed. With us on the day we had invertebrate paleontologist Patrick from Australia Museum who is also a member on the club and is writing a paper on the trilobites of the site. We arrived at the site around 9:00 AM and spent the next 8 or so hours smashing rocks. The rocks here were quite hard and did not have much of a layer to them so the best way to get them open was to just smash them with a hammer. My dad and I stared finding trilo tails and a few isloated cephalons and heads for the first few hours. we finally decided to bring out the sledge hammer and smash the big boulders and to our suprise we found a nice near whole calymenid. The calymenids were one of the undescribed species from the site and were tails and heads were occasionaly found. Finding a whole one was quite rare, especially with both cheeks. We showed the find to Patrick and he was qutie interested in it. We decided to donate the negative to him as well as a calymenid head and tail as it would help him with his paper on the site. Undescribed Calymenid Calymenid Section Unknown Trilobite Tails Parkesolithus gradyi
  22. Trilobite Hunt in NSW

    G'day everyone! I have reccently come back from a three day trip to Forbes with the Australian Fossil Club where we looked for Ordovician and Silurian trilobites. We checked out the Silurian Cotton Hill Quarry as well as some new Ordovician sites around the town of Gunningbland. Fellow forum member @Foozil was also apart of the trip. Over the three days I ended up with many beautiful trilobite fossils and my first whole specimens! DAY 1 - Cotton Hill Quarry Friday morning my dad and I left home at 3:30 AM and began the 7 and a half hour journey from Melbourne to Forbes in Central NSW. We arrived at the first site, Cotton Hill Quarry at around 12:30 and began digging. The fossils here come from the Cotton formation, approxomitely 435 million years old. The most common fossils at the site were bits of the Sinespinaspis markhami , a small odontopleurid trilobite. They were common fragmentary remains however whole ones were still uncommon to find. Unfortunately, the layer that the Australian Fossil Club used to dig was buried udner 1.5 metres worth of rock by the local council as they were looking to smoothen out the sides of the quarry and possibly revegetate most of the site. However we soon found the layer again and I found quite a few nice Sinespinaspis markhami. After 5 hours of digging, we went home and prepared for the next day ahead. The Quarry Sinespinaspis markhami
  23. Unidentified crocodile bones from Holzmaden

    Thanks Ben Thanks for your help Paul I am now almost certain that you are right. I will show it to a local expert next Sunday to be absolutely sure. I don't think there is a big chance to find the rest. But I will try it next weekend...
  24. how to protect fossil fish?

    i just got this knightia fossil recently and i was wondering if there anyway to protect it from flaking because they look pretty thin to me . I'm only an amateur collector and joined the forum recently so i'm don't know much about stuff like this.
  25. Another Fossilized Nut?

    Thank you for the friendly reply, I didn’t read to the conclusion of that thread and should’ve taken the time to do so! I’m very grateful for the info, it’s actually quite fascinating
  26. First air scribe

    Thanks Kane Right now it would be general purpose, later on I might get two specific scribes for bulk removal and fine detail. I looked at the schematics and it does have two gauges, so I should be able to control both the range and maksimum pressure afterall. I'm ordering a moisture trap now, are there any air scribe tips worth getting straight away? Best regards
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