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  2. Natural History Museum of Maastricht

    Dr. John Jagt has spoken to me about his work at the museum many times. To finally see photos of the displays is a real pleasure. Thanks for posting, Kevin.
  3. So I was hunting for sharks teeth in my special secret spot not too far from home and I found something very unusual. In this area but not this specific honey hole, I have found fossil (deer bones, deer teeth, muskrat jaws, sand tiger shark teeth, Hemis, Bulls, Lemons, Meg pieces, one beat up small Meg, Mako teeth, and many broken larger shark tooth roots with large cusps on them. I know that cusped teeth are not common in Florida only really the sand tigers have them. Now I know what some people are going to suggest this tooth is. (I have posted a similar tooth to this one before asking for Identification). However this find has excited me so much. This is by far the nicest tooth to come from my special spot and I'm pretty sure its not a Chub Megalodon. Please share this with anyone who can give me a truly positive answer on what this tooth really is. Of all the Megatoothed shark teeth I have found this one is now my most unique. The area that this came out of is very under researched. All maps I have of it state Miocene with notes saying that the area is very data barren and that the sediment is mixed. I'm digging into the clay most of the time here and the colors are usually amazing since the tannin from the river hasn't touched some of these teeth yet. I want all of you'r honest opinions on this tooth. The cusps are well defined with a thick root and a thin tooth. This is also the second tooth of similar size that I have found here with the same cusps.
  4. Weird shape on a rock

    Looks like a chert nodule to me. Hello, and a very warm welcome to The Fossil Forum from Morocco.
  5. Fossil id, uk.,somerset

    Hello and a very warm welcome to the Fossil Forum from Morocco! It is nice to see a fellow Welshman on the site. Cymru am byth. And i found my very first fossils on Kilve beach 50 years ago. When you are typing a message, underneath it will be a paperclip symbol with 'choose files ' in blue. Clicking on this will allow access to saved photos. Or at least that's how it works on my laptop.
  6. Weird shape on a rock

    Before we crack this open - I wanted everyone’s opinion on this rock we found. Located off the Catawba River in Rock Hill, SC in a dried up creek.
  7. Wyoming baculite

    What a wonderful display piece this is, with an interesting (and beautiful!) preservation. I see that Tim posted some similar specimens in an older post here on the forum. Collecting looks good out there!
  8. Rays tooth (Ukraine) ?

    Help please with ID, if possible Ukraine, Lviv region.
  9. Wyoming baculite

    that is a nice one.
  10. Today
  11. Kem Kem ribs ID

    Thanks Troodon, looking at the two similar ones, maybe you are right, the curved bottom part looks different though in shape, it doesn't have the little indented ridge on it but instead has a protruding ridge and it is hollow inside unlike the other two
  12. Fossil Spots Around Me

    Many wise words have already been said! The sites around me are not spectacular in any way, but: That´s the reason why I share some sites with the public. Well, the other reason is very selfish: Its easy pickings after someone else has dug at particular sites. Nobody takes everything, most people collect only the big stuff (which is rare at these sites), and after some rain everything is clean and some nice fossils are just laying around: However, there are some sites (about 5) on the map in the topic linked above, that are so nice (as usual quite small, but well exposed, with many fossils visible), that I have not picked anything from these sites myself. I will nobody tell, which spots, I am really hoarding these. I am only collecting at sites that are not well exposed and already somewhat prone to destruction by mother nature (see the visited sites in the link above, but there are some more). Most of these "public" sites are now better exposed then when I found them, some sites have not really changed since then. And there are many sites on this map, that are are also not of the nice-type, but would be worth some detailed exploration, aka light digging (about 10 sites) - what I have not done yet. Maybe I will do this somewhere in the future, maybe not. I don´t know. I would like to share more sites than I have done, but there is a major obstacle: The area is heavily populated, but the creeks in the forests are very steep and the sites are usually at very steep slopes, hence most of them are not easy to reach. And it is not easy to give proper directions. You can give coordinates, of course, but which way to take is a different matter. Btw, the map above is the result of about 100 hours of prospecting during about 2 years. Franz Bernhard
  13. Sharkriver New Jersey

    Great stuff for shark river. The chub, cow, and bivalve really make the trip.
  14. Wyoming baculite

  15. Sharks tooth (Ukraine) ?

    Hello! Is it possible to identify? Ukraine, Lviv region.
  16. Kem Kem ribs ID

    Sorry cannot help you with an ID on these rib fragments but can say that there are lots of Crocodyliforms in the Kem Kem that take different shapes and sizes that would fit your specimens. Very few publications are out there to compare against.
  17. Count me in again Doren. Within the U.S.. Do you still have my address.
  18. Clubmoss Rootstock?

    Ugh, theres nothing like a nomadic moocher!
  19. Fossil id, uk.,somerset

    Could anyone help me identify these fossils i found them on kilve beach somerset hoe do i upload pics
  20. Kem Kem ribs ID

  21. Fossil Spots Around Me

    Human nature can be an unpredictable thing, so I echo the need to take the time to get to know the other guy before sharing anything of real value. I’ve had best success in sharing important sites with collectors experienced enough to have found good sites on their own, and been burned by others. This leaves people with the deepest understanding of site value. Also, since they’ve found many of their own sites, they are less likely to rationalize making my site their personal “forever site”, racing me there every time the conditions are good. Red carpet goes out first to collectors who offer their good sites first, whether I take them up on their offer or not. It shows maturity and responsibility up front. All that said, I maintain a short list of sites to send people I don’t know well, as helping people is satisfying. I just try to help in a way that establishes personal boundaries, so I’m not left holding a sack o’ woe, again. Remember, adults show up at the community table prepared to to give something equal or greater than what they expect to take away.
  22. Wyoming baculite

    That is extremely cool!
  23. Brookville and St. Leon, Indiana Fossil Hunt

    Great variety of finds, Ralph! Thanks for the post.
  24. Brookville and St. Leon, Indiana Fossil Hunt

    These are the fossilsI grew up on. Thanks for the nostalgic look back.
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