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  2. Stegoceras vertebrae!

    Nope not dinosaurian some if not all look like the amphibian Scapherpeton
  3. Prepping a double block

    You are an artist! Don
  4. Time Lapse Prep

    It is easy... once you’ve done it for more than half your life.
  5. Stegoceras vertebrae!

    Hi I recently found theses online are they Stegoceras vertebrae? the small ones are 0.5 mm to 13 mm the larger ones are 0.7 mm to 15 mm and there from the dinosaur park formation of Alberta thanks.
  6. Roadcut location-help needed please!

    I was there last spring. I climbed to the top of the exposure, but it was steep and tough. There are fossils in all of the layers. Probably best to visit after a good amount of rain, provided no one else, especially a large group has scoured all of the best stuff. I would definitely bring a hammer and chisel. You might just find the perfect fossil on a rock that's otherwise too big to carry home. I found a nautiloid when I was scouting the top and I didn't have my tools with me. Fortunately I was able to break up the rock by lifting it and throwing it down. Eventually the nautiloid popped out in a few pieces I was able to glue back together. Good luck.
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  8. Calvert Cliffs Tooth or Bone?

    Fish bone, fragmented.
  9. Extraordinary Common Teeth

    Small matrix piece .. Echinorhinus blakei "Pecten Point" ~15.5 - 16 Ma Early Middle Miocene Lower Roundmountain Silt Kern County, ~9 miles NNE of Bakersfield, CA
  10. Unkown Bone.

    Picture two looks awfully like atlas vertebra of bison priscus bone I found in Pleistocene layer month ago.
  11. Unkown Bone.

    Let's try @Boesse It would help tremendously if you had more information on it in regards to location found, deposit age, etc.
  12. Unkown Bone.

  13. Unkown Bone.

    It’s a Cetacean Atlas Maybe? It looks a lot like Allodelphis
  14. Unkown Bone.

  15. Unkown Bone.

    Atlas, likely bison.
  16. Vertebrae ID

    That looks like an ancient bison or aurochs vertebra with lots of broken parts. Possibly a bison priscus dorsal vertebra. I found this bison priscus bone few months ago in Pleistocene layer.
  17. Humboldt County, Ca, Pleistocene Vertebrates

    P.S. I took know of this secret location. I will be making a voyage here in November with the rest of my class. I’ll post some findings here when I do. -Nick
  18. Unkown Bone.

    or possibly an axis. Looks like it was found in a marine environment. If it's light weight, and from the sea, it's most likely modern, but not necessarily marine.
  19. Hyperlioceras sp. + Sonninia sp.

    You certainly did them justice! Very beautiful prep job.
  20. Stromatolite info

    So are the stromatolites!
  21. They migrate single file like lobsters. Pretty neat to know!
  22. Unkown Bone.

    Looks to be an atlas vertebra, of what I can't answer.
  23. Heading out to Florissant

    Lol, I should probably change my location!
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