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  2. rapp beach hunting

    Some very nice little teeth.
  3. Scalarituba

    That is a very nice looking piece!. It does not really look like the pictures of Scalarituba in the book I have, but the written description seems to fit your item much better and it is known from the Devonian of Ohio, so that seems like a reasonable guess. Maybe that is why I have always struggled with ichnofossil identification, a lot of variability and I'm just not familiar enough with it.
  4. Last Minute Fossil Hunt! Found Delphinodon!

    Love the Delphinodon tooth and the dolphin jaw as well as the three-toed horse tooth. Good to see the return of Duckman too.
  5. Yesterday
  6. oh, ok. i was thinking colors would narrow down the subject matter. thank you for clearing this up.
  7. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Nice gift box indeed. I like the Mammites... got to get one of those myself some day. Don't let it get washed too many times, it looks like material will be stripped off it each time. The coral is intriguing too, and the trilobite isn't a frankenfossil? If I knew it was kosher to include rocks in trades I could do it more often! Got plenty of Vancouver Island rhodonite...
  8. Pennsylvanian Clam?

    Yes, very definitely a bivalve. Looking at forms from the same age in eastern Ohio, this could be either a Phestia or Wilkingia. Hard to tell without being able to see the hinge teeth. But those two have this shape and the concentric ridges. Its somewhere to start.
  9. Trilobite Hunt in NSW

    Wow, Dan, what a great trip you had. Lots of wonderful finds, I particularly love the Sinespinaspis. And the bryozoan is gorgeous. It's great that you donated some to science as well.
  10. Quick walk down the beach in Wilmington

    Nice finds!
  11. Quick backyard walk

    Very nice finds! That last photo is a beautiful specimen.
  12. Pennsylvanian Clam?

    Found this one in the eroded limestone. It came out in two pieces. I believe it to be a clam. You can see it dimensionaly through the top. I'm still going to clean it up further.
  13. Novice seeking ID help

    Bleach (even mild) is pretty bad for bone. Modern bone is much better cleaned in hydrogen peroxide (stuff from the store is fine), just soak it in that full strength and see it that cleans it up any.
  14. Identifying layers of sediment

    Yes I did notice all the high banks are sloping downwards to the east. Ive found a few nice spots so far this is my first season there I’ve only been about 4 times. So far I found a mosasour tooth, a huge 1.5”+ sawfish rostral & I just found a vertebrae that I THINK is xiphactinus fish?? Any clue?
  15. Sometimes You Have To Whack It !!

    Yes, the freeze-thaw Annularia is a beauty and i rather like the Sedgwickia too.
  16. stolen fossils

    What wonderful and unexpected news! Hopefully they'll get the jaw back eventually too.
  17. researching obscure dinosaurs

    Sure. Primarily 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade programs. We have one 8th grade program coming up soon. Next fall we will have 5th, 6th, and 7th grade programs as well. The bulk of our work will be 2nd-5th grades though. We do a geology themed basic fossil program for the 2nd graders. 3rd grade is wildlife adaptations. 4th grade is wildlife adaptations plus note taking for an English standard. 5th grade we will do a water cycle program with a fossil tie. middle school is evolution and classification type science. Teachers can choose sharks or dinosaurs for 2-4 programs. 5th is sharks and whales.
  18. Canyon Lake odd balls - Texas Cretaceous

    thanks!! I'll keep looking!
  19. Aquasco shells

    Thanks for sharing. A very nice collection. I'm particularly fond of the scaphopods and the Cadulus are beauties.
  20. The color of your bone find is not a distinguishing characteristic. Maybe @LanceH or @BobWill can offer some insight.
  21. My Collection

    Thanks! That's correct, i've seen this determination used before so changed the ID and yes that's true! Locality may change everything
  22. My Collection

    Nice additions love sauropod material from Madagascar. Ive posted this many times but a revision in 2010 by Philip Mannion concluded that Bothriospondylus madagascariensis is a nomen dubium. Probably best identified as Eusauropoda indet. Of course there is still a question of locality which might change everything.
  23. Fossilized Eggs? Found in Missouri.

    I'd suggest (weathered) sandstone concretions with a secondary infilling. The standard mineral id tests done on the white rind and the filling would be informative. My artistic mind thinks of a piece of filled candy crunchy on the outside gooey on the inside.
  24. My Collection

    Thanks! Yes it is really cool to see how they compare in shape and size against each other.
  25. researching obscure dinosaurs

    Can I ask what is your age range that your education program is aimed at?
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