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  2. Panlongia and two other Cambrian mysteries

    Thank you for providing this.
  3. Therapod Tooth - Albertosaurus?

    Albertosaurus is only known from the Horseshoe Canyon FM of Alberta. Are you sure about the provenance ? Like to know the locality: county where it was found . Color looks like Judith River. It a Tyrannosaurid tooth. BTW there is no "a" in theropod.
  4. Panlongia and two other Cambrian mysteries

    Attached is the English section and figures from: Liu, Q., Luo, H.L., Chen, L.Z., Hu, S.X. 2006 Panlongia, a new trilobitomorph genus from the Lower Cambrian, Kunming, Yunnan. Acta Palaeontologica Sinica, 45(3):384-392
  5. Therapod Tooth - Albertosaurus?

    Albertosaurus did not occur in the Hell Creek Formation. The only Tyrannosaurs from HC are Nanotyrannus and T-Rex. You should ask what county in Montana. Hell Creek is the formation and getting additional information about the location will help. Does look like a Tyrannosaur tooth to me though.
  6. Therapod Tooth - Albertosaurus?

    This one inch robust tooth came out of Hell Creek Montana and labeled as Albertosaurus. Does that appear correct? Can one tell the difference from other therapods in the region? Thank you in advance
  7. Cretaceous fish coprolite?

    Very interesting, thank you for your insight.
  8. Ptychodus04’s Fossil Fish Prepapalooza

    That's a tasty plate of fish you've got there, Kris. Well done, of course.
  9. Odd tooth-like item from Cookiecutter Creek

    hmmm....another new something to learn about. Interesting find! congrats! Regards, Chris
  10. sedimentary rocks or fossils?

    Very nice! I thought they might be sandstone so that is why I wasn't totally sure it was a fossil. I will have to keep my eyes open for these next time I go.
  11. Ptychodus04’s Fossil Fish Prepapalooza

    This slab is finished. I think it turned out pretty nice but took way too long for a handful of sardines! The fins are stellar. Since I abraided them at a measly 8psi, I was able to keep from blowing them off. For the missing bits on the two middle fish, I simply darkened the matrix with Paraloid. These bits peeled off when we split the slab in the quarry but we couldn’t tell at the time.
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  13. Time Lapse Prep

    The final Video(s) for this specimen!!
  14. Ummmm odd!

    Are u pretty sure? It is kind of cool looking
  15. Chicxulub impact acidified the ocean instantly

    After all. How may huge impacts have there been but with no huge fossil beds around them? Not talking worldwide in these cases but as local.
  16. Chicxulub impact acidified the ocean instantly

    Yes. But what if the impact while major wasn’t the disaster invisioned. IE what if many of the creatures alive then survived the impact but the environment effects are what caused the biodiversity explosion that occurred afterwards. There are theory’s that believe that great environmental stresses speed up the evolution of species as “Mother Nature” tries out new models to cope with said stresses. Just speaking hypothetically of course. theres a whole stretch of time where there were no large animals and we all know how few small mammals and stuff get fossilized..
  17. New Mazon Creek Collection

    Terrific collection! I love cracking open nodules. It's highly addictive. Two must haves if you're into mazon creek or just love the Carboniferous. The Mazon Creek Fossil Flora by jack wittry. And Richardson's guide to The Fossil Fauna of Mazon Creek. Charles w. Shabica and Andrew a. Hay editors. Wonderful books. What do you use to for pics? Nice close-ups.
  18. Ummmm odd!

    Water worn rock. Not a fossil.
  19. Found in coastal georgia miocene

    Broken whale tooth, I think.
  20. when does archaeology become paleontology?

    Dates like 30K for "anatomically modern" humans are a subjective prejudice imposed by western anthropologists. H.sapiens has been H. sapiens for a good long time as evidenced by finds from South and East Africa where evidence of art and culture suggest a fully modern brain. There is still much bias in the science today.
  21. Found in coastal georgia miocene

    Found this diving coastal georgia. Not sure what it is. 3.5" in length. 1/2" in diameter. Found in same location as whale verts, horse teeth, meg teeth, and great whites. Any help is appreciated.
  22. The 2019-2020 Fossil Season, Peace River Group Hunt Thread

    Sounds like a good idea! I would be interested in hunting the Zolfo Springs area. Having only started hunting fossils this year I have not had the opportunity to dig in Zolfo Springs. I am always ready for a new adventure and it would be great to meet some other Florida hunters.
  23. Hi gang, been awhile...I was puzzling over these two items below again. Found several years ago here in Florida. One a possible osteoderm? and the other an ungual? Mio/Pliocene? or Pleistocene? in age. First specimen I thought was some type of tortoise armor, has a concentric wafer shape and is about 3 cm across and about 1cm thick. Under closer inspection there appears to be an odd fracturing going along the outside and also some minor cracking which appears to be forming a hexagonal outline/pattern....Just a coincidence? Do any glyptothere osteoderms show an internal hexagonal pattern? Left photo is ventral? and the far right photo is the opposite side--dorsal view? Middle photo highlites the fracturing/cracking patterns.... 2nd specimen I thought was a tortoise ungual but in looking at several older threads I'm now wondering if it looks more like it might belong to a glyptothere? Its only about 2cm long. Thanks for any/all help. Regards, Chris
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