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  2. Fossil Identification

    Note the question mark, because it could also be "rock?" Really hard to tell with that one picture and few real distinguishing features.
  3. Fossil id

    I suggested bryozoan when you put this in a previous post, but was intrigued because it does not look like any bryozoan I am familiar with and I could not find anything similar in any of my references for Devonian bryozoa from that general area. But there are thousands of species and I'm no expert, so that is not surprising, but now I see that you say it is lightweight. Do you mean because it is small, or is it lightweight for its size, like it is not a "rock"? Is it hard like stone? What do the ends look like? It almost looks hollow on that right end in the picture.
  4. RB's Fossil Crab Prep Thread !!!

    Great looking pieces! Your b crabs are better then my best!
  5. Beekite rings

    New recipe that's all the rage.. Beekite fries.
  6. Clark Co Indiana Road Cuts

    There are some rocks exposed along the north side of IN62 just a few miles east of Charlestown Indiana that are said to have fossils on a list I have but I'm not sure of the age. I have never been there but you can see them on Google Street View. Would love to know if they are interesting. Like @Herb said, Devonian is sparse in that area except in local quarries or at Falls of the Ohio and Charleston State Park, neither of which generally allow collecting. Good luck and let us know if you find anything interesting!
  7. Goodwill Hunting

    Have fun with the new toy!
  8. Beekite rings

    Rice Krispies treats, anyone?
  9. Water Level at Whiskey Bridge

    I once found a human skull in the Brazos. Don't make the next one yours!
  10. Don't Fossil Hunt Adjacent to Gun Ranges

    At times I think of becoming more communal....but solitude in nature is so dang addictive! And solitude is getting harder to find.
  11. Sara: The World Traveling Ceratopsian

    @Tidgy's Dad She looks very happy among those brachiopods! @caldigger I may have to change my destination address if she doesn’t arrive in 4 months. Would that be ok, or would I need to jump to the back of the queue?
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  13. Kane's Bug Preps

    Sadly, no. They come with corals, which are tough and fibrous; totally throws off a good sandwich texture.
  14. Beekite rings

    Kind of looks like you "might" have some coral in your beekite.
  15. Beekite rings

    Finally, I guessed correctly, thanks to the education I receive on this forum :-)
  16. What is it?

    Oh yes. I agree. I not sure the 2 block are connected other then being found in same location. The second block with the eye rings? I’m sure is some species of fish. The first block I’m wondering if it’s a “fossil sump” a calm area where different pieces of different things ended up together. For instance the part of a jaw with no other corisponding parts. I know my spelling sucks! For being 55 you’d think I could spell better! LOL!
  17. Fossil id

    Thank you!
  18. Fossil Identification

    Thank you.
  19. Beekite rings

    Maybe one or two.... thousand..
  20. What is it?

    The skull cap still looks fish like to me.
  21. Kane's Bug Preps

    *devonian sandwich Do these ever come with pickles?
  22. My Collection

    Thanks! I try to take the photos in direct daylight that's what brings out the true details/colours in a tooth.
  23. My Collection

    Thanks Frank!
  24. What is it?

    This is the best picture of the jaw I’ve been able to get so far but that’s just a tentative I’d so far. I could very well be wrong. It’s got both peg and curved teeth. The closest thing I’ve come across in my trying to identify it is it looks kinda like a microsaur jaw
  25. Goodwill Hunting

    Score! Or, as they say in soccer, Scoooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrre!!!!!!!! Don
  26. North Sulphur River Texas

    Very cool! Thanks for the in situ goodness. Feels like we were all along for the ride. Cheers. -Ken
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