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  2. Horse/Donkey skull id

    It looks like Lea wants to help by giving it a taste test.
  4. Horse/Donkey skull id

    He says Horse/Donkey at first. That's all.
  5. Kane

    Off shortly to visit the type locality of the Formosa Reef (upper Lower Devonian, Amherstburg Fm). Long drive. Report to follow. 

    1. Metopolychas


      Looking forward to it! 

    2. Darktooth


      Good luck! Hope you have success!

    3. Malcolmt


      Jeeze....thanks for the invite!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Horse/Donkey skull id

    So if you did this, wouldn't your local paleontologist have been your best bet for an ID?
  7. Powered by Hemi

    Thanks, I really find the serrations and shapes interesting. The bull shark is another I like.
  8. Horse/Donkey skull id

    First because od the color, it doesn't have to be packed with the mud to be fossilized.. The color tells that it was long time in the mud, second as many people have found similar stuff in the Danube river, it has that same color. Also when i put a water on the skull it dries so fast. Third i asked one Serbian paleontologist and he confirmed that belongs to a Horse from pleistocene period. The Danube and Morava river fossils have similar colors. And yes, i have also a mammoth lower jaw from a Danube river which is fossilized and at first you'll never say that is fossilized cause it's very light and with yellow color.
  9. Kane have you never heard of Identical twins
  10. ??? fossil

    It's a bit unusual, but I think the cretaceous may have seen crinoids with stalks like this.
  11. Horse/Donkey skull id

    Nice skull. Can you tell us what made you conclude it was fossilized? i would expect it to be packed with mud and gravel if fossilized, otherwise the thin sections would have little support over the eons.
  12. Peace river is definitely a bucket list for me! I’m going to Miami for a wedding in March...maybe I’ll get frisky
  13. Today
  14. My Trilobite Drawings

    Thanks all, and thanks for all the fish (puns), too.
  15. @silverford Chris & bugs, welcome to TFF!
  16. Fantastic Olenellus Formation Discovered In 2014!

    Congratulations on having a new species named after you! Great work, sir! Regards,
  17. These are commonly mass produced:
  18. ??? fossil

    Hi friends ,can you help me with this ,I went to Aruma formation area (Cretaceous) to the north of Riyadh and found this small fossil , it is thin ,half a circle , 4 mm wide and 4 cm long , it was a surface find . What sp. could it be?
  19. Horse/Donkey skull id

    Hello ! What a wonderful day ! I went today with my dog Lea to Great Morava river to try to find maybe some pleistocene fossils cause i haven't found any before and what a luck! I found a horse skull, at first i thought that it's not fossilized but i was wrong cause it is ! Now the question is : Can anyone help me to identify this specie cause it's obviously from pleistocene period. I found it in Great Morava river (Paraćin). My first ever pleistocene fossil that i've found! pics are bellow enjoy! Darko
  20. Caked in the mud

    That's a beautiful specimen - congrats!
  21. AMAZING work!!! Congratulations on finding such a great hunting spot, as well as finding all of those amazing fossils!!!
  22. Small mammal jaw bone I.D.

    Also, this location was primarily a marine environment, though I’m sure terrestrial fossils would not be out of the question entirely...
  23. Very nice fossil finds as always, Gery! I'm glad you had a beautiful day!
  24. My trilobite of the week.

    This thread started with my Meadowtownella crosotus specimen, formerly Primaspis crosotus. Trilobite of the week #78 is my other member of the genus, Meadowtownella trentonensis, an Ordovician Ondontopleurid from the Walcott-Rust quarry in Russia, New York.
  25. Happy Fossil Friday

    There was one last year at Tucson but I passed on it for the same reason. Regret I did.
  26. Powered by Hemi

    Beautiful teeth, gotta love the shape of Hemi's
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