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  2. Both might be missing their processes, but I find these Eocene seasnake vertebrae pretty cool. They are somewhat uncommon in MD. They now reside in the Calvert Marine Museum Collections. Paleophis sp.
  3. Juuust shy of 6 inches .... Savannah Georgia

    Thanks ! ... it was definitely an odd shaped tooth but it looks amazing. B
  4. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    He has been whole, gave a lot of energy, and i know he is a good man for his friends. I'm sure your prize will be at least as nice than Pagurus' one.
  5. @Nimravis Awesome to see another! I wonder if a whole one will ever turn up one day all I've seen are tail end partials.
  6. That’s incredible both the specimens and the prep work. Great great find Tarquin
  7. Show Us Your Rarest Or Most Incredible Partial Fossils!

    The kids in the classrooms we visit would probably pick the partial Diplodocus bone we have but my favorite partial is a Pteranodon wing bone from Smoky Hill Chalk. It is one of my favorite fossils.
  8. Probably my favourite partial, and very rare. The many armed starfish Plumaster ophiuroides (or maybe murchisoni), from near the Lower/Middle Lias boundary, Lower Jurassic of the Yorkshire coast, UK. The London Natural History Museum will get it eventually - they have one or two others but this shows the remarkable arm ossicles unusually well. (Prepped with a modified dental descaler under a microscope - about 150 hours but worth it!)
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  10. Juvenile tyrannosaurid premax ID

    Thank you that's JRF
  11. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    David is a good man and nice friend . I have not opened my prize from the rugby World Cup. I am saving it to open on Christmas Day. If it is half as nice as yours I be pretty happy .
  12. Free book seeks good home

    HAHAHA! No offense taken!!!!
  13. Juvenile tyrannosaurid premax ID

    Thank you very much for that info. It’s from Montana and the county is Hill
  14. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    And he went fossil hunting for his winner's prizes. Of course he was generous with you, those fossils are awesome. He's a man full of suprises, he showed me one i didn't expected from him that reveals his personality and how kindness he can have and i must thank him for that.
  15. Oyster maybe?

    We like questions - and this one certainly isn't silly!
  16. Oyster maybe?

    Thank you very much TqB, I'm new in this, so don't mind silly questions
  17. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    The prize that David sent me is awesome, generous and much more than I would have expected. I really didn't deserve the prize more than anyone else, but I guess somebody had to be the winner. David was so generous not only with this prize but with all the time he spent on the Rugby and Fossils contest. It was so interesting to see and learn about the fossils of Japan and of all the other countries playing in the rugby world cup. And of course, thank you for the photo you took of the fusulina display. I think they are all beautiful. Thank you!
  18. Oyster maybe?

    Looks like a good candidate for the ID on this one (plus I learned something new today). Thanks for the link. Cheers. -Ken
  19. Oyster maybe?

    Rip-up clast of finely bedded shale maybe? rip-up clast
  20. List of Ways Fossils are Preserved

    Gastroliths are trace fossils. A stone is transformed into a fossil when it is shaped while inside the animal. Similarly a layer of mud is transformed into a trace fossil when a dinosaur steps on it and the mud later turns into a mudstone with a print.
  21. Oyster maybe?

    Found today in Split, Croatia Is it some shell? It is about 30 cm long (about 12 inches)
  22. Legged Snake Article

    Sorry meant legged snake!
  23. Legged Snake Article

    Article: https://scitechdaily.com/new-fossils-of-ancient-snake-with-hind-legs-reveals-tantalizing-details-of-evolution/amp/ Enjoy!
  24. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    As smart as you proved to be, mostly for me with the smart (not in the common sense of the word) things you wrote upon me in your last PM, and now that i know that unexpected part of you you never showed to anybody else before, i can tell you this : you're just human and so fallible and imperfect. The price you sent to him is awesome and really generous and fair.
  25. This has always been a favorite of mine- a partial Megistaspidella gigas trilobite and a partial cephalopod from the Ordovician of Sweden. @Ryann10006
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