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  2. It wasn't as simple as I thought, but after three hours of faffing about this morning, I have got my Secret Santa gift. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Colissimo who are linked here to Chronopost. Neither will deliver to the 9,600 streets of Fes medina and the message that they had attempted a delivery is simply not true. And nobody has a clue what Mechfes is. Never mind. Got it now. Thanks for your help, Doren.
  3. Is this an Angustidens shark tooth?

    This looks like an Otodus obliquus from Morocco. https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=otodus+obliquus+shark+tooth&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8
  4. Allosaurus

    has the robustness and the size of a typical Allosaurus tooth so Allosaurus
  5. Welcome in the naughty list.
  6. ??? fossil

  7. Is this an Angustidens shark tooth?

    I compared my shark tooth to different shark teeth images on google and think that it came from an Angustidens shark? Am I correct? Thanks guys!
  8. ??? fossil

  9. Today
  10. ??? fossil

    +1 for strange fossil rule
  11. Definitely does not look like amazing fossil but it is incredible rare in the U.K. it is part of an old museum collection, a tip of a tusk from a Straight Tusk Elephant (Palaeoloxodon antiquus) . From the the Middle and Late Pleistocene found in Tornewton cave Devon UK. On a very silly stand I made.
  12. ??? fossil

    +1 for rudist. mabey @FranzBernhard can tel you something more about them.
  13. Fish skull bone. Any guesses on species?

    I think narrowing it down any further than "unidentified fish operculum" would be a fairly difficult task.
  14. Tooth ID requested

    + 1 for Dolphin tooth.
  15. Fossil?

    I was also thinking this is an infilled burrow.
  16. This one really has me stumped. Round hollow bone?

    Hi, i Don't think this is an urchin. It might be a concretion or an artifact. Is it heavy or light ? Could you please take closer pics for us to see its outer texture ?
  17. ??? fossil

    I agree, those are fragments of rudists valves.
  18. Possible whale skull

    Probably a good way to keep the peace at home too!
  19. ??? fossil

    I think rudist fragments too.
  20. ??? fossil

    When I hear the phrase 'strange fossil' my first thought is always 'rudist' which looks like a good fit in your case.
  21. @Siteseer thank you, it was undoubtedly a very large shark. I'd love to see some pictures of the cast if possible, I've only seen one other tooth that's within a similar size range - but that was framed on someone's wall!
  22. ??? fossil

    Hi friends, can you help me with this? I went to Al Hasi city, Sulaiy formation ( Berriasian) , Cretaceous , to the north of Riyadh and found this strange fossils. It was a surface find; it is 20 cm long, 18 cm wide, and 3-4 cm thick. The outer face is rough and in layers , the inner surface is semicircular and smooth , similar fossils are everywhere in the same area in varies sizes . So what could it be?
  23. A few years old (new to me) but very interesting. Jurassic "butterflies" (from before the time of flowers) look like true ones that appeared much later. https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/artful-amoeba/butterflies-in-the-time-of-dinosaurs-with-nary-a-flower-in-sight/?fbclid=IwAR0RxObAJG7LIjG-ZMzvlZYG2mti1zJ0FAMUArv3UXZ6UusoT165IdriJDU
  24. My package has arrived safe and sound!
  25. Fossil sites near McKinney, Texas

    Thanks for the tips! I did a little google work on the creek, it definitely seems like an easy spot for a beginner such as myself to hit. Its about a 30 minute drive from where my dad is staying. It would be awesome to find some fossil shark teeth and add something new to the collection. But honestly, I would be happy alone with some brachiopods. Hoping it's not flooded, but I'll stop by it forsure.
  26. Possible whale skull

    @Doctor Mud Makes sense that they could expand over time and cause problems. This skull is a bit too big and heavy for my bath so I've got it in the garden with some sprinklers on it Hope that flushes the salt out!
  27. List of Ways Fossils are Preserved

    The tooth impression is an external mold. Ichnofossils show movement from a behavior of an organism. Molds are formed from dead organisms. As an example, an impression of a resting live starfish is a resting trace fossil. An impression of a dead starfish (usually much more detailed than a resting trace) that did not move is an external mold. A bite mark is a trace fossil. The best way to search for literature on trace fossils is to search for “x trace fossil” where x could be “bite mark”. See the article and referenced paper on bite marks: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/laelaps/bitten-bone-a-sign-of-a-cretaceous-snack/ Don't limit yourself to lists of trace fossils on Wikipedia. There are good papers on trace fossils by Seilacher, Bromley and others. See this website for general references: http://www.sjvgeology.org/geology/trace_fossils_references.html
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