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  2. INVITE - Annual pilgrimage through NY

    Good luck y'all. Wish I could be there, even with the rain (makes the fossils stand out more) and the cold (nothing good to say about that). Don
  3. Devonian Brachiopod

    I would be afraid to prep it and lose any spines myself. I wish you luck in bringing better detail! Looking forward to seeing it if you decide to go further myself.
  4. Fossilized Eggs? Found in Missouri.

    I also believe the age of the stone eliminates it from being an egg unfortunately. Missouri in the past was covered in water, and almost all fossils in the state are preserved marine organisms. The only dinosaur found is a hadrosaur (duck billed dino) near Glen Allen, and there is no collecting there as it is a very important site to science.
  5. Ziggycardon's exploration of the microfossil realm

    Thank you for your reply, Rhynnie Chert is indeed an amazing site for early devonian plant & fungi fossils. And thank you for the additional information, the seller did indeed state that multiple species of plant and fungi could be found in the thin slices but I didn't have the time yet explore the thin slice in detail, so I really appreciate the additional information, thank you.
  6. Kem Kem Theropod Tooth

    Possible Carch tooth but I would label it theropod indet. We have nothing published on these small teeth and the two larger Carch teeth in Richter 2013 paper shows the mesial carina extending to the base unlike the specimen shown. Might be a Carch positional variant but definitely not Dromaeosaurid like or Abelsaurid.
  7. Bobby’s garden fossil bone find ID help please

    Jewelers loupe. Once you have one you'll be lost without it.
  8. It's a fragment of a large bone that is not complete enough for me to identify further. I see a remnant of cortical bone, but nothing that looks at all like plant vascular material to me. The shapes and distribution are just wrong. Got to go make some tree stumps now. Have a good day.
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    • Kane
    • Darktooth

    Happy birthday, Dave! :yay-smiley-1:

    1. Bobby Rico

      Bobby Rico

      Happy birthday Dave have a wonderful birthday  day  :yay-smiley-1:

  10. Which skeletal element do you propose the item represents, and what good evidence has you convinced it's bone? The item quite unambiguously has the shape of a tree stump. It retains a smooth apparently original surface, yet no cortical bone is evident in the excellent photos provided above, nor does the exterior texture resemble bone. The item does unquestionably resemble a tree stump in both overall exterior shape and minute interior detail. That, plus the complete lack of support for this item being any specific skeletal element should be adequate to raise a good measure of doubt that the item has vertebrate ancestry. Below is a web-found photo of a transverse section of a fossil tree fern trunk for comparison with a cropped photo from the OP. While the question item has not been cut transversely and polished, there are essentially no disconfirming dissimilarities. Both photos show vascular canals of varying diameter, and neither shows cortical bone. Let the sum of the evidence guide your decision.
  11. Bobby’s garden fossil bone find ID help please

    Thanks people probably right I may do a Marco photo later. I think it is time to get some spectacles I been in denial for the last 10 years.
  12. ALL THE ECHINOIDS (of Texas anyways)

    Nice urchins! Good luck with your lifelong plan!
  13. Tiny Hell Creek Theropod Tooth

    I will pass on this one and will keep looking for a better one. In the meantime, I'll keep learning. I just read (and bookmarked) this post. Excellent info. Thanks again!
  14. Morocco Fossil hunt trip

    It looks like you had a great hunt - I especially like the orthoconic nautiloids - congratulations!
  15. Sinohydrosaurus?

    P.S.: pls. keep in mind, that Sino is on the chinese export / trading banned list...
  16. Real or Fake?

  17. Indeed, imo a very bad prep job, which may cause confusion. But i am also not convinced for tyranno. See here for details: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/259437215_Tyrannosauroid_dinosaurs_from_the_Aguja_Formation_Upper_Cretaceous_of_Big_Bend_National_Park_Texas
  18. Help Identifying Bones From Morocco

    IMO Creative Artwork....
  19. Bobby’s garden fossil bone find ID help please

    Hard to define from the pictures what it is....on the very first view looks indeed like some gravel. Probably more detailed/closer photos may help...
  20. Lines on therapod tooth

    Could be pathologic as well....
  21. Kem Kem Theropod Tooth

    Yes, on the very first view looks like little Carch...
  22. I would guess this is a fish fin spine similar to #2 in this photo from the internet.
  23. Bobby’s garden fossil bone find ID help please

    Sorry, but it looks like gravel to me. A bit like a piece I picked up as tuff the other day.
  24. Dendritic graptolite

    Dendroid form of graptolite looks right to me.
  25. Need to Repair Plant Fossil in Shale

    This may be 'TMI' but I found this page on adhesives/consolidants: https://www.floridamuseum.ufl.edu/vertpaleo/amateur-collector/preparation/ I only wish I knew what was going to happen to all the shale fossils I reassembled/stabilized with WeldBond white glue before I started using Acryloid... On some of my earlier specimens it appears as if the glue has expanded (from humidity?) and pushed the gaps apart slightly, though it may be only that I was less careful in the early days about making sure joints were tight when adding the glue. I just don't remember. I do know that if I happen to give a fossil a quick rinse, any cracks that were filled with WeldBond will quickly turn white, as if the glue is rehydrating. (That can't be good.) I haven't yet noticed any yellowing or crumbling or anything else. (Of course you generally want to avoid washing delicate fossils that may turn to mush or flakes upon contact with water (depends on the specimen), when a soft brush will do in cleaning them, but if you do, be sure to let it dry completely -over days, not hours, I would think- before adding glue, and then it should never need any more treatment if you store it in a good clean/dry environment.)
  26. First croc find

    Thought you might all like to see this. I was super pleased to finally find some croc because it’s rare on the Yorkshire Coast. I noticed this worn vertebrae wearing out of a boulder. As found Extracted Chuffed
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