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  2. Oviraptor egg

    I would recommend you make your own thread and include pictures. That way you will be more likely to catch the eye of experts (of which I am not one) and get your answers. Hope it goes well!
  3. I wish I could find these guys. So neat
  4. Show us your concretions.

    I've been watching an item for sale for about a year now on online. It is 195 5-gallon buckets of Mazon Creek concretions for $19,500. I would be tempted to buy a bucket for $100 if the seller was selling them as single buckets, just to get some concretions from sites that are hard to collect nowadays. But $19,500 is a little rich for my blood!
  5. Wow, what a find! Always good to see excellent specimens still being collected.
  6. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Congrats amazing fossil!, I have a few Horseshoe Canyon Formation dinosaur bones too!, and love dinosaur material from Alberta! Even know there rare but Great pickup!
  7. New Pterosaur From Morocco!

    Morocco must have been swarming with pterosaurs. Pterosaur is an anagram of "a posturer" you know.
  8. Bone?

    I'm not familiar with this formation; however, if that is bone, it could be a coprolite. Care to touch it to the tip of your tongue to see if it sticks? If not, touching it with wet fingers would work as well (just not as fun). If it feels sticking, it could be a coprolite. If not, I'm in the concretion camp.
  9. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Cool pickup! If it truly is from a Lambeosaurine hadrosaur then it could come from a Hypacrosaurus. I'm aware that there are some bonebeds with them in the Two Medicine fm.
  10. Feelin' Crabby

    I sound like a needy bugger with the above, I know. I just miss conversation instead of likes (aka informative). Adam - is there a thread with your tortoise by the way? I wanna see him/her
  11. Thank you for posting this information. It's a pleasure to learn as you post.
  12. Florida Covid-19 (Corona Virus) Closings

    To quote a television show from the 1980s (younger members look it up online ): "Let's be careful out there...." --Sgt Phil Esterhaus "...and be sensible while you're at it." --Me Cheers. -Ken
  13. My Mazon Creek Finds

    I'm leaning towards obesus for the Cyclus just by general outline, but like you said, the preservation is not good. Cyclus americanus is generally more axially compressed. I don't remember if there are other species present in the Francis Creek Shale -- I only recall these two. If there's more species, then it's anybody's ball game, so to speak.
  14. NJ Stream Ammonite

    @The Jersey Devil Will take some images tomorrow and post on separate thread.
  15. New Pterosaur From Morocco!

    I know you think this is the same story again, but this is a fourth Pterosaur https://m.phys.org/news/2020-04-fourth-pterosaur-discovery-weeks.html
  16. If only that were true. Somehow I picked up an expensive sport (Ice Hockey) late in life. Beautiful tooth, welcome to prepping.
  17. Feelin' Crabby

    I think those Homolopsis are wonderful, rather different to the usual fossil crabs one sees. Thanks very much for sharing all these.
  18. Feelin' Crabby

    Getting a lot of informatives but there’s no thoughts or comments?
  19. Mammoth Tooth? Horn Coral? Something Else?

    Welcome to the forum -- remember that cliche that states that your first impression is usually correct? So, if I seem crazy, wait, no not that . . .
  20. Fish tooth?

    I would leave it attached to the matrix. Not only will it provide a stable base to protect the fossil, but fossils on matrix display nicely and look pretty darn cool. Just clear enough around it to expose the tooth then consolidate the matrix. I'm a big fan of matrix pieces!
  21. Fish tooth?

    I found this matrix containing something that reminds me of the fossilized fish tooth pictures that I have seen around on here. When I noticed this, I chipped this matrix section off of a larger shell hash plate containing mostly Turritella sp. and bivalves. Its original location is in Ellsworth county, Kansas at Kanopolis reservoir. Age of this matrix is Albian and it is from Kiowa formation-Longford Member. Length of this 'tooth' is about .25 inches/6.5 mm. Can anyone identify what it is? It is currently soaking in a bowl of water, I hope to remove more of the matrix off to get a better look at it. Do you have any advice/tips on how to do it without breaking the 'tooth'? As you can see it, it's very small and I have nearly no experience in prepping the fossils beyond the washing and brushing with toothbrush.
  22. Brachiopods with pyrite.

    Today's lowly find. High up. 1/4 inch screen. Would like to know what the round ring is with small Crinoids inside? Also Bryozoans. shown wet. A lot of clay and much work for one person. But social distancing. That would be from around 10 feet deep according to the land owner. .
  23. Possibly Predator

    @Harry Pristis Harry, I no longer believe this bone is cat. In this thread, http://www.thefossilforum.com/index.php?/topic/79320-pleistocene-toe-bone/ I found another of your excellent photos. The metapodial on the right , although smaller, seems to be a pretty close match. Do you think my bone could be H. septentrionalis metapodial?
  24. Be cautious. Fossil prepping is an expensive passion! The good news though is that if you take up detailed prepping you wont have to worry about any other addictions because you wont be able to afford them.
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