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  2. Mystery Jaw

    Just to confirm what others have said and add a bit of reasoning. It does appear to be a raccoon and the difference between a cat and a raccoon in the lower jaw is several teeth. The lower jaw dental formula for a cat is 3-1-2-1 and a raccoon is 3-1-4-2 so the raccoon has two more premolars and one more molar per side. See the picture I have attached of a cat skull and a raccoon lower jaw just under it for comparison. @Plantguy you are correct that sometimes the premolars seem to hang in there better. I have seen on several animals that the root of the tooth is curved or hooked so that even in a dried skull, the tooth will be loose, but will not come easily out of the socket. I am am not well versed as to how far back in time the raccoon has been found, so I would not go too far out on a limb as to the age of it. Could be modern, could be somewhat older, either way, I always enjoy a nice skull or piece thereof.
  3. Thank you all! Very illuminating. You nailed all the identifications. Best JP
  4. New Fossil hunter

    Just for ease of identification, can you maybe line your items up on a sheet of paper with a number or letter next to each so we can make reference as to which item we are IDing.
  5. New UK mammal fossils

    Very nice! We don,t see hippo material very often for sure. Can yoy tell us anything about the age or the geological context? Don
  6. New UK mammal fossils

    Very nice acquisitions.
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  8. Frontal Jaw Fragment

    I think Mosasaur too. Someone with more knowledge on skull parts can answer on the last pic maybe. The raised part almost looks like a frontal in the last pic, but the parts around it do not. Again, I’m no expert by any stretch. And just saw your actual frontal piece and it def looks like a frontal, the “looks different” one above . Wonder what the ridge or raised part is on that last piece though. nice tooth too!
  9. New UK mammal fossils

  10. Any Ideas for ID

    Looks like caninia torquia coral. Not sure, I've found some similar.
  11. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    Thanks! I was still trying to figure out exactly what they were.
  12. New UK mammal fossils

    Mammoth Cuboid
  13. New UK mammal fossils

    I just obtained a couple of UK mammal fossils. The first one is a 25cm Hippopotamus tusk from Cambridgeshire. The second is a mammoth cuboid also from Cambridgeshire. The Hippo tusk compares nicely with a decent sized T rex tooth replica.
  14. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    Nice Greenops bits.
  15. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    I’ve found several more trilobites (or trilo-bits) this morning. I really like these:
  16. New Fossil hunter

    Welcome to the Forum. Topic moved to Fossil ID. I took the liberty of cropping and brightening your picture.
  17. New Fossil hunter

    Hi everyone....im new to fossil finding and would like help in identifying some new fossils i found. Thankyou in advance.
  18. I check out the auction sites quite a bit nowadays. Amazes me to see not just a heck of alot of what I consider to be 'junk', but so much stuff that is misidentified, overpriced and tons and tons of fake stuff. If one has the time and needs a bit of comical intertainment, its the place to go. Ha! RB
  19. Concretions for sure. Would be interesting to see what may be inside? Good luck RB
  20. See if you can get hold of this: Tyson, R.V., 1995. Sedimentary organic matter: organic facies and palynofacies. Chapman & Hall, London. If you can't find a copy, PM me.
  21. Oreodont

    What a team!!! RB
  22. New fossil exhibit at Smithsonian https://www.google.com/amp/s/beta.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/the-smithsonians-renewed-fossil-hall-sends-a-forceful-message-about-climate-change/2019/05/25/bc896212-78d2-11e9-b3f5-5673edf2d127_story.html%3foutputType=amp
  23. Nautiloid Siphunculus?

    Thank you very much!! =)
  24. Silicified crinoid

    Definitely crinoidal, very unique looking I like it.
  25. The author is a friend of mine and works in the same department. I'll ask him why he identified those teeth as Gymnura vs Morbula. Don
  26. TriloBITS

  27. 20190501_113352-1.jpg

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