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  2. Well put John. Half the fun is seeing what others have been gifted. So please take pics when you get them and post for the holiday. Its just out of common politeness that the gift should at least be acknowledged as recieved. I have sent several packages out to new members lately and I think only one ever even let me know they got it. It seems courtesy is a dying trait these days. I grew up in a world where people say please and thank you. P.S. I seriously doubt any package you sent out John could possibly be deemed "unworthy".
  3. I would like to participate. My Santa, last year, gifted me with a fascinating array of wonderful fossils. It was truly a bounty and far exceeded any "good behavior points" snolly may have accumulated. However, even with the joy created by that exciting gift; disappointment ensued. The gift I sent was never acknowledged on the Forum. This leaves one wondering; was it deemed unworthy? I urge participants to post the gifts received - to share the fun with the whole group and to give some indication that the effort was appreciated.
  4. OK Ralph, I got you down on the list. Thanks for playing.
  5. Doren go ahead and put me in for US or International.
  6. Tentaculites oswegoensis

    Nice finds- Looks like the river was running fast.
  7. Sawfish Vert ?

    Thanks, I will enjoy reading it, and especially appreciate the photos... In these situations, I am never after perfection. just approximation.. There are relatively FEW common shark teeth in the Peace River environments. Lemon is the most common, followed by Tiger, Bull, Dusky, Hemipristis, Meg, Mako, ..certainly less than 10 species. Maybe generated by a Florida shark expert, but 10 Vertebrae photos of the most common fossil sharks (by teeth) in Florida that would give the large volume of Florida shark teeth hunting novices, what the associated vertebrae look like. Hmmm, Maybe I could research that...
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  9. Sawfish Vert ?

    I am almost certain that the vert below is a whale vert. There may be some this size (5-6 inches diameter), but I have seen many dolphin verts and none of them approached this size. Would appreciate comments form anyone who knows the upper end of dolphin verts size. It was my find fossil find of the day. I stepped on it , thinking it was a rock. Once again, there are lots of Peace River hunters who frequent TFF and I would be curious on their impressions. My experience is that there are very few fossil fish vertebrates of any types. My only thought is that shark vertebrae are comparatively fragile to other fossils in the very rocky rough and tumble Peace River environments. I have seen concrete blocks and huge trees moved miles in the summer and early fall rainy season. I usually find these vertebrae while digging in clays and mud rather than the more common heavy gravel.
  10. East Ks Geodes

  11. Santa's been very good to me these past few years, and I'm glad to jump into the pool again. This year, though, I'd rather keep my reindeer and sleigh here in the U.S. Simpler is better for me these days.
  12. Tentaculites oswegoensis

    You can find Tentaculites at the old Larson now Vulcan quarry in DeKalb. Cheers, Rich
  13. I hope you can Adam. Unless you have moved, I have your address.
  14. This has indeed been great in the last two years that I have played. Good luck with it, Doren . I will play International if my PMs start working again.
  15. Stumped on these two

    Thank you Harry!
  16. Unidentified fossil

    Perhaps Ananchytes oratus Lamarck
  17. Schoharie Creek fossil

    I see a bivalve on the third picture. Fourth picture looks like Thalassinodes (burrows).
  18. Crab?

    It looks more like a clam steinkern to me. Can you post photos from other angles?
  19. encrusted stone

    Syringoporid tabulate coral for me as well.
  20. Real or fake ammonite

    I think real as well. Maybe not the best looking ammonite in the world, but from an interesting and unusual location.
  21. I will join the fun again!!!!!! Mike
  22. Fall Break Fossil Trips

    A couple more finds. What looks like a partial shark tooth, need to get it under magnification. A partial crusher shark tooth. And a few nicer examples of the larger brachiopods I found.
  23. I agree with others that no further preparation should be done except to repair the cracks. It already looks nice for a specimen like this (in fact, I would prefer the unprepped one as it is showing enough details and looks more natural, while the sand blasting revealed some more details, it has destroyed some bones at the same time). In the source place in Yunnan and Guizhou, fossil collectors use acid washing+mechanical prepping (for hard slabs), manual prepping (for soft to half hard slabs) or less commonly sand blasting (for soft slabs) to prep the Keichousaurus. If you really want to self prep a Keichousaurus, you may buy some unprepped one with inferior quality for practice first, manual prepping would be suitable for self prepping in my view.
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