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  2. Giganotosaurus I've never seen one.
  3. Happy National Fossil Day

    Going by the Damage the flaming hot chilli source can do that you eat, I probably edge my bets with the fossils. Happy World food day .
  4. Itty Bitty Bone Hopefully !!!!!!!

    Maybe it's from an Arquilian from the 1st Men in Black movie..
  5. hadrosaurid,2.0

    Thanks for posting For those interested in hadro evolution picked this up in a Japanese blog.
  6. Finds from recent trip to Ontario and NY

    Love the blastoid! Sounds like you did well at Arkona. I'm sorry to hear that you got so banged up at Bowmanville. A tumble down one of those talus piles is no joke! Don
  7. Happy National Fossil Day

    Very nice indeed. Congratulations on ear bone and Happy Fossil Day.
  8. North Sulfur River bone?

    I agree with tumbled burrow.
  9. East Ks Geodes

    They are very common in a Pennsylvanian roadcut that I and others on the Forum collect near Oglesby, Illinois.
  10. Finds from recent trip to Ontario and NY

    This Kashong species is: Monodechenella macrocephala Lieberman, B.S. 1994 Evolution of the trilobite subfamily Proetinae Salter, 1864, and the origin, diversification, evolutionary affinity, and extinction of the Middle Devonian proetid fauna of eastern North America. American Museum of Natural History Bulletin, 223:1-176 PDF LINK
  11. With any of those requires a lot of perseverance and a lot of luck. I think brachiosaurus would be easiest to find (which is still very rare) followed by Acrocanthosaurus.
  12. Ifrane, Morocco.

    Street cred,finally:I am member of a gang!!! Nice ,oh Turtly one!!
  13. Happy National Fossil Day

    Some of my favorite personal finds Notorhyncus cepedianus symphyseal tooth Carcharocles aksuaticus tooth Parietobalaena palmeri juvenile ear bone (which is soon to be cataloged in a museum)
  14. Indiana Ordovician Bivalve ID

    Actually,i am struck by that ornament.* Like you said,it's very distinctive. What i could find that was remotely similar is not strictly Ordovician,an/or perhaps not part of the relevant bioprovince. * perhaps more in an esthetic way than anything else
  15. Back To The Hunt Now That Summer Is Gone!

    Always nice to get back out in the field. We don't get nearly enough photos of beautiful plants like this.
  16. Alright Tom, thank you for joining in. Two questions for you. 1. Have you moved since last year's event? 2. Domestic only or international?
  17. Finds from recent trip to Ontario and NY

    Nice finds! Love the blastoid in particular and hope you can manage to get the graptolites posted some time when it's possible. I'm rather partial to graptolites. Get well soon.
  18. Indiana Ordovician Bivalve ID

    Pojeta (1971) has an image that isn't quite as ornate but it is the closest I could find online. I will have to look at my catalog and see what my final reference was. I suspect it was in one of the other pubs by Pojeta on bivalves or maybe even the original by James. My Cinci library is fairly extensive so give me a day.... I remember this species well as they are so uniquely ornate and I worked hard to find the proper identification. PS Pojeta has it listed as Pterinea welchi (James). Holland has it listed as Caritodens welchi (James) and listed as being a Liberty species.
  19. Holmesina Osteoderm

    I can't think of anything it could be, other than Holmesina sp.
  20. Ifrane, Morocco.

    Hi, gang. Some of you may remember the Southern Morocco trip I took in February. One of the places visited was quite near to me, about 70 km, lovely Swiss style mountain town called Ifrane where I found some Middle Jurassic brachiopods and echinoids. See http://www.thefossilforum.com/index.php?/topic/93193-ifrane-middle-atlas-morocco/&tab=comments#comment-1026671 A friend offered to drive me up there for the day so off we went I decided to check some outcrops on the other side of the road this time so went and had a peek.Sorry, no photos this time as wifey didn't come, she was ironing her money and she has the only camera phone. The first outcrop is an oyster bed crammed with enormous oysters. This is incredibly hard and couldn't be broken safely. (safely as in getting the fossils out in one piece, not my own personal well-being). But I was lucky enough to find this monster just lying a the base: Scale in inches it would seem. REPORT IN PROGRESS. Adding more bits and photos and stuff.
  21. The real problem with any dinosaur material from Argentina is provenance. Lots of formations, clustered together where material passes through many hands and provenance is never really known or lost on its way to a collectors. When it was legal to sell every larger theropod tooth was identified as Carnotaurus but it did not match the locality where it was described from and on some it did not even match did the morphology of an Abelisaurid. I dont think you can trust an identification of any Theropod tooth in private hands. Skull was found with teeth
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  23. Back To The Hunt Now That Summer Is Gone!

    Congratulations on getting back out and adding some gorgeous specimens to your collection. I have been getting more interested in the carboniferous plants lately myself and love the details visible on these. I also like the fact that the contrast and coloring is so different on these compared to the sites local to me.
  24. Holmesina Osteoderm

    @Harry Pristis
  25. I have never seen any Carnotaurus tooth in any collection. It was once on my wish list to get, but now all I wish to see is a genuine one in someone's collection!
  26. Finds from recent trip to Ontario and NY

    Very nice finds. Here’s to a quick recovery.
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