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  2. North Sulphur River Texas!

    It's still a slow project. I haven't seen any land being cleared yet. They will probably survey for years. I still have a plenty of spots once the build it that should be good. Just message me when that happens and I can help you out where to go.
  3. Great photos hopfully we can get some clarification on these different morphologies. Just could be positional variations or normal differences between animals.
  4. Invertebrates

    My main interest is fossil fish, but here in this album, you will only find invertebrates: Fossils from Solnhofen, Messel, Holzmaden, Liaoning, Bundenbach, Green River, Linton, Mazon Creek, Monte Bolca, Fiume Marecchia... Have fun!
  5. Hungry Hollow Member

    Nice trip Kane!!! Great finds
  6. Great White or Carcharocles Angustidens

    I totally understand what you're saying. I wasn't worried about you guys taking my honey hole. I just can't narrow it down because its the only accessible spot in the area and it wouldn't be hard for a guest to figure out my spot. I do know the formation I'm pulling these from so next time I will make sure to add that when I have a new mystery. Thank you.
  7. Mammoth Tooth?

    Uh ha, a molcisor from a mammodon. Google that one.
  8. Identifying layers of sediment

    The vert and the rostral were in the same shovel scoop as well which was crazy
  9. Identifying layers of sediment

    Yeah I was pretty pumped when I saw it in the tray lol the root structure is all intact too luckily!
  10. Help

    I was searching for that name in my head as I was typing it and was drawing a blank, ha. Agreed.
  11. Don't Fossil Hunt Adjacent to Gun Ranges

    Whole-heartedly agree with you Carl.
  12. Don't Fossil Hunt Adjacent to Gun Ranges

    We did end up reporting the incident with the sheriff so I hope something is done about it. I don't think it is the shooter's fault as much as poor placement and structure of the range. I'm a southern boy, some label me crimson-necked (forum wouldn't let me post the other word, hah), I think guns are great tools and I know how to responsibly use them. And normally I would feel very safe around them except when I'm unknowingly downrange.
  13. Today
  14. Theropod Teeth Morphology - Kem Kem Basin

    Hope you don't mind, Troodon, but I thought I'd add photos of my latest Theropod indet. tooth to this thread for reference, since it doesn't seem to match any of the currently known tooth morphologies. - Robust profile. - Mesial carina extends 1/2 way down the mesial margin. - Distal carina reaches cervix. - No wrinkled enamel. - No apparent interdental succuli. Denticle count at midline (over 5mm): Mesial: 13 Distal: 10 Mesial Margin: Distal Margin: Cross Section: Denticle comparison (distal carina) with Carcharodontosaurid tooth of approx. same size: Theropod indet Carch. indet Serrations appear to be slightly smaller/thinner, with wider spacing between each denticle on close inspection.
  15. Predation Marks on Hebertella?

    Agree with Medio &Tidgy there BTW: brachpredatbullmarsci29320653_s12.pdf Michal Kowalewski* and Karl W. Flessa BULLETIN OF MARINE SCIENCE, 66(2): 405–416, 2000 *author of some high-end(quantitative) brachiopod taphonomy literature a documented case/paywalled: Cephalopod Predation on a Desmoinesian Brachiopod from the Naco Formation, Central Arizona David K. Elliott and Douglas C. Brew Journal of Paleontology Vol. 62, No. 1 (Jan., 1988), pp. 145-147
  16. Don't Fossil Hunt Adjacent to Gun Ranges

    Just one quick comment. It's this pervasive mythology that the South is all crazy and dangerous or cities are all crazy and dangerous based on a few bad stories that keeps us divided and stuck in a primitive past. I prefer my fossils in the primitive past and my people in the communal future. I'll hunt fossils anywhere with anyone and continually look forward to collecting with my brothers and sisters of the deep past anywhere they may be.
  17. Yet Another Phytosaur Prep

    Spend another 3 hours on the Super Jack attack last night. I’m in the process of removing the mass of matrix between the squamosals. Total time is now 48 hours.
  18. ID if you dare

    I emailed Dr. Richard Hulbert at the Fl Museum of Natural History. I was just super curious about that bone! Couldn't help myself. He probably gets a plethora of emails asking for IDs.
  19. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    Lol, those are only half of the brachiopods we collected. Many are still embedded in hash plates. I’m having a difficult time removing them without breakage.
  20. Don't Fossil Hunt Adjacent to Gun Ranges

    These (and a 'sliding dumbbell' type) were first developed for Naval warfare: dis-rigging ships. They made terrifying anti-personnel ordinance, but were less effective than canister shot shells against a mass charge.
  21. Predation Marks on Hebertella?

    I think it's marks left by epibionts that were fused to the shell and either broke off or slightly bored into it. The edge piece, weakened by the borings has broken off.
  22. Don't Fossil Hunt Adjacent to Gun Ranges

    Agree about reporting this to the Sheriff. At a minimum they will make a record of it and the range operator will very likely get a visit from someone he will take much more seriously. If those bullets came from the range it is a very serious public safety issue indeed and you have a responsibility to report it and ID where the bullets were falling so that the issue can be solved. As for the guns thing... I will bite my lip and just say I am around loaded guns 50 to 100 days a year and typically with a gaggle of "southerners" holding said guns and I always feel perfectly safe. It's more about the company you keep than the tool imo.
  23. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    Oh, my giddy aunt!
  24. What is it?

    Yes, the texture on those pieces does not look like plant to me. I can't wait to see the amphibian jaw!
  25. fish or reptile

    It took me a while but I'm bringing more photos of the specimen. I'm starting to think it's rather a bone or maybe a plesiosaur tooth... Awaiting your opinions :-)
  26. Triarthrus eatoni from Vermont

    That's smashing.
  27. unknown Kemkem fossil

    Thank you guys! I'll go look for some papers and photo's to compare And of course prep some more, I will try sandblasting in a few days
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