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  2. Fossil gift

    Fossil earrings? That's a great idea! Why didn't I think of that! I'll have to try that to go with the necklace! Speaking of the necklace, I lost that piece of petrified wood. I think it fell off the counter and landed somewhere. Well, at least I have spare pieces! It's pretty plentiful in my collection.
  3. Plant, fern?

  4. Plant, fern?

    A few more.
  5. Plant, fern?

    Wow, I did find some more of the pieces. Here they are.
  6. Should I re-post on the fossil ID forum?
  7. A ray tooth? I thought rays had crushing plates not true teeth?
  8. They look like Moroccan phosphate mine bits.
  9. NSR Jackpot(ish)

    Not too shabby. I know exactly what you mean. The drive from Houston is +5 hours, and I have also come back with relatively meagre finds. Location is just so heavily hunted. Sounds like you got it after a decent flood. Congrats! We might as well enjoy NSR before it becomes a lake sometime in the undisclosed future...
  10. Abridged message not showing. On the 28th I checked all the local offices and there was no post listed for me. I have checked with my neighbours. Again, they and wifey and I were here on that day, all day. No attempt at a delivery was made and no note left.
  11. rapp creek hunting

    Nice ones!
  12. My bad it was the 26th. with the attempted delivery. Looks like the regular post. Here us the abridged message:
  13. Let’s See Your BIG Fossils!

    This is my largest piece. A plate that measures roughly 14.5x14 inches. It was originally listed as Gosiutichthys parvus but thanks to some wonderful forum members who shared their knowledge I was able to determine they are actually Knightia alta. They came from Lake Gosiute in Wyoming. It's one of my favorite pieces.
  14. NSR Jackpot(ish)

    Very nice. I like it when perseverance pays dividends. Congrats.
  15. Yup, real fossils. The top one is a part of a ray tooth, the others are shark's teeth. Somebody will be along to tell you the species soon, I hope.
  16. Dinosaur Claw?

    Yeah, you win some, you lose some. If it help inspire some of the children, I can't be too bummed out about the claw.
  17. Today
  18. NSR Jackpot(ish)

    I finally convinced myself to head out to the North Sulphur River again. After 2 attempts of coming up empty handed I was having trouble convincing myself that it was worth the 4 hour round trip excursion. Knowing the date for damming up the river looms nearer and nearer I decided to brave the cold water. I'm glad I did. This time with some help and guidance from a friend my trip was much more eventful. Having NEVER found a Mosasaur vertebrae my trip was made just 10 minutes in when a beautiful Mosasaur vertebrae was just sitting right there on the surface. Already a massive success in my book. A little ways down the creek my friend begins to tell me how he has found 2 Mosasaur premaxes in this spot throughout the year. I replied, "Dude, I would lose my mind if I found a piece of Mosasaur jaw!" No joke, less than 1 minute later we turn a corner and I notice something barely sticking out of the shale and mud at the bottom of the creek. I pick it up, turn it over and staring back at me is a tooth socket! Needless to say, true to my word, I did indeed lose my mind! Apparently my excitement and loud noises I made scared off all the other fossils as I didn't find much else for the next several hours. Still this was by far my best and most exciting fossil hunt. Totally worth getting stuck and sucked up into knee deep mud for.
  19. Plant, fern?

  20. Plant, fern?

    two more
  21. Plant, fern?

    Rockwood, here are photos of the smaller piece. Hope it helps.
  22. They are quite small and may not be what I thought they are... Keep in mind i’m rubbish at identifying.
  23. Here are the long-awaited photos that may or may not be fossils!
  24. Doren, was it standard mail or a company like DHL or Chronopost? I once had a parcel from the latter who said they couldn't find my address..............
  25. We and two lots of neighbours were in that day. There was no delivery attempted, they don't deliver here, i pick up, as you say, they usually ring me.No delivery note was left. I have contacted the usual two places and the other two offices where things sometimes end up and they have no record. I will try again tomorrow, the offices are now closed.
  26. Adam, your package was attempted to be delivered on Nov. 27th. with no avail. So it went to your usual place of pickup. I am told you must hurry or it will be sent back to country of origin. @Tidgy's Dad I will email you the tracking number tonight so make sure you look for it. *** I will try not to include "SS" in the name!
  27. December 2019 - Finds of the Month Entries

    Well played, sir. And it's an excellent specimen to enter too.
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