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  2. Take two, Geodized snail

    How hard/soft is the stone? Do you have access to an air abrader?
  3. sea urchin reconstruction

    Well done! A labor of love! Just curious. What kind of glue did you use?
  4. Monica- great finds and a great report- now you need to go back tomorrow and grab what you missed.
  5. sea urchin reconstruction

    Here my prep. Circopeltis baicherei from lower eocene of southwest France
  6. Pls. help me ID this-Is it fossilized coral geode?

    Nice specimen, I wonder if our friend my be able to help @TqB
  7. Take two, Geodized snail

    Of course! Does this better show it off? I hope this isnt just a poorly identified dud!
  8. Pls. help me ID this-Is it fossilized coral geode?

    Thank you!
  9. Today
  10. July 2019 - Finds of the Month Entries

    Hey @Sinopaleus, I see you are still carrying that trick 2cm rock pick around with you. Honestly, how big would you have to estimate that beast was in life?
  11. Take two, Geodized snail

    Can you please provide pictures of the other sides on this? So far as I can see that round shape on it does not coil.
  12. I found this 'geodized snail' in a 25lb lot of kentucky geodes I got off of online years ago. I'm going to call it a geodized snail till one of you corrects me because thats how the seller referred to it in the post. Again, I haven't really prepped a fossil up to this point but I've gathered some information from this forum! From what I've gathered an airscribe would be a good way to start? Would it be safe to attempt to chisel off the larger chunk of matrix?
  13. sea urchin reconstruction

    Ha! What a job. But it looks very delicate now... What kind of glue did you use? How do you know which spines belong where, or were you just guessing? I assume they weren't all found in one spot, too, and probably belonged to several individuals in life, or am I wrong?
  14. Day 1 of South Dakota- 7/22/19

    To clarify, I'm traveling with PaleoProspectors, an organization which takes groups onto private ranches to hunt for fossils in the White River, Lance, Hell Creek and Judith River formations across NE, WY, SD&ND and MT. It's an absolute blast and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in hunting for dinosaurs and other fossils. What's even better is that you keep everything you find unless it's deemed scientifically valuable.
  15. Pls. help me ID this-Is it fossilized coral geode?

    It looks like the agatized coral we get here in the Tampa Bay region. That’s a beauty!
  16. sea urchin reconstruction

    It's glued to your fingers, isn't it?Just kidding, looks great.
  17. Ordovician Collecting Day 3- St. Leon, Indiana

    It's certainly the case around here, but I hear about it elsewhere too. The law of diminishing returns - More people, more competition (not just for fossils, but for land etc, which affects the accessibility of fossils).
  18. sea urchin reconstruction

    Thanks this thing was more of a pain in the than most crab preping
  19. Fossil Identification in Western Wisconsin

    As far as I understand, my area of the world would've been called something like "Laurentia" millions of years ago that was near the equator under an ocean. Hence the vast amount of sea fossils. But upon reading, sandstone I guess is generally shoreline sediment. Does the one part of the rock that's darker look like sandstone?
  20. Fossil Identification in Western Wisconsin

    This is what's called a "hash rock". A solidified chunk of ancient sea floor filled with all sorts of fossil goodies. Let's hope someone more familiar with the fauna of the area chimes in with some probable IDs. All I see so far are shell pieces.
  21. Three fossils for ID

    "Dude" you may want to separate the items and photograph individually. Your camera can't focus on all three. Its focusing on tge closest item and thus causing an out of focus condition for the others. The old adage: Less is more.
  22. Fossil-Hounds Fossil Prep

    Thank you Jason. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.
  23. Marine fossil with color

    Hi Plantguy, yep, the shaking has stopped for now....."shake & bake" how much can I take? I had just started digging these fossils out of sandstones about 5 years ago and I was indeed amazed at how some, like you say looked like they just died and others looked so old that they were ready to fall apart. Yup....really cool stuff!!!
  24. Day 1 of South Dakota- 7/22/19

    You are certainly on the right trail. There has been mention in your posts of being with other people. I may have missed this in a previous post, but are you in a traveling group touring several states or just happen to be visiting popular sites?
  25. Three fossils for ID

    The large bone looks like a chicken femur to me, though I could be mistaken. The small white fossil on the blue paper is a piece of hinge from an inoceramid clam. Don
  26. sea urchin reconstruction

    great job!
  27. Part of a segmented fossil?

    Ah oh, I can tell you're a gonner already! Good luck to ya and don't hesitate to show us more fossil goodies.
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