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  2. Tiny theropod tooth ID

    Thanks a lot. Cheers
  3. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    Thanks guys
  4. Syracuse New York area?

    Have to come to Syracuse for family emergency. Hoping to get a little free time once things settle and would love to see what fossils might be found in area. Thanks for help Steve Friend (visiting from Alaska)
  5. Today
  6. ID Help

    Thanks. That was what I was thinking it had to be but the way some ran in a different direction from the others it was different from most that I find. Thanks again.
  7. researching obscure dinosaurs

    What about baryonyx from my locale - the south of England! First fish-eating theropod & a giant claw to get their attention!
  8. ID help

    Well that's awkward. Deleted the word. Hmm, clearly I got my news wrong
  9. Donated Fossils

    I'm pretty sure it is a Brachycarcharias lerechei, Eocene. Please check out the photos below, coutesry of Jim Bourdon via elasmo.com
  10. Ichthyosaur tooth

    Thanks I also like this one...
  11. Fossilized Eggs? Found in Missouri.

    Fossilized Cadbury Eggs?
  12. ID Help

    I believe so. Nifty pattern
  13. Carnivorous mammal skull ID

    that was my first thought on seeing the tooth preservation and matrix. Theres a guy on online selling individual teeth from China that look similar with a similar terra cotta matrix. Check out: Miocene Formation: Guanhe Beds Location: Near Linxia, Gansu Province, China. A certain online fossil dealer has some fine photos of skulls from here. MODS: Can I mention or link, just for informational purposes?
  14. ID Help

    Natural casts of colonial rugose coral ?
  15. Ray teeth?

    they seem to be Myliobatis teeth i have one like that but i can't find the age or place where it was found. if you know this tell me please and i found the information on the link @sharkdoctor sent you.
  16. Any ideas?

    Looks turtle and modern to me. I can't say I'm sure of either though.
  17. It takes a strong man to give his treasured nuts away. Just sayin'..
  18. It's a genuine imitation of a faked bug that may or may not have actually been found.
  19. Carnivorous mammal skull ID

    Removing all that added in/on brown mud would probably show just how little may actually be there & how much is genuine.
  20. Coprolite Hardness

    @GeschWhat Coco
  21. researching obscure dinosaurs

    Well we do not touch on those specific dinosaurs but we do talk about Ceratosaurs (Abelisaurids) so we do cover a relative of Carnotaurus that has similar features. I do briefly discuss dinosaurs from South America and we discuss some really important fossils from China related to the evolution of flight but we focus on the ones we have fossils for. I understand the ban of fossils from certain places but it does limit us to a degree. We only have an hour in each program so we cover what we can. Next year a lot of our dinosaurs will be 2 hour long programs so we can cover more dinosaurs including those we will not have fossils. Great suggestions though !!
  22. Carnivorous mammal skull ID

    Yeah looks like it might be a composite. There seems to be some suspicious areas on the snout.
  23. My Collection

    Thanks @Tidgy's Dad! I really love rooted Madasgascan sauropod teeth like this!
  24. How did this bargain bug turn out? Any more photos. Cheers Bobby
  25. My Collection

    Lovely new additions. Very interesting to see these unusual sauropods.
  26. researching obscure dinosaurs

    There are some really interesting and bizzare dinosaurs from Argentina that unfortunately fall beyond the scope of your program. Some of my favorite discoveries from Patagonia, Argentina are: Amargasaurus Bajadasaurus and Carnotaurus (I always found carnotaurus awkwardly cute and unique with a short snout and tiny arms) I doubt you will find fossils from these species for a long, long time.
  27. The SG Fossil Cache - Crustaceans

    Beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing these beauties.
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