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  2. Cardabiodontid or something else ?

    I saw this Cretaceous Lamniformes tooth pop up on the auction site that shall not be named and grabbed it. It was inexpensive so it is not really much of a gamble. It was sold as Cardabiodon sp. It comes from the Cenomanian of Russia, Fedorovka Village, Tambov region. That is all the geological information i could get. I have not really studied up on Cardabiodontid teeth very much as I planned on getting one down the road. I did take a look at some papers on Cardabiodon and Dwardius yesterday, I also looked around for photos to compare with the pictures we were given of the tooth. The scale in the photos is cm. These are the only photos I have until the tooth arrives. I am far from an expert, closer to novice lol I think it MIGHT be a Dwardius tooth but that is really an uneducated guess based on limited research. I thought I would post it here and get some opinions from the knowledgeable folks here.
  3. Feelin' Crabby

    Gosh that tortoise is adorable! I doubt that it’s a different species of crab - but we shall see. There’s one that’s getting prepped central side up that is a Torynomma, so will be interesting Monika - that’s really cool! Just Queensland? Eh you’ve been to the best state of all of them
  4. Phyllocarid streak at DSR!

    Home run of a day out, home run of a find with that complete Rhinocaris plus telson, home run of a post!!!
  5. White River soft shell turtle? ID

    That's what I meant about bone de-laminating. Not sure its the right term.
  6. Feelin' Crabby

  7. A Peculiar Devonian Deposit in Northeastern Illinois

    Elmhurst quarry is still there. There is a park in what was the shallow west end of the quarry, which looks like it may contain fill material from the quarry. The park is between the quarry and route 83 (also known as Elmhurst Road or Kingery highway). Forty years ago one could go into the quarry with permission. I fished there a couple of times; caught nothing. The features described in the paper are underwater now I believe. The quarry is partially filled with water. I live about 10 miles NW of there, as the crow flies.
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  9. Electric Hand Chisel

    The only one I know of would a Foredom with a flex shaft for wood carving. They may not offer these kind of tips so it may void the warranty. Did you see other makers?
  10. Electric Hand Chisel

    Can't help, but can't remember if I asked about your avatar photo. Is that a sully? Nice looking tort.
  11. Quiz - Pleistocene Mammal Teeth

    Camelids have selenodont teeth. Your find is not from a selenodont critter. I don't recognize the tooth.
  12. Gastropods and Bivalves Worldwide

    You find these things everywhere, don't you? Very successful fauna. Can't live without them!
  13. I don’t have a clue. Fern? Snake?

    Yes, bryozoa. The first picture shows a fenestellid 'little windows' bryozoan piece. And the second is probably a stony, ramose (branching) trepostome. the pink bit being where the outer part had broken away to reveal internal structure.
  14. ??? Shark tooth

    Actually I revise my statement anyone is welcome to chip in but I think it could be galeocerdo eaglesomi like this one
  15. Bartonian molluscs and urchins

    I've cleaned the urchins a bit more with vinegar and here they are : 1) 2) If someone knows how to get rid off that black color i'll be glad. 3) I thought this one would be in a better state : And i add those ones : 4) 5) 6)
  16. I don’t have a clue. Fern? Snake?

    At least two genera.
  17. Fun with 3D Printing Fossils

    Thanks for the quick response. I am looking for a unit that will allow me to scan some of my own fossils as well. So. is it a special printer I would need or a scanner, or both? I tried looking up photogrammetry in this forum as recommended and all I got was your note.
  18. Electric Hand Chisel

    Hey all. I am looking at getting an electric hand held chisel. I have a few in mind but cannot find one with rock chisels for a hand held. Anyone have a suggestion. Yes, air with a compressor would be better but noise is an issue as I like working in the garage very early.
  19. Fun with 3D Printing Fossils

    You can get a pretty good printer for like 500 bucks. Printing material costs is quite low, at least for PLA. Printing takes quite a bit of electricity though. You can start scanning with free software and a camera. There's a whole lot of professional software out there as well. Look up photogrammetry here on the forum.
  20. Feelin' Crabby

    Her, the little minx. She has photos scattered all over this forum and the Tortoise Forum, plus three times won a month on the International Tortoise Calendar, so she's a supermodel. (and got paid for it!) Here's a couple of photos. Small and still recovering from wounds inflicted before I rescued her. But she's much bigger and very healthy now: Successfully separating a brachiopod from a pile of matrix:
  21. Fun with 3D Printing Fossils

    That's really awesome! Is the printing and scanning equipment expensive?
  22. I don’t have a clue. Fern? Snake?

    Congrats You have found some nice Bryozoan pieces.
  23. I don’t have a clue. Fern? Snake?

    I was looking at shale pieces that had some cool shells sticking out. I thought I would break the best piece off instead of toting the whole slab to the truck. I went to knock a chunk off and this was exposed. I first saw the snakeskin looking part and then I saw the red. I never would’ve know it was there if I hadn’t broke it. Can anyone tell me what it is and can it be saved? I think I managed to find the majority of the small bits. For reference it is only about 1.5in long. I ended up toting the whole piece back. Now I gotta see if it was worth it.
  24. Maybe Mosasaur

    North Sulfur River by Ladonia Fossil ParK. Thinking it is from a Mosasaur but I am not sure. Any help is appreciated.
  25. NJ Stream Shrimp or Crab?

    I think ghost shrimp, Mesostylus mortoni. Don
  26. Finding Pieces on the Peace

    Nice finds, glad you guys could get out
  27. Feelin' Crabby

    Looks more like a carapace of a different sort of crab that happens to be sitting on top of the claw. Don
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