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  2. My Trilobite Drawings

    If you posted this on April 1st I would have assumed you were pulling our collective legs with this photograph. Drawing? I think not! I am astounded.
  3. INVITE - Annual pilgrimage through NY

    The early forecast is looking good; partly sunny with a high in the mid 50's for DSR on Saturday. Hopefully that continues to hold true. Any idea what time folks are planning to meet up Saturday?
  4. You're welcome! Banning is not something we do frivilously.... Probably best to avoid broaching the subject frivilously too.
  5. Lusitanichthys africanus

    Sweet! Did you prep it out a bit more?
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  7. Is this a fossil

    No enamel, no vestige of a root, no hint of an occlusal surface. All points towards suggestively shaped rock.
  8. Those things are too ugly to eat!
  9. Lusitanichthys africanus

    Nice one! Don
  10. Is this a fossil

    The best way to learn is to follow this forum - you'll quickly begin to get an idea about things like this. As Kane says, teeth tend to have at least a hint of an enamelled surface.
  11. Florida laws- help!!

    From one Florida novice to another. I got my start last year with a very well known guide and he had our entire group using regular shoves in the Peace River. I don't believe he would have done so if they were prohibited by law. I wouldn't assume "any bridge" on a road is a public access point. I would look for No Trespassing Signs and areas that appear to be used for parking on a regular basis. There is a map available on line of public access points for canoes/kayaks on the entire length of the Peace River. I believe it can be found by searching Florida Canoieng Trails or Florida Kayak Trails.
  12. Purchased/Gift Fossils

    A very small part of my collection is comprised of some gift and some purchased fossils. I've never paid more than $35.00 for a fossil. (Not including shipping) Yep. I'm a cheapskate.
  13. Possible Pleistocene Equus tooth?

    Hello again forum! I found this tooth eroded out of a cliff on the coast in Santa Barbara county, California. I'm fairly certain it is an upper m3 molar of an Equus but have been unable to determine the species or age of it. There is some matrix cemented onto the tooth face that I tried picking off but it is quite hard and wasn't being cooperative so I stopped to not damage it. Anyone have any leads that could point to it being either a Pleistocene or just older modern tooth? Or tips on how to remove the tooth face matrix without giving it a root canal? Thanks very much!
  14. Predator incisor

    Harry, Sorry for delay in thanking you for this great photo. I was in the Peace River Friday and a tributary creek today. I hope you own this specimen. Looks like the cusp is on the inside of incisor position. If your photo is a maxilla, my incisor is I3 upper left. Jack
  15. Is this a fossil

    Welcome to the Forum. Never think you are wasting anyone's time here; we all started somewhere, and we love to see what people find. Shark teeth would likely have an enamel surface texture, which this one unfortunately doesn't. Although it has the tantalizing shape of a very worn tooth, that is about as much of a similarity as one can get with this piece. That being said, perhaps you could say where in Minnesota this was found? We do have some great Minnesota members here who know the geology of the state quite intimately and might be able to tell you more about what you can expect to find.
  16. Is this a fossil

    Sweet - thanks! Any tips on how you could tell so quickly, so I don't waste anyone's time next time?
  17. Is this a fossil

    Its a rock.
  18. Is this a fossil

    Greetings! My lady friend and I are beginner rock collectors, and occasionally find something that seems fossil-like to our untrained eyes. This is one we felt seemed like a tooth; are we even in the ballpark? We found it in a gravel parking lot in central Minnesota. It isn't magnetically reactive, but that's about all we know!
  19. My Trilobite Drawings

    Thanks, Tim! I feel like I'm getting the hang of this a bit more with each one I do.
  20. My Trilobite Drawings

    Dude, ... that looks like a black and white photo! Amazing!!!!
  21. My Trilobite Drawings

    This one was a bit tricky because of the long spines, and ensuring they curve just right. If you zoom in, you can make out some of the pustular surface (I sometimes draw with a magnifier to inscribe very small details). This one is a collector's favourite (and happens to be part of the TFF logo!). Done using pencils (HB, H, 3B, 6B) on standard white bond paper.
  22. Pretty large sharkstooth found in Huntingtown MD, need ID

    Not interesting enough to risk having to deal with lawyers. Stalking rich/famous people is not what this web site is about. Don
  23. Novice seeking ID help

    Thank you hemipristis. I appreciate the confirmation.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Pretty large sharkstooth found in Huntingtown MD, need ID

    Thank you JohnJ for the edit!
  26. Pretty large sharkstooth found in Huntingtown MD, need ID

    Thank you for the ID fellas! I agree, should have posted directly into the forum. As far as the Clancy estate photos, come on man, might be slightly off topic but their pretty interesting. Jezz!! Ban me, IDK!! Lol!
  27. Novice seeking ID help

    Correct about the jaw piece w/teeth. Gator or croc. The pits in the jaw are the distinguishing feature. I also concur that it's likely recent.
  28. Pretty large sharkstooth found in Huntingtown MD, need ID

    Cosmopolitodus xiphodon, the immediate precursor to the Great White. There's argument about calling these teeth broad-form C. hastalis vs C. xiphodon, but I'm not going to get into it. There's an interesting article on the Great White lineage that includes these teeth on Elasmo.com Fine tooth!
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