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  2. St Paul Stone Quarry

    I answered my own question. A direct call to the quarry was all it took. I was told as an individual, all you needed to do is give them a few days notice and they could accommodate !!! Group hunts require more timing with the quarry. This is so unlike quarries from my experience where individuals are not allowed. So, around the weekend of June 6th, I will be visiting them. Raggedy Man, did you want to meet up? Have you been up my way lately?? Next, seeing that I will be blindly entering the quarry, any suggestions on how to explore the quarry from those who have visited?? Mike
  3. Jalama Beach, Santa Barbara, First Fish

    Oh, now I got it! It is not exploded, it is a Picasso fish.
  4. Great, let me know please if you find anything
  5. Jalama Beach, Santa Barbara, First Fish

    This is what happens when you hold them in. Let this be a lessen kids!
  6. Jalama Beach, Santa Barbara, First Fish

    Ever hear of "killer farts"!!!!
  7. St Paul Stone Quarry

    @Raggedy Man posted this a few years ago. I have always wanted to visit this quarry. Does anyone know how the quarry currently operates ? Does ESCONI have any trips planned there? Now that I am retired, I am at liberty to visit about any time!!!!! Just need to know how. Posted June 1, 2016 (edited) Many people have expressed interest in hunting the Waldron at the St.Paul Stone Quarry, but due to not being involved with a club access is denied.....or is it? It is my pleasure to announce major changes in access to this bucket list quarry. *Update and Changes* Instead of organized club trips on Fridays, a series of Saturday open collecting opportunities have been initiated. At this time, there are two dates available with more possibly to follow. Those dates are: May 21st(past) and July 16th. Those interested in collecting need to show up at the quarry office between 7:30 am and 8:00 am (Eastern Time) to sign waivers and probably receive on-site training
  8. Hi i think i have some from the french eocen, just need to find them and to check if there s some i could trade.
  9. Carch. Or Abelisaur Tooth?

    Maybe Deltadromeus could be a candidate ?
  10. Mystery fossil with two members

    Did the other two members that were with you find anything or are you the "King of the Hill" with this piece? Nice find!
  11. ID Request

    Thanks all. A chert nodule it must be. Your knowledge and experience is greatly appreciated.TFF is a great resource.
  12. Carch. Or Abelisaur Tooth?

    This tooth I found online recently has me a bit stumped. The seller lists it as belonging to Bahariasaurus, but I can't find even probable images of a tooth from one to compare. * Forgot to say, it is from the Kem Kem. The denticles don't look too much like an Abelisaurid, but the side profile of the tooth seems a bit odd for a Carcharodontosaurid. The mesial carina also appears to only extend roughly 1/2 down the face of the tooth. Denticle count at midline (from what I can fathom): Mesial: 16/5mm Distal: 11/5mm This is the only photo, I'm afraid... I know how difficult it is to identify anything without detailed photos, but does anyone have any rougj thoughts as to what this one might belong to?
  13. Help please possible bone?

    Thank you so much for your help! Exactly as I thought but always best to hear it from someone else too
  14. ID 3 species in a Permian themed exhibit

    I don't think any of these are from the Permian, The ammonites were not around at the time, Very few trilobites were left and the one there looks like it is from the devonian a member of phacopina maybe drotops? The crinoids I am not sure about. Not sure this is what you were asking but hope it helps.
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  16. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    Nice Greenops pygidium. Congratulations.
  17. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    While cleaning one of my rocks from Penn Dixie this morning, this little guy popped out.
  18. Sometimes You Have To Whack It !!

    I will soak it in water and brush it lightly with a toothbrush, if that does not work, I will soak it in vinegar for a little and brush it.
  19. Gainesville Mystery Tooth

    I agree. I have similar ones from Lee Creek.
  20. ID 3 species in a Permian themed exhibit

    I just went to this traveling exhibit in a museum in a city where my brother lives that it is about the animals and life in the Permian period and I got pictures of 3 fossils, an ammonite, a trilobite and a crinoid but I don’t know what species and genus they are?
  21. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    I was happy to contribute Wow, am I ever tired this morning!!! The border crossing on the way back was MUCH longer than on the way there. I definitely chose the wrong line - the Canadian border agent seemed to hold up many cars/mini-vans, including ours. I think he was a little wary when I mentioned we had been collecting fossils, and when I showed him one of my finds as well as an article on Penn Dixie he closed his door and we had to wait. Then he asked what it was that I showed him - I said a trilobite - he asked if it was a kind of insect - I said it was an extinct animal that lived almost 400 million years ago - he closed the door again - after a few minutes he let us go. Hopefully our long wait will make it easier for other fossil-collectors crossing into Canada in the future if they happen to get that particular border agent I'll post pictures as soon as my stuff is washed up...
  22. Big teeth at Brownies Beach?

    Hello everybody. My girlfriend and I are making one last trip to Brownies tomorrow before it costs 40 dollars for us to get in (barf). But I've had some questions about it. We have gone one time before, and were unable to get past the one little point/corner, but still found over 200 teeth, which was awesome, however most of the teeth were small, tiny even. Are there any tips or places to find some bigger teeth in the area? I've heard the farther south you go, AKA past the point we couldn't get past last time, the teeth tend to get bigger. And is sifting a viable option to finding bigger teeth? I'm not looking for Meg sized teeth, more or less looking for decent sized teeth, and maybe a bigger Hemi or two any tips for the recovery of larger teeth at Brownie's Beach/Bayfront Park is appreciated! Thanks so much! -Snag
  23. Arrowhead and sharks teeth

    Woohoo!! you guys are awesome!!!!!
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