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  2. Stating the obvious - no fossils in the Hillsborough

    Thanks folks. That is why I shared this - to save someone the time of hunting there. If you want a scenic paddle through an area packed with birds and wildlife, then this stretch of the river is for you. If you want to find fossils, look elsewhere. A few other observations in regards to fossil hunting potential : the water level was low in some spots and the sun was favorably positioned, so the bottom of the riverbed was well illuminated for much of our journey that was not under tree canopy. I kept my eyes open for gravel beds or any sign of gravel at all. I did not see any gravel. Not even token gravel. The only things on the river bottom were : sand, muck, algae, plants, wood, mussel shells, and an occasional can or bottle. Numerous times, I probed the bottom with my paddle or probe. I hit nothing but muck. I did touch rock near Nature's Classroom, but it was under 2 feet of muck and in area that is off-limits to fossil hunting. It was not gravel, and it felt like solid limestone. That was the only time I found rock at all. Lastly : I cannot emphasize enough how many gators there were along this stretch, and most of them are concentrated in the deeper areas just downstream of Nature's Classroom. Dozens of them. I stopped counting - too many to count. Sizes ranged from babies up to two large beasts between 8-10 feet. The majority were in the 4-6 foot range. You can tell the weather is warming up, because they are getting more active. I'll post more photos later after my wife downloads them all from her camera. There were enough gators that it might give me pause even if I had found a spot with fossiliferous gravel. It was not as badly infested as the Myakka, but it was definitely more populated than the Peace by a good margin.
  3. Mosasaurus or Something Else?

    I agree with mosasaur.
  4. Florida teeth, bone, and vertebrae

    Non-passerine cervical, kinda' turkey-sized. Someone with a reference collection could probably figure it out, but that's all I got.
  5. Shark presentation

    If you ever are in need of shark teeth for the kids or just adults let me know. I'm a big fan off sharing our passion and that's why I donated buckets full of teeth that are not good enough for my collection. Just recently I donated 20kilo's of Megalodon's parts to the Museum to give away to the kids. I have buckets full with species like Escheri,Mako's,Oxy,Retroflexus etc. That will come your way for free.
  6. Curious, little thing- fossil?

    Thank you!!
  7. Curious, little thing- fossil?

    Case, G.R. (1970). The Occurrence of Petrodus and Other Fossil Shark Remains in the Pennsylvania of Iowa. The Annals of Iowa 40.6: 445-449 https://ir.uiowa.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=https://www.google.com/&httpsredir=1&article=7967&context=annals-of-iowa this is maybe helpfull aswell
  8. Mosasaurus or Something Else?

    The elliptical pulp cavity is consistent with Mosasaur.
  9. Mosasaurus or Something Else?

    The tooth is just over 1 cm or just under 1/2 inch.
  10. Mosasaurus or Something Else?

    I think it's mosasaur. A photo of the bottom would help.
  11. WM Browning Cretaceous Fossil Park - ID Help Needed

    Three of the four look like Serratolamna.
  12. Mosasaurus or Something Else?

    It's a croco
  13. Show Us Your Starfish (And Brittle Stars)

    looks like the bottom side of a crab to me.
  14. Curious, little thing- fossil?

    Looks like a ray denticle to me too
  15. Fight Over Dinosaur Fossils Comes Down to "What is a Mineral?"

    As usual, @Troodon is on top of the news, I can only add a pic of the actual bill with signatures formalizing it as law. This is a major step toward finally putting into writing the established viewpoint of fossils being truly significant beyond their composition. Hopefully, this will not only protect fossils collected in the past but will also prevent another Sue situation and provide clarity. A major thanks to everyone in the picture posted above plus dozens more not present, it took many hours of work in order to make this law become a reality.
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  17. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Nice echinoids! Some pretty big ones there, too!
  18. Hi, I have asked before a couple of times about Spinosaur hand claws, i figured my best bet was to look for a Spinosaur foot claw since they seem to be cheaper and less faked imo. I saw this small foot claw supposedly from a Spinosaur (from the Kem Kem) that looks good, but i know i should post it here before thinking about a possible purchase. The seller says it has minor repair. Thanks in advance!
  19. WM Browning Cretaceous Fossil Park - ID Help Needed

    Please include a scale for reference.
  20. Field trip in yamaguchi prefecture, japan

    I did enjoy it. Very interesting, good photos and some nice finds. Look forward to tomorrow's chapter.
  21. Mosasaurus or Something Else?

    Nice specimen. Can you post photos with a scale for reference?
  22. Calvert Cliffs, MD id help please

    Ferrous concretion, common along the cliffs and in the MD Miocene.
  23. Calvert Cliffs, MD id help please

    This was found on our trip to Calvert Cliffs, MD on the shore line. Dear husband thinks it's just a weird rock, but sons wanted to save it in case it was more. We're coming up with nothing with our novice search for what it could be, if anything. Any ideas or advice would be really appreciated! Thank you.
  24. Kem Kem bone - What is this?

    + 1 for braincase
  25. TFF friends, How are you? It's been a while i post here although i still read almost daily posts on the forum. Last month on the 30 and the 31th, i had the opportunity to make a 2 days field trip to the yamaguchi prefecture with the association of the Goshoura Cretaceous Museum's friends. We spend 2 days there discovering the local geology and history with paleontologists friends. Let me share with you this experience. First day. We left kumamoto at 7 in the morning and drove for about 3 hous to our first destination called Mine. Around the city of Mine and particularly on the northern part of the city can be found the toyoura formation. It is a clastic sediment marine formation that formed during the sinemurian-bathonian period. This formation formed the same way Holzmaden formed and a lot of very well preserved marine organisms such as bivalves, ammonites, belemnites and plants can be found. We first explored a small river without much success. While everybody found plant fragments, i found 2 nice belemnites. I read that belemnites were pretty rare and that only one specie was described from this formation so i believe they are Acrocoelites mantanii from the megateuthidinae sub-familly. We found only few fossils there but it was a great occasion to enjoy our meal under a japanese cherry tree, symbol of the japanese spring. We then followed the stream until the main river where we search the river bed for ammonites. We found some nice specimens (Dactylioceras, Cleviceras and Protogrammoceras) and some plants material (i love the coloration) but we had to leave quickly the river bed as the water level rose-up in a blink of an eye. Weather was good but where we were but you never know what happen upstream. One cannot be too careful. We leaved the field and were about to drive to the Hotaru Museum when somebody told us by inadvertancy that the older part of the parking lot was filled with fossiliferous limestone from the Akiyoshidai locality. We didn't have to think twice and went through all the gravel in hope to find carboniferous fusulinas, brachiopods, and corals. We spend 30 minutes there and were about to leave when we noticed tortoise bones were here and there, lying on the floor. Do i have to explain you what followed? TREASURE HUNT! We finally left the place for the hotaru museum. It is a small museum dedicated to the fireflies but part of the exhibit contained also fossils. Here some pictures. After the museum, we checked-in at the hotel and had a rests with well-deserved beer, some card trick and a lot of fossils conversations. It is being late here so i will post the next post tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed this one. David.
  26. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    I just got a parcel of some of my favourite fossils, echinoids 1cm cube for scale
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