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  2. Texas possible fossil find??

    Welcome to the forum from Cooke County, north of Tarrant County. That's a nice oyster since they often don't have the right (thinner) valve in place You can see a scar at the top in the second image where the left valve would have made a permanent attachment to a solid object. If you live in the area and your interest in fossils grows you may consider joining the Dallas Paleontological Society for networking with amateurs and professionals and chances to join us on fossil collecting field trips to the many sites in the area. www.dallaspaleo.org
  3. Texas possible fossil find??

    It is a Texigryphea species. You need to know the formation to ID the species. What formation is the fossil from? Also, what other fossils come from the site? See geological maps: https://txpub.usgs.gov/txgeology/
  4. Texas possible fossil find??

  5. sea urchin reconstruction

    If you can ever use an extra set of hands, I'm just right down I-5. Sitting there and holdings things is kind of a specialty of mine.
  6. possible sponge

    I agree, it is a nice rugose coral.
  7. sea urchin reconstruction

    At least you didn't glue your fingers together, right?
  8. possible sponge

    Definately! Nice find.
  9. Today
  10. A Dream Trip To The Greenriver Formation!!!

    What, no Mioplosus? Tell ya what. Since I know how much them (your name gives it away) I got one you have. It will only cost a shrimp, crawdad, 3 Pharo's, 8 Amphiplagas, both species of hypsiprisca, and a bird. PM if your interested.Just kidding, this is not an actual trade proposal. What an amazing haul! I am excited to see the pictures. How many days did you spend at the quarry?
  11. Texas possible fossil find??

  12. possible sponge

    I would say it is a rugose coral.
  13. Penn Dixie this weekend

    We ended up going Sunday morning right as they opened up and spent a bit over 3 hours hunting. It was beautiful weather and very few people hunting while we were there. We found plenty of horn coral, crinoid stem pieces, several brachiopods, and of course trilobites...well bits of trilobites, but we all left happy. My oldest son found one almost complete roller just missing it's pygidium. It was our nicest trilobite find. My youngest enjoying himself and finding plenty of fossils too. The largest spoil pile was too tempting not to climb... I will post pictures of our finds when I get a chance to sort them out. We tried to eat at Jack Devine's but they were closed for a private party. Sunday evening we did have dinner at The Irishman Pub in Williamsville and it was great service and food.
  14. possible sponge

  15. possible sponge

  16. possible sponge

  17. possible sponge

    fossil found washed up on the shore of Seneca lake in upstate New York. Thanks in advance for any help:)
  18. Cretaceous Ammonites of Japan

    Thank you, Monica
  19. July 2019 - Finds of the Month Entries

    Darn you found out! I have a packet of them like toothpicks if you want one This one, most likely around 1 meter in diameter. The biggest one I've seen is a Pachydesmoceras around 1.5 meters in length
  20. M&M Ranch in Nebraska

    Amazing!!! Don
  21. piscataway creek tributary

    Another one bites the dust. Don
  22. Wow, beautiful teeth.
  23. Please help ID further

  24. Please help ID further

    @lilw Can you post additional photos and dimensions? Fantastic find. What other fossils did you find in the immediate area?
  25. Rostroconchia or Brachiopod?

    I hadn't thought about using different thickness of brushes. Thank you.
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