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  2. Thanks for understanding the rules of the contest. Over the years of this contest we have found the need to add rules to put some limits on entries. That's a fine looking specimen (and my favorite of the bunch). This is an unusual coral type and a great entry to start off December's contest. Looking forward to what else may turn up on this last month of the year (and of the decade). Wow! Time flies! Cheers. -Ken
  3. Tetralophodon tooth?

    Anyone? Would like to know if the description is correct.
  4. Found this chunk of limestone at my Lake Michigan's sand depleted "beach". Due to the extremely high water level, storms have washed away pretty much all the sand at this beach, exposing the large underlying rocks. What do you think of the almond-shaped preservation of the interior parts, while most of the shells themselves have been dissolved away?
  5. Fossil gift

    Very nice! I've made a fossil sea urchin necklace for my wife with a silver wire wrap on a leather thong... and a fossil shark teeth earrings on studs (super easy).
  6. Hooray for the naughty list!!!!!
  7. Possible whale skull

    Hope you can refind it!
  8. Possible whale skull

    It's 4:21am now, on my way to go and rescue it before it gets smashed against the cliffs by the tides I will post an update as soon as I get back. Thanks for everyone's help with the IDing of it!
  9. Tooth Identification

    The larger tooth (more worn) is approximately 0.45 X 0.16 inches and the other is 0.40 X 0.14 inches. A photograph showing the end-section views is attached. I am trying to track down the county in which they were collected.
  10. Coco, you're as bad a girl as me ! I had a quick look at the fossils (not a close one), and my very good excuse is that i wanted to verify if Something has been broken or missing. All i can say is that i had things that really please me and missed in my collection.
  11. I must modify my proposal to fully respect the rules of the subject by proposing only one fossil of my group because they were not united on the same block of rock. (Actually, I did not think that, proceeding in this way, it would be possible to propose collections of tens of corals or teeth, for example!...) With my apologies for my previous error, here is the coral that I propose for the subject of December Marguy Cyclolites ellipticus Campanian (Cretaceous) Found near Perigueux, Dordogne, France (upper and lower side)
  12. Each of those shoes seems to have one eye a nose and a mouth.
  13. Summer Finds, Yorkshire

    Very enjoyable, Liam. I look forward to the winter one - popular belief has it that winter's better for finds.
  14. Possible whale skull

    Nice find.
  15. Today
  16. Summer Finds, Yorkshire

    Wonderful stuff, Liam. You really do have the skill to be able to spot these things. Some lovely and diverse finds.
  17. Shell ID Please

    See ? No help at all.
  18. Plant, fern?

    Hate it when that happens.
  19. Possible whale skull

    Based on what can be seen and the kind of things you've been finding whale sounds like a good bet! Well done!
  20. Albian ammonites

    Great purchase. I love the little nautiloid and the Diploceras.
  21. A video I made showing some of my finds from Summer. Hopefully you enjoy. Collected near Whitby.
  22. Possible whale skull

    Very cool!
  23. Let’s See Your BIG Fossils!

    One of my favorite TFF stories.
  24. Mystery Fossil From The Devonian

    The more I look at it, the more I'm getting a Spiniplatyceras vibe. I agree with @Fossildude19 that we would expect a more cancellate surface if it were Spinatrypa. I'm seeing widely, somewhat irregularly spaced spines that are not strictly marginal. I think the things indicated by the arrows are the bases of broken spines.
  25. @caldigger Sorry for the slow reply! Been on the road with limited connectivity. Sent one international package and received one.
  26. We go easy on first time offenders here. Don’t let it happen again. Yay! Another member on the naughty list! The bad girls are adding up! Did we really?
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