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  2. I’ll tell you that I spoke to Pete Larson on this bone several months ago. He also recommended to pass on it. The distal end looks recognizable the other end is a hot mess. He also stated that if it were a Tyrannosaur metatarsal then it should be much longer considering the diameter. I know the seller said it came in fragments and he had to nearly totally rebuild it. So it could be a correct ID and just maybe wasn’t pieced back together perfectly.
  3. Kem Kem Theropod Tooth

    It looks like a small Carch tooth to me buddy
  4. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    That large ammonite-filled rock is spectacular. Never knew fossils were that dense there. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    Thanks caldigger, we had more than a great time. The scenery is breathtaking and every where we went, fossils are all over.
  6. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    Our first stop on the second day is Devonian with abundance orthoceras every where on the round. My son found a large bivalves there and we collect a few piece of orthoceras.
  7. Great info on the Judith River Tyrannosaur denticle counts Frank. Thank you!
  8. Lines on therapod tooth

    If asked to throw out a name, I would call them "enamel pleats".
  9. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    The ones I have from Kem Kem came labeled as Onchopristis numudus. It looks like you had a great time. I guess the "well excursion" is definately not for the claustrophobic!
  10. Learning About Antarctic Dinosaurs at New Exhibit

    Very cool exhibition- thank you for sharing pictures! I was just at the NHMLA for a SocalPaleo meeting but I didn't have time to see inside. The science is cool but it's crazy how interesting it would be to go the to top/bottom of the world to look for fossils. Suffering through the ice and freezing temperatures to collect essentially rocks. Quite amazing that we can do that. Reminds me of the Norwegian expeditions to Svalbard to study marine reptiles in tundra. It is nice to see dinos advertised front and center at the park.
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  12. Need to Repair Plant Fossil in Shale

    Marielle, you might have something similar to these for your fern fronds. Lygenopteris hoeninghousi Jefferson County, Alabama
  13. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    Thanks jpc. I is good to know what it is.
  14. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    The third location of the day is also right off the highway. We didn't bring any tools so we couldn't dig but we manage to find a rock with 2 Phacops inside
  15. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    cool...the broken one is the base of a saw fish rostral tooth....Pristichampsus? I do not know Kem Kem fossils as well as some folks on here. Looks like fun. The well dive looks like fun...
  16. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    The next location is just next to the road and there are plenty of ammonites and orthoceras in the rock. We only came to check on the fossils and took picture since we can't break them off the rock. A local guy gave me son a small rock with 3 ammonites in there.
  17. Kem Kem Theropod Tooth

    I need a little help on this Kem Kem theropod tooth. It is listed as .8" but I think it is smaller than that based on one of the pictures. It is listed as a Dromaeosaur tooth. It does not look like an Abelisaur tooth but could it be a small Carch tooth ? I do not know so I thought I would put on the forum to get some opinions.
  18. yes, blood vessels... on the top (anterior) side, or even both sides. .
  19. Yeah, this is what I would like to see, but I am not holding my breath. I would say that the 'obviously' in your second sentence is not necessarily obvious; in some countries, no fossils may be collected , even on private land.
  20. One More Cabinet Almost Full?

    That's not a barnacle... It's a Paleontologist's cup holder!
  21. I am back from my trip to morocco. It is a 14 days trip and I got 4 days for fossil hunting. It was so imagine, fossils are everywhere and even though I won't be able to dig, I still get plenty to bring home. Since my guide doesn't speak good English, I am not be able to ask him must so I need help to identify the fossil. On the first day, my guide took me to a place near Erfoud to search for dinosaur teeth. It is very close to the highway. We found a well that the local people dig to get Spinosaur teeth and bone. My husband went down to one but couldn't find anything because the well is new and it is not deep enough. We didn't want to try the deeper one so we decide to bought some spinosaur teeth from the local people there. This tooth is a little over 4.5 inches and I think there are some prepare but I can't tell how much. I also bought 3 smaller teeth and was giving the broken one which I don't know what it is.
  22. Need to Repair Plant Fossil in Shale

    I would use super glue to repair it as well. You never want to use white glue on a fossil as it degrades over time (takes several decades but it happens and it’s nasty when it does). Then, if the cracks really bother you, you can fill them with an epoxy putty and paint it.
  23. How to preserve soft fossil wood?

    Have you tried drying it slowly? Typically, a controlled slow drying will keep fossils from falling apart during the drying process. You could the. Apply Paraloid or the like to preserve it.
  24. Devonian Brachiopod

    I agree; my first thought was productid. I'd love to see what it looks like prepped out! It might be more identifiable once prepped as well.
  25. Arizona fossil sites??

    I have never heard of any restrictions on tourist taking invertebrate or plant fossils out of the US. You can always mail them to Yourself if You are worried about carrying them through the horrors of the modern airport.
  26. Need to Repair Plant Fossil in Shale

    It was found in a coal mine in Alabama (not by me).
  27. Fossil ID

    I'm not seeing fossil here either. But that, in and of itself, may be the OP's best hope that it is something. Good luck.
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