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  2. Is it a giant deer tooth?

    I think bison is going to be the call.
  3. Is it a giant deer tooth?

    Agreed, modern deer teeth are quite different, and an image search shows megaloceros were shaped about the same as them.
  4. Is it a giant deer tooth?

    I dont believe deer have teeth like that.
  5. An Eocene summer

    @jpc Thanks very much for sharing your passion with us. You certainly do need a lot of patience to work these layers by the looks of it. And the preparation work seems to be akin to that of a jewelers. You must have the patience of a saint.
  6. Ralph, surely our friend Will, would not do such a dastardly deed as open a gift early. He seems like such an honest young man with strong morals.
  7. Agreed with the others. I'm pritty sure this "claw" will fall apart, if you throw it in Acetone.
  8. Today
  9. Is it a giant deer tooth?

    Hello guys I just received this tooth, I believe it comes from China, the person who sold this tooth told me that it is a giant deer tooth, is it correct? please help meeee. Unfortunately I don't have much information about it.
  10. Teeth from same species?

    Can anyone tell me if these teeth are from the same species? Or what species they are? They came from clump matrixes from Nebraska and South Dakota.
  11. You know you opened it, be honest.
  12. Crab fossils from Rakhine State of Myanmar

    Happy and relieved you were able to identified your crab. I can't seem to find much on crabs in the Tertiary period or Galene bispinosa. The guy I purchased mine from is located in China. Not too sure the crab is "actually" from China though, it might have been just the way he posted it. When I asked for more information all he kept saying is "genuine fossil, genuine, it genuine". I guess I'll just put it away for now and maybe someday......
  13. An Eocene summer

    Great report and finds - I love and miss the Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota, etc., I need to get back out there soon.
  14. Dinosaur Vertebrae

    Some progress with the Apoxie Sculpt. I was a bit nervous to begin with but it’s really easy to use. The spine is 13 inches long but it would’ve been longer with the neural arch attached. Nick
  15. Nice- and we expect some nice pictures of the show and of the fossils that are for sale- thanks for posting and have fun.
  16. An Eocene summer

    Great fossils! Thanks for sharing!
  17. The KYANA Geological Society is hosting their annual mineral, gem, and fossil show next weekend (Nov. 22-24). I attended last year and it is a small, but fun event. I’m not sure which day I will be there, but I plan to take the family. Just passing along the information in case anyone is in the Louisville area and would like to attend. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, I will come back with a full trip report. http://www.kyanageo.org/showflier.htm
  18. Crab fossils from Rakhine State of Myanmar

    I am quite sure mine is Galene bispinosa, or at least a cf. Galene bispinosa. I am unsure if yours is the same though
  19. Unfortunately, I believe that you are correct.
  20. Aren´t both part of the Anthropocene? Franz Bernhard
  21. Micro Unknown From Florida

    On this dismal pre-winter day, I slipped downstairs and looked at a few handfuls of micro-matrix from Cookie Cutter Creek. Besides a half dozen tiny shark's teeth, I came across this unknown. I am not sure if it is even a fossil. But it is different than anything else I have seen while investigating this interesting matrix. Opinions are welcomed!!!! @digit Mike
  22. Are these wood fossils?

    I wonder if there is a subliminal message in these views ?
  23. Repairing a broken meg tooth

    @David_fossil wow, thats gotta hurt. I wish you the best of luck. A good fixer can make that damage disapear. RB
  24. Oh no I must be very careful not to accidentally open it
  25. Before I even read anyones response, this looked a bit fishy. RB
  26. Are these wood fossils?

    I can see what may be annual rings in Your piece.. Take a look under magnification to see if there is any cellular structures. I have seen some schists that look very much like wood and wood that looks a lot like schist - this could be either. The pieces shown in the first set of pictures look more like schist than wood, except for 5 and 6 which look more like wood.
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