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  2. RB's Ammonite Prep Thread

    Yeah, havent posted on this thread since May. and yeah, most folks do not take the time or find the material to use the matrix itself to make a stand. RB
  3. RB's Ammonite Prep Thread

    Gorgeous! this is the first I’ve seen this thread. I like how you’re making pedestals for them out of the matrix.
  4. Brookville and St. Leon, Indiana Fossil Hunt

    Wow! It would be impossible to drag me away from these sites. Great finds, Ralph. The first one is Rafinesquina alternata, I think, a very nice specimen indeed. Some of the Ambonychia ae great and of a good size. Love the loose Leptaena richmondensis, I think it's quite rare to get decent loose ones. I think your 'Hebertella' are actually Cincinnetina meeki. Not so knowledgeable of the bivalves from this site, indeed I don't have any, but most of the Cincinattian bivalves i have seen are simple forms or internal molds, this is the nicest one I'v' ever seen. The oncocerid is amazing and, of course, I love the hash plates and the smashing huge gastropod. Amazing stuff.
  5. October 2019 - Finds of the Month Entries

    Good start, Franz. That is a particularly nice association piece, even if we don't know for sure that that particular snail drilled that hole! (Do you recall nala's 'fossil associations' thread?)
  6. Fall Break Fossil Trips

    Thanks! I’m hoping the snow can wait until at least January this year so I’ll be able to take one more trip over winter break. It certainly was. It’s only been a month and a half since my last trip, still way too long though! And most certainly, I’m hoping they come out nice. The Deltodus tooth looks like it might be complete which would definitely be a trip maker.
  7. Kem Kem ribs ID

    That last piece looks like a possible humerus. And if so it might be identifiable. There are also no Mosasaurs in the Kem Kem beds.
  8. Hunting in Georgia, US?

    Hi @UtahFossilHunter speaking to shark teeth hunting. The Savannah River down on this end, on the business end in Savannah is more driven by the ocean tides and the phases of the moon than by water levels (unless mother nature unleashes another biblical flood or weather system) Checking the tide charts and showing up a good two hours at least before low tide sets is your best bet. I've found that the folks over at Bull River Marina are the cheapest and best bet for dropping off and picking up. I've used them at least 3-4 times (when I didn't feel like paddling that day) and they will work with your schedule. You can split the boat cost (4 riders per boat) too, which is a good way to save some cash. Good luck and have fun !
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  10. Brookville and St. Leon, Indiana Fossil Hunt

    Thanks and not my best Mark- I was beat after spending a number of hours cutting down hash plates yesterday and I found a lot of stuff and just wanted to put out some to show the members.
  11. Florida River Surprise

    Yup. If you are digging in some colored clay, those colors will reflect the coloration of the teeth. Sounds like there is a lot more phosphate down the creek a bit where the teeth are that lovely gray/black that we know so well. I know of at least one creek that feeds the Peace River where some nicely colored teeth can be found ranging from creams to nice oranges. On occasion, I find the odd brightly colored tooth in the Peace River which likely is freshly washed from its clay matrix. Cheers. -Ken
  12. Seeking information about Permian sharks

    Hi Kurt, I talked about Permian fossils in general in another topic and it applies here. A lot of Permian fossils on the market are Early Permian. It's tough finding anything that is Middle-Late Permian and a lot of that is found in Russia and China. You can get Early Permian fish from a site in Germany but they are whole body fossils and can be expensive. I've seen a few xenacanth sharks from there. Jess
  13. Wyoming baculite

    Some white chabazite penetration twins?
  14. Dinosaur Vertebrae

    Thanks Mike the long spine attaches directly to the bit that’s attached to the vert. I’m going to separate them and then reattach. It’ll take awhile. You can see how long the spine should be. N
  15. RB's Ammonite Prep Thread

    Well,,,,,, its been awhile since ive made any ammo prep post. Ive got a few in my garage that I will be working on in the next few weeks along with some my son is working on too. RB Here is a Hoploscaphites nicoletti. Gots some problems but looks to be a really nice one with some of that truly outstanding color!!! I didnt take a 'before' picture but have already removed a ton of rock!!! I have turned the rock and my forefinger is on the nicoletti in the 1st picture. Here you can see another nicoleti that is preserved in a totaly different state of preservation, but still quite nice!!! Along with some other ammo's. Ok, can anyone guess what that foamy stuff is? Its one of my long time prep secrets! I just might let the cat out of the bag.
  16. I would also show him your photos of the fossil as you took it apart. It's possible the dealer didn't know about the restoration either especially if he is less familiar with how bones can be prepped and restored.. And yes, if the dealer cares about his reputation, he will refund your money or at least extend store credit even if "all sales are final." If he refuses and you bought it by credit card, you have the option of going to the credit card company and canceling the purchase that way.
  17. Seeking fossil ID - found at Rainbow Basin, CA

    Welcome to the Forum. Unfortunately, I have to agree with the others. I don't see anything fossil related in the item. Some neat geology, but no fossils. Sorry.
  18. Weird shape on a rock

    Thanks for looking everyone
  19. Weird shape on a rock

    I do suppose other angles would be helpful
  20. Prepping another Middle Jurassic Ammonite

    Looks very good after prep
  21. Ptychodus04’s Fossil Fish Prepapalooza

    You must be using bicarb? Dolomite will not fall until the next day!!! RB
  22. Prepping another Middle Jurassic Ammonite

    Thanks RB. 'preciate that.
  23. You do some mighty fine work my freind! The serpula are purty cool too. RB
  24. Ammonite Species

    Wouldn't it have been simpler to ask the attendants at the museum?
  25. New Backyard Site

    You sure are persistent.
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