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  2. Penn Dixie 2019 Dig With the Experts

    That's how it's worked in the past. I don't work in the office where they handle such things, I'm just a field grunt, lol.
  3. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    Doren @caldigger you need one of these hats when you are out in the field digging for shark teeth.
  4. Species Name Changes Against ICZN Code

    Renaming species for "political correctness" reasons would be a great way to destroy taxonomy. There is an endless supply of reasons to be offended. How about the fact that many more species are named for men than women? Maybe we should make a list of all the species named after men and rename half of them for women? The whole point of the system of rules based on priority is to maintain stability so people will know exactly what species is being discussed. It's hard enough to keep track of name changes for valid reasons (synonymies, revisions of genera, etc) without having changes every few years based on who doesn't like this or that person or gender or race or whatever. Anyone who would support that is not a biologist (or a paleontologist). Don
  5. Show Us Your Best Dinosaur Tooth!

    Beautiful tooth..congrats Nice size excellent pickup Great find congrat....FYI Albertosaurus is not known from the Judith its either a Gorgosaurus or Daspletosaurus so best ID as Tyrannosaurid indet
  6. Penn Dixie 2019 Dig With the Experts

    Gotcha. Thank you! (I’ve been wondering why I hadn’t received anything other than an order confirmation.)
  7. Species Name Changes Against ICZN Code

    I'm not sure non-US scientists would be as up in arms about that.
  8. Favorite Trilobites In Your Collection!

    Another Oklahoma trilo, one of my favorite overall. Ketternaspis Williamsi, Haragan Formation, Clarita OK, Devonian. About 1.05 inches in length. This is the bug that bite me, which started my addiction (collection).
  9. Species Name Changes Against ICZN Code

    In my opinion, science should not take into account politics, religions or any other subject outside its field. A scientific name is a scientific name. If we accept these changes, scientific names are useless ! Their main purpose is to recognize them throughout the world whatever our language... That’s my opinion. Coco
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  11. It to hard to choose but I do really like the Permian amongst overs, this very turbulent time even with the mass extinction that almost ended life on Earth as we know it. In my opinion had some of the most sublime creatures roaming the Permian landscapes.
  12. Mt. Tzouhalem (Tzuhalem), Vancouver Island

    Buy a lot with a pile of shale on it, extract the fossils, by then the price of land will go up, sell the land and you will be a rich man with a load of fossils! If Only. Some of my best sites for LARGE orthocone cephalopods come from housing developments in Rochester, Minnesota. When a new development begins, I have about a month to find treasures before it is too late. You later look at the new homes and think of what lays just underneath the manicured grass. At least I had a window of opportunity. If homes were not built, I would not have found the cephalopods! Cup half filled philosophy. Mike I just looked at Mt. Tzouhlem on google earth. They are just destroying the north side of the mountain. Now the cup is half empty.
  13. Measuring length of a tooth?

    I found that the scientific community looks at measurements a bit different than the commercial one. Dino Teeth there is crown height and tooth length Crown height : CH and if the tooth contains a root the tooth length is from the tip to the base of the root. For commercial sellers they just measure the length of a tooth from tip to base regardless of how much root is present.. So their listing is typically the entire length. For shark teeth most comercial sellers measure a tooth on the diagonal from the tip to the edge of the longest root unless they mention otherwise in their listing.
  14. Favorite Trilobites In Your Collection!

    Wow very nice plate you have there. The picture makes them seem a little smaller.
  15. Favorite Trilobites In Your Collection!

    Very nice. The top one looks like it has had little to no resto on it. Do you know if that's accurate? I could be wrong, but it's awful nice to see a russian trilo looking not perfect for once.
  16. Favorite Trilobites In Your Collection!

    They are about 5,2 cm, 5,0 cm and 2,6 cm.
  17. Florida teeth, bone, and vertebrae

    @Shellseeker I don't know how important earbones are to you, but if you would like it, I can send it to you. Not sure if I truly found it anyways, or whether someone threw it into my screen. Mike
  18. Favorite Trilobites In Your Collection!

    Do you have measurements on any of them? It would be interesting to know for me at least. I always thought this species looked like an alien, haha.
  19. Penn Dixie 2019 Dig With the Experts

    Your name would just go on the list and when you check in they will just check for you on the list. No actual ticket I don't think.
  20. Clown beetles are adapted to live in ant colonies. This fossil in amber places this evolutionary trick back in the Cretaceous. This also implies "host switching" by highly adapted parasitic creatures since the probable host ant species no longer exist. https://m.phys.org/news/2019-04-beetles-successfully-freeloaded-million-years.html
  21. Measuring length of a tooth?

    Thank you! That was very helpful. How about dinosaur teeth?
  22. While researching a question on species naming rules, I came across an interesting story about Turkey making changes to species names against the ICZN Code because Turkey found the names offensive. Names referring to Armenia and Kurdistan were changed. See quotes from a BBC article as mentioned in The Armenian Weekly: https://armenianweekly.com/2009/03/04/learnings-from-the-sari-gelin-case/ Can you imagine the outcry amongst scientists if the names of Megalonxy jeffersonii or Washingtonia filifera (the only native palm in Arizona) were changed because some in the US found the names of slaveholders, Presidents Washington and Jefferson, offensive.
  23. Savannah land based question

    Pedestaled pebbles. Rain has eroded away the loose sand around the pebbles while the material underneath has been protected.
  24. Penn Dixie 2019 Dig With the Experts

    Are tickets delivered via email closer to the event date?
  25. Vertebra

    I think this one has been discussed before, toward the bottom of this thread.http://www.thefossilforum.com/index.php?/topic/92964-fort-crittendon-vert/
  26. What is the Most Interesting Time Period to you?

    On a worldwide basis, I would choose the Late Cretaceous. Very high diversity, everything was basically there (angiosperms, mammals), but many nowadays extinct groups (dinos, ammos) were still around and blooming. On a local scale (Styria), I can not select one (Devonian, Triassic-Jurassic, Late Cretaceous, Miocen), each one is sooo different . Franz Bernhard
  27. Largest Carnivorous Mammal described

    Species names do not have to be in Latin or Greek. I believe that the word endings are influenced/ regulated by those languages. Pronunciations are often unknown unless pointed out by the author. Pronunciations are influenced by the local languages in each country. At least we can usually agree on the species spelling.
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