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  2. My Trilobite Drawings

    My new favorite! You really captured the look of it.
  3. ankylosaurus club?

    Atlanta and the surrounding area are generally underlain by much older and non-sedimentary rocks so it is very unlikely they will be fossil bearing, especially with dinosaurs. I have to agree with the other responders, your rocks look very geologic (as opposed to biologic) and do not appear to be fossils.
  4. In need of help identifying

    The dotted one, appears to be Oolitic Limestone.
  5. So true Tony- this dealer is younger and I think he wants sales lol.
  6. In need of help identifying

    Thank you so much, it means a lot. You truly helped me out. Is there any chance you could educate me on the fossils that I could potentially find around the lake and what they are? If not I understand. But as for the final item with the spots, they do seem to be raised bumps. I can feel them slightly. Up close in person, they kind of resemble tiny fish eyes.
  7. ankylosaurus club?

    Does it hurt the paradigm when you have axe marks all over the specimens? I wish I could post more than 3mb's at a time. I finally learned the name to the hexagonal "turtle shell" pieces..."scutes"!
  8. In need of help identifying

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you had fun in your search and you have indeed found some fossils. I believe the item at the top is a rock, not a fossil. The other larger piece is a piece of rock that does contain fossils. The small round objects in the rock look like crinoid stems and there may be other items in there but I can’t tell from the picture. The two larger button like objects I believe are larger crinoid stems that have been worn by rolling around in the water. The final item is more questionable only because I can’t tell if the spots on it are raised bumps or not. At first look it almost appears to be a Petosky stone, which is a type of coral eroded into a nice pebble shape common along Lake Michigan in the northern part of the state. But the spots look a little too round for that and if they are really raised bumps then it is probably something else. The picture to me is a little to blurry to make out what the circles are for sure.
  9. Today
  10. There was a kindly old man that used to set up at the local show (I saw him for 10 + years). He had very high prices and few sales. I asked him about this once and his reply was " I do this so I can socialize and do not care if I sell anything at all." You just never know what someone's motivations are.
  11. ankylosaurus club?

    It matches location, time period, size, shape, coloration...and is found with a number of other fragments. Not sure what more is needed...lol I've been told that people selling fragments desire for scarcity so that there is no pressure of downward pricing. Then again, there will also be those that don't want dino's being here in the bible belt and would love nothing more for them to stay in HellCreek! lol I think I understand how this works. "If you have to ask, then the answer is nope" http://www.ankylosaurus.org/wmc_cretaceousseaway.jpg
  12. ESCONI Braceville Shaft Mine Trip 5-18-19

    Thanks for the link- Those are some nice pictures.
  13. In need of help identifying

    Here is another photo with the fossils flipped around
  14. In need of help identifying

    Hello there. I am quite a beginner to fossil hunting and would like some help on identifying one’s that I found today on the shore of Lake Michigan in New Buffalo, Michigan. I am aware that some could be rocks that I may have mistaken for fossils. Like I said, I’m new to this but would appreciate any of the help that I could get. Thank you.
  15. dalmayshun

    I have no idea how that trilobite image got connected with my name. Apologies to whoever owns it,  i've been working onrhe forum through my phone,  so when i am able to get to my computor i'll take care id it. Again sorry.  Im really  not interesting in stealing some one else image

  16. ankylosaurus club?

    I think the only dinosaur fragments in Georgia would be late Cretaceous on the coastal plains.
  17. ankylosaurus club?

    Welcome to the forum. Your specimen looks geologic in orgin and not a fossil.
  18. Silicified crinoid

    I wonder,could this be a blastoid stem?
  19. Sorry for the blurry pic. Got a bit excited when I finally, FINALLY (for the love of god and god's lovely dinosaurs) was able to find a match to something I have. It was harder to find a match than it was to find the actual bones. Plenty more bones where that came from. I guess I'll start light with just this one and perhaps post pics of the eggs etc later. I referenced this thread in the ID section as well. Gotta go, hearing something hatching!!
  20. ankylosaurus club?

    Location location location...I have 2 acres of my yard on a floodplain. In the middle is the source of a spring, and the far edge there is a creek. Atlanta is near, about 10 miles to the east. Etowah Indian Mounds are to the west about 10 miles. There was also a civil war battle in my yard as well. Plenty of bullets found there still. As I do metal detecting I decided to pull all strange looking "rocks" and put them in various piles. I've done this for the past 2 years and I have quite a mess..or eh, treasure. I just let the rain weather off the thick Georgia clay from the "rock piles" over the span of time and finally have something to show. I'll need a considerable amount of space to put the pictures of all the things I've found, but this forum is only allowing me a small amount right now. Check my last photo against the one Troodon posted here and let me know if you also think they are from the same beautiful beast. Mine is almost a foot long and half a foot wide and weighs just under 1 Thor's hammer. Actually - it weighs 18 pounds. That's about 3 pounds heavier than the egg shaped thing I found near it (not pictured). (note: pic above is from Troodon's thread here: "http://www.thefossilforum.com/index.php?/topic/81257-my-jurassic-park-ankylosauria-hell-creeklance-formation/" As compared to pics from my yard below:
  21. Nautiloid Siphunculus?

    Here's the other side. Sorry for the bad light quality. Just took a quick photograph now. Don't know if it's possible to get a clue on it. Thanks in advance.
  22. Frontal Jaw Fragment

    Side view.... I have no idea what this is.
  23. Stratolamia striata?

    Anterior lateral and posterior would be good enough to satisfy me in my collection
  24. My Trilobite Drawings

    Sadly, there is absolutely no way I can take a picture of a drawing on black paper without parts of it washing out from light or being suffused with noise in shadow. I've included a closeup of the detail to indicate what is really going on, colour-wise. Thanks to @Scylla and @Fossildude19 for the suggestion to take on the gold bugs.
  25. Frontal Jaw Fragment

    Damaged bone with rooted teeth exposed (2).
  26. My Trilobite Drawings

    Another colour challenge: a pyritized Triarthrus. It would be so easy to just use the gold colouring pencil, but those types of pencils are not suitable to give a more realistic gold colour. So here is the palette I've settled on to be the alchemist and transmute these into gold:
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