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  2. Partial Vert?

    It doesn't strike me as the usual geometry of a vertebra. It's a bit too linear, if that makes any sense.
  3. ID Fossil for sale in antique shop

    Agreed. The photo is entirely inadequate to accurately determine it's nature.
  4. Today
  5. Kem Kem Beds fossil id 2

    I think the dealer just said that because dino now sells better :-). Well, it certainly fossil because it is heavy compared to the size. Anyway, thanks Troodon and i keep it i my not identified bones box with label Kem Kem beds???
  6. Pinning or saving favourite topics

    Thanks for the replies. Would be good if something could be added in the future but until then I’ll look to save the url’s
  7. Feelin' Crabby

    They'll be off to the prepper @DLB hopefully by the end of this week A big thanks to him for cutting us a good deal! It's a lot to take on for anyone, but he has done some excellent specimens for us in the past and we are really happy to have him prep these ones
  8. Extraordinary Common Teeth

    Here's another STH C. hastalis. This one is 2 3/4 inches and has an unusual color combination for the bonebed. It's light-colored in the middle but light blue near the edges.
  9. The jaw bone is real and the teeth are real, but they did not come from the same animal. The teeth were found separately and added to the jaw at a later time. The teeth are mosasaur teeth, Prognathodon sp. I'm not sure if the bone is a mosasaur jaw. It may have come from something else like a crocodile.
  10. It also appears to have these little teeth like bits too
  11. Amphiplaga brachyptera?

    I agree with Amphiplaga brachyptera.
  12. Does this mean the jaw or teeth are fake, or just that the teeth have been added to the jaw at a later point? Let me know if the photo is not adequate : )
  13. Hiodon Falcatus?

    +1 for knightia
  14. Hiodon Falcatus?

    It looks like a young Knightia Eocena. This is what a Hiodon falcatus looks like=
  15. Hello. It looks like the teeth have been added to your mosasaur jaw. Can you take some close up pictures of where the tooth connects to the jaw. It looks like matrix has been added to cover up that the teeth are not original. The spinosaurid tooth looks good. It might have been glued, but I don't see signs of restoration.
  16. Hiodon Falcatus?

    I found this Green River fish at the American Fossil quarry about 4 years ago. I think it could be a Hiodon Falcatus, thoughts? Thanks for the help!
  17. Hi All, I've purchased these two items and am wondering about authenticity. Can anyone provide any thoughts?
  18. Meg tooth

    Your welcome. If your curious about price (understandable, lots of people overcharge on the internet) my suggestion would be to look online for what fossils of a particular nature have sold for in the past. I hope you find a nice meg and feel fre to ask the forum about authenticity or restoration, we have some very knowledgable members!
  19. Amphiplaga brachyptera?

    I found this Green River fish this fall while at the Warfield quarry. It is too different from a Knightia and the best match I could find is Amphiplaga brachyptera. Thoughts?
  20. Nice fossil! Congratulations!
  21. Nice fossil. Congratulations!
  22. I'll have to access the first two from work (on Tuesday). The borings in the figures of the third paper appear to be fairly randomly placed, as well as partly overgrown by shell deposition. They're also much larger than the pits in my specimen. Remember, my specimen is only about 2 mm wide. The pits follow a fairly regular pattern, so I think they're a feature of the species. They may be an indication that the specimen had spines on the surface. This is the base of a bryozoan that probably looked a lot like the first photo on this page: LINK. That one is Devonian (I have a couple like it), while this is Ordovician, so not likely the same species. I don't see evidence of a hollow core to this specimen. Possibly. I may have to grind the broken end to see what the internal structure looks like. That might allow an identification. I think the ostracod was a free-living organism that happened to drop a shell on the bryo, rather than an epibiont. It's a nice little specimen, I just don't have a reference guide to ostracod identification. I'll try to get some better photos, and access the papers you've linked. I'm going to be very busy at the lab for the next couple of days, so downloading papers and stacking photos may have to wait until the current project deadline is past.
  23. Buying from another Country

    I've never had a problem except for one case. Only once when I sent a shipment of a turtle from Messel (Eocene) to my father-in-law in Baton Rouge, La. , he had to convince the Fish and Wildlife Agency that he does not need any Cites certificates for the turtle.
  24. Fossil ID: Bison or Cow?

    Is the chewing surface length the measurement across the top? It is 1.75 inches (4.4 cm).
  25. Meg tooth

    Thankyou for your reply I appreciate it.
  26. Fossil ID: Bison or Cow?

    Praefectus, You seem to be showing a tooth in excess of 2 inches (51 mm) . Bison teeth are more robust and larger than the equivalent tooth in a cow. What is the chewing surface length of your tooth?
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